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  1. Unbelievers have no forgiveness for their wrongs they do against God and the Bible because they are in opposition to God and the Bible, unless they become converted, repent and believe the gospel. So your assumption that you are not bound when it comes to the Bible is false. I may not have worded it the best way in my previous post. But the government should not be making laws to prevent divorce because it is a personal thing between couples and God. The state is not in a position to determine who should get a divorce. Don't make the mistake of thinking you are safe and can do whatever you wish because you are not a believer. You are still accountable.
  2. Hey, climate alarmists and doomsayers, Prince Charles said in 2009 we have only 8 years to save the planet.
  3. There is a lot of bull in this article and by the BC and federal Liberals. There is no climate emergency to begin with. Climate change is normal and always has happened. It is not caused by man as many falsely believe. Politicians are milking this for all it's worth. The truth is man emits a miniscule amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. 97% of CO2 in the atmosphere is natural. CO2 is necessary for life on earth. There will always be some CO2 emissions from mankind because it is just part of life. That doesn't mean man is causing climate change. Climate change is caused by many factors such as the radiation from the sun, the huge amount of water vapour in the atmosphere, radiation from space, etc. Plus CO2 is only a trace gas in the atmosphere to begin with. So it is ridiculous to blame mankind. There is no proof that man is causing global warming. It is a fraud being used by the U.N. and many other politicians for their globalist agenda. It was the BC Liberals who were one of the first to bring in carbon taxes in 2008 under Premier Gordon Campbell. As a retired person I paid about $2400 in carbon taxes over an eight year period from 2008 to 2016 and never saw any rebates. Since then the carbon taxes have been increased drastically and will continue to be increased. BC pays the highest price in north America for gas and about a third of it is various taxes. So I am with MLA John Rustad in BC on this who was kicked out of the Liberal caucus by the woke new liberal leader. The only party which has sensible policies is the BC Conservative Party, but they are pretty much unknown to most people. They do have a website with their policies which make a lot of sense. For one thing they would abolish the carbon taxes. Unfortunately Trudeau will impose them again in other ways. However the BC Conservatives will not be the puppet for Trudeau as the BC Liberals and NDP are. Many false predictions have been made in the past decades. Prince Charles said in 2009 we have on eight years to save the planet. Source: The Independent, July 9, 2009. 2009: UK prime minister says 50 days to ‘save the planet from catastrophe’ Source: The Independent: October 20, 2009 Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions - Competitive Enterprise Institute (cei.org)
  4. Those are not difficult questions to answer. But I think you have disappeared from the forum. No need to make assumptions or guesses about God. The scientific evidence is vast. The book "Darwin's Universe: From Nothing, By Nothing, For Nothing....Survival for Nothing" by Yan T. Wee explains it in great detail. There is so much information in this book I barely know where to start. Consequently, I don't see any point in trying to quote vast amounts of information. I doubt you are seriously interested in information that clearly points to God as the Creator of this universe. Just the one subject of DNA alone will point out the need for an intelligent designer Creator. quote In the nineteenth century we thought that there were two fundamental entities in science; matter and energy. At the beginning of the twenty first century, we now recognize that there's a third fundamental entity; and it's 'information'. It's not reducible to matter. It's not reducible to energy. But it's still a very important thing that is real; we buy, we sell it, we send it down wires. Now, what do we make of the fact, that information is present at the very root of all biological function? In biology, we have matter, we have energy, but we also have this third, very important entity; information. I think the biology of the information age, possesses a fundamental challenge to any materialistic approach to the origin of the life." (Dr. Stephen C. Meyer) Without specified information, buildings cannot be built; aircraft cannot be crafted; and living things cannot be constructed. There is neither luck nor chance for dead molecules to blossom into the amazing world of complex biological machines we called 'living things'. In a word, no information means no biological machines, and no biological machines means no life, period. The problem of biological evolution is the exact problem of the origin of software - how can computer software be written on its own without any external help? The origin of life is about the origin of specified information, not the origin of chemical accidents. There is no word to describe this incredibly complex information in a single DNA strand. Let us hear from the many eminent scientists on this informational conundrum in living things: I will just quote one here: "Instead, the living cell is best thought of as a supercomputer - an information processing and replicating system of astonishing complexity. DNA is not a special life-giving molecule, but a genetic databank that transmits its information using a mathematical code. Most of the workings of the cell are best described, not in terms of material stuff - hardware - but as information, or software. Trying to make life by mixing chemicals in a test tube is like soldering switches and wires in an attempt to produce Windows 98. It won't work because it addresses the problem at the wrong conceptual level." (Paul Davies) Unquote This is just a small sample of the vast amount of information that points us to the need for an intelligent designer-Creator.
  5. Gay marriage is an attack on the institution of marriage in general. It is not the way to go.
  6. This is why the Ukrainians are fighting with their lives for their freedom. They know what Communism is all about and they are dying to defend themselves from it.
  7. No, the right to divorce is a basic human right, although it may be against the Bible in some cases. But the Bible view on it is really directed to believers. Governments can not go overboard in controlling non-believers on the subject of marriage and divorce because it is a complex arrangement and is fundamentally up to the couple to decide, not the state, not the Pope, and not churches. I don't believe in Popery or authoritarianism. Now, tell us what you believe.
  8. Divorce, when it is unnecessary, is not a good thing. But there are many divorces that are justified as for example when a person is being abused and there is no way to stop the abuse. Sometimes divorce is the only solution. I have had strong disagreements with leaders in a church I attended over that issue. I believe the Bible does not lock people into a marriage that is harmful and destructive. I cannot see that God would condone that kind of thing. There are many marriages that can not be saved. We have many people who are suffering domestic abuse in this country and a woman is killed by her partner every second day. That's just the kind of world we live in. Verses in the Bible cannot be taken in isolation but many other parts of the Bible have to be considered at times.
  9. "The land purchases are also happening at a time when farmers across Europe are being paid not to farm and are being put out of business by onerous net zero emissions targets pushed by globalist technocrats and bedfellows of Gates. The concern here by a conservative politician is well warranted. Ulterior motives by wolves in sheep’s clothing must be expected. The democrat-communists are feral vicious predators. Thank you, Congressman Johnson for questioning the intentions of Bill Gates, given his history as a proponent of theories counter to what Conservatism envisions as being the good order and well-being of the American populace. We the People must expect he is up to less than good as we define ‘good.’" Congressman Reveals Disturbing Reason Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up American Farmland – Def-Con News (defconnews.com) I like bacon and eggers, hamburgers, and meat in general. I hope saner heads prevail and a way can be found to stop these globalists, like Gates, Trudeau, and others, who are wrecking the world. I am not willing to eat grasshoppers or any artificial meat.
  10. I just read that Bill Gates has bought up nearly 270,000 acres of farmland across 19 U.S. states. He wants Americans to stop eating red meat and eat artificial meat instead to help fight climate change. "Dusty Johnson, a congressman from South Dakota, wants Bill Gates to explain to a committee why he is buying up so much farmland in the United States while also saying that Americans shouldn’t eat meat." Congressman Reveals Disturbing Reason Why Bill Gates Is Buying Up American Farmland – Def-Con News (defconnews.com) This could exacerbate food shortages in the world and help the globalists reduce the world population. Gates is a known globalist as is a number of other big names like Prince Charles who will likely become King.
  11. Life is the highest human right possible. So the life of unborn babies is a human right. The Constitution of course stands for the right to life. If you don't have that right, you don't have anything.
  12. Someone said to me this is part of the globalist plan to reduce the world's population to make a one world government easier to manage. If this is true, we can expect more measures to reduce the population.
  13. I know this is not a new topic but I don't see anywhere else to enquire about this problem. I noticed the topics I submit are not in bold black letters while everyone else's headings are in bold letters. Does anyone know why and how to fix this problem? Thanks.
  14. I just read the following headline: Justin Trudeau proceeds with cap on fertilizer use despite risk of food shortages, bankrupt farmers Justin Trudeau proceeds with cap on fertilizer use despite risk of food shortages, bankrupt farmers (bizpacreview.com) Is he serious? Come to think of it, the medical assistance in dying is going to reduce the population by well over ten thousand a year in Canada. It already exceeded 10,000 deaths in 2021. You add to that approximately 80,000 to 100,000 abortions a year in Canada and the numbers start to add up. Then there is the failing health care system with many people dying on waiting lists because they don't receive surgery or treatments in time. So is Trudeau deliberately using the climate change alarmism and hysteria over aging and fear of pain to reduce the population in Canada as part of some kind of U.N. or globalist conspiracy?
  15. quote Thanks go to Tony Heller, who first collected many of these news clips and posted them on RealClimateScience. SUMMARY Modern doomsayers have been predicting climate and environmental disaster since the 1960s. They continue to do so today. None of the apocalyptic predictions with due dates as of today have come true. What follows is a collection of notably wild predictions from notable people in government and science. More than merely spotlighting the failed predictions, this collection shows that the makers of failed apocalyptic predictions often are individuals holding respected positions in government and science. While such predictions have been and continue to be enthusiastically reported by a media eager for sensational headlines, the failures are typically not revisited. 1967: ‘Dire famine by 1975.’ unquote Wrong Again: 50 Years of Failed Eco-pocalyptic Predictions - Competitive Enterprise Institute (cei.org)
  16. The fact that human life exists on this planet where the essential ingredients to make life possible is a miracle that some scientists are beginning to recognize as truly amazing and incredible. It is recognized that life only can exist within a specific narrow range of parameters. These parameters involve a certain atmosphere with the right amounts of oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. and little to no poisonous gases. Life also requires a certain temperature range, a certain level of water, and certain weather patterns that make agriculture possible. All these things came together, not by chance or some cosmic accident. These parameters were created by a wonderful Creator who knew exactly what was required. In fact he also created the laws of physics that regulate the atoms, molecules, and the operations of everything that exists. When one stands back and sees that, he will understand why many believe in the God who also wrote the Bible and gave his revelation to us. Since he created everything, why would he not also wish to communicate what it is all about? It only makes sense. Therefore we ought to accept his revelation with the reverence it deserves and be willing to accept his teachings on the sanctity of human life. We are not here by accident, but we are part of a plan by our God who created this universe.
  17. Every governmental system, whether it is a parliamentary democracy or republican democracy or a rule by a borge of elites is still subject to God's laws and commandments. Otherwise it is evil. How do you justify evil? You don't and can't. Claiming democracy does not absolve anyone from being held accountable by God for their actions and what they support. You are still accountable to our Creator (and yours) and claiming some law or program is decided by democracy will not give you an out. Those who support MAID therefore have no excuse. There is no out because it was done within a democratic system. It is no different than Hitler's holocaust or Stalin's genocide in Russia. Those who supported those things are accountable to God. There is no escaping that fact.
  18. There seems to be a belief by those that support medical assistance in dying (MAID) that if a person is suffering an incurable illness such as cancer for example, that that somehow justifies assisted death. Their reasoning is based purely on a secular humanist idea. Right and wrong, morality or immorality, are not built on human reasoning. They originate from God through his written revelation going back several thousand years. Today the accurate copy in English is the King James Bible (1611). This subject actually also reveals an example of why the KJV is accurate and other versions are not. If you look at Exodus ch20, it says "thou shalt not kill" Exodus 20:13 KJV Now if you look at a modern version of the Bible, such as the New International Version (NIV) you will read in the same verse "You shall not murder" Exodus 20:13 NIV. The word "murder" is actually a legal word referring to the killing of someone which is contrary to the law. So if a country's law said it was not illegal for someone to be given assisted death for example, then that commandment using a modern version of the bible and the word murder would on the surface appear to allow it. This is why the word kill is the correct word. God's word is not subject to the laws of a nation. The holocaust is another example. That may have been legalized by the Nazi government, but it is still killing and contrary to the verse in Exodus ch20:13 in the King James Version. The KJV Is based on the ancient manuscripts and is 100% accurate. The Bible takes precedence over any humanist secular reasoning. It comes from God, the Creator of everything. He created man in his image and gave him dominion over all the earth. Nobody has the right to take human life apart from God. Active killing such as euthanasia is contrary to God's explicit commandment. Some might say well it is my right to do what I want with my body. Again this is contrary to what God says in his word. God says in the Bible that our bodies belong to him. Therefore only he has the right to end life. Anyone may Google that subject as well to find further expanded explanation of it coming from the Bible. For more information on what is evil: What is the definition of evil? | GotQuestions.org
  19. In the case of Alan Nichols in Chilliwack, when his relatives questioned his assisted death and asked the RCMP to investigate it, they referred it to health authorities. It appears that was the last we hear of it. Tragically, it seems nobody in authority was willing to investigate or question anything, even at the family's urging. It could almost be described as a conspiracy of silence. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
  20. The case of Alan Nichols, a man who was given assisted death in Chilliwack a few years ago is a case in point where it appears this man did not meet the criteria but the system set up for MAID leaves a very loose broad interpretation to the discretion of two doctors. It is purely subjective and appears almost impossible for anyone to stop it or challenge it. quote Eligibility is restricted to mentally competent Canadian adults who have a serious, irreversible illness, disease, or disability. While to be eligible a patient does not have to have a fatal condition, they must meet a criterion variously expressed as they “can expect to die in the near future,” that natural death is “reasonably foreseeable” in the “not too distant” future, or that they are “declining towards death.” Unquote His death was apparently not "reasonably foreseeable". The family asked the RCMP to investigate but they referred the matter to the health authorities. quote The Canadian Association for Community Living said in a statement it was “distressed” to learn of the death, adding the case shows how doctors are able to interpret Canada’s medical assistance in dying (MAiD) law “more broadly than ever intended.” “So much more could have been done to improve Alan’s quality of life,” CACL executive vice-president Krista Carr said. “Alan was living in poverty, lacked access to the disability supports needed to live without stress, and does not appear to have been connected to appropriate community-based mental health services. This is exactly why we need the end-of-life criterion to remain in the law — deaths like Alan’s cannot be normalized.” Unquote Family questions criteria after euthanizing of Chilliwack man - BC Catholic - Multimedia Catholic News Now with the new MAID law coming into effect next year to include people with mental problems, this kind of thing may become very common and in fact could become far worse and very broad in who becomes a victim.
  21. I never said anything about that. You are inventing things to try to justify yourself. Anybody who is morally bankrupt should not be allowed to be on the Supreme Court or be a politician or be in any position of authority. Anybody who is morally bankrupt should never be allowed to vote. That has nothing to do with race or gender. If it were possible I would not allow evil people to have any position of power or vote. But in the kind of system we have, we can't stop them. The system is corrupt and evil.
  22. Another serious danger of the MAID program has been revealed recently by an employee in the Department of Veterans Affairs who brought up the subject of medical assistance in dying to a Veteran with PTSD. Who would have dreamed that the MAID program would go that far even before it has legally been expanded to include people with mental illness? Having care workers in long term care, or hospital workers, or doctors, or anyone else who is responsible for caring or in contact with patients bring up the subject is totally irresponsible and wrong.
  23. Western countries have far superior laws to much of the rest of the world. In Russia for example, the government can hunt down people they consider traitors and execute them like did to one man who was killed in England. Saudi Arabia put a woman in prison recently for 34 years for criticizing the government on social media. Some countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan execute people for blasphemy. There are many examples of the superiority of western laws compared with other countries. Mercy killing (MAID) is a tragic mistake and is legal in only three other countries. Almost the whole world does not have such laws. Canada is out of step with almost the whole world on this even though we have many other laws that are better than the rest of the world. Trudeau and liberals and the Supreme Court have gone far off the track. They have no moral compass. Trudeau's appointments are purely political and not based on qualifications. Trudeau just appointed a woman because she is an aboriginal to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land even though she has very limited experience and is not really qualified. An expert on Supreme Court qualifications just pointed this out correctly. Trudeau also appointed the Governor General simply because she is aboriginal, although that is not as critical as a SCC appointment because the GG role is very limited and mostly ceremonial. The Supreme Court also makes rulings simply based on what is popular at the time. That is not what a Supreme Court is for. They are supposed to be extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the laws and Constitution and their rulings should reflect that. Back in the 1990s they stated that medical assistance in dying in the way it is now would be unacceptable. Twenty years later they made the opposite decision and promoted MAID. They have zero credibility. The Supreme Court is obsessed with promoting what they think are individual rights. We have seen this before in their rulings re convicted murderers and terrorists. But I suspect all this is beyond your comprehension. You only look at it from a very narrow perspective.
  24. Governments down through history have often legislated based on Judeo-Christian principles as stated in the Bible. That is why western society is quite different than many other parts of the world. That is why we have laws against murder, stealing, etc. and why we can own private property and have human rights. Government authorities are given authority by God to rule and legislate whether you believe in God or not. That is a fact. "1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. {ordained: or, ordered} 2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. " Romans 13:1-2 KJV It is pretty clear there. Those who resist God shall receive to themselves damnation. There is forgiveness for those who repent (turn from their wicked ways and accept God's offer of salvation through his Son). There is such a thing as evil in the world and good. Good and evil may be observed all around the world daily. You don't like the idea of God; well, God is fact. The universe did not create itself out of nothing. Many scientists and cosmologists are admitting that. They have no explanation for where the universe came from apart from an infinitely intelligent designer-Creator, a supernatural being apart from the material universe. That is the only rational explanation for the existence of everything. So you can dispense with your notion that religious beliefs don't count. They are more relevant and meaningful than your atheistic irrational beliefs that disrespect human life. You don't believe anyone is accountable to God and that everyone can choose to kill themselves or have themselves killed without consequences. You are fooling yourself. Everyone is accountable to our Creator. He did not create the universe for nothing and he did not create mankind to give them a free-for-all.
  25. Well said. I get comfort always, not just on a deathbed. God gives comfort to his people always. It is a free gift available to everyone if they so choose. It is not just a emotional or belief thing. It is a reality. "4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me." Psalm 23:4 KJV It is available to you too but you would have to study the Bible to find out about it, particularly the New Testament and make a decision. If you became a believer, that would be a wonderful thing you could add to your duties by sharing that spiritual truth. I would add I would not be able to have anything to do with MAID or support it in any way because it is basically evil.
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