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  1. Some Catholics have enough moral values to recognize the sanctity of life. Bravo to them. The liberal mostly Catholic government, not so much.
  2. The 33,000 government employees just trying to negotiate a contract with the BC government will be the ones who benefit from the Socialist government in Victoria. They have already been offered several percent a year plus a signing bonus etc. But they want far more. So they are going on strike. You can be sure the NDP government will look after them because that is a large part of the NDP base. The government union and NDP are in close cahoots. That is Socialism for you. Everyone else must struggle to make ends meet but the government unions will be taken care of.
  3. The National Post is not Catholic for one thing. But even if it was a Catholic website, which it is not, it still states the facts that people who should not be dying are given medical assistance in dying.
  4. It is a National Post article, but it simple states the facts which you refuse to accept.
  5. Simple. If you had read the news article, you would find vulnerable people are having pressure put on them to consider medical assistance in dying. People with mental issues have already been killed by MAID. That will get far worse as the amended law allowing mental people to choose MAID kicks into effect next year. I have a son in his fifties who has serious mental issues. He is a schizophrenic. He is not capable of rational thinking. He should never be given that choice. Other people with health problems that cost the medical system a lot of money or people with financial troubles or people not being properly treated for pain issues are under pressure and feel compelled to take medical assistance in dying. One doesn't have to be a genius to see the problem with this system and the numbers of people choosing MAID is increasing by the thousands per year now. The value of life is being degraded and disrespected. People falsely think MAID is the answer to their problems when in fact it is only the beginning because they will meet their Creator who may have something to say about taking human life against his command.
  6. Whether it is levers or knobs should be up to the owner/builder to decide what he wants, not some government bureaucracy. What we have is extreme red tape and regulations with bureaucracy dictating endless rules of how everything shall be built. Now it will be driven by climate change as well. They are banning natural gas in the large city of Vancouver, which could cost homeowners thousands of dollars to install alternative heating systems that could cost more to heat as well. All these things drive up the price of real estate and rent making it more difficult for everyone. This government dictatorial bureaucracy is also making it more expensive to drive gas powered vehicles because they want to force everything to buy electric vehicles. This issue of climate change will now also be adding increasing regulations and costs to everything thanks to the climate change liberal extremists.
  7. Of course, but how far do you carry that? Vancouver required a certain kind of door knob and forbade certain kinds. Once bureaucrats are in control, there is no limit to how far they will go. A building inspector once told me when I was building my shed that he could not approve the windows in it because there were no drain holes on the bottom to drain the water out. So I took the drill and drilled a few holes through the aluminum frame at the bottom of windows and he had to approve it, which he did. Needless to say there has never been any water inside the window frame to drain out. There is a overhanging roof over the windows. I would hate to see the regulations and red tape required to build a house in Vancouver or many other places. Not to mention the fact property is tied up around the towns and cities.
  8. The federal government has loosened the laws on Medical Assistance in Dying and is making it more easy to obtain. Next year the mentally challenged or mentally ill will be free to obtain and there will be no shortage of care people advising them of their options. FIRST READING: Canada is getting real comfortable with killing its disabled (msn.com)
  9. If there is such a big demand for lower cost housing, one would think the building industry would be booming and building thousands and hundreds of thousands of homes. But the involvement of government red tape, regulations, etc. has put the damper on the construction industry. Government thinks they know better than everyone else. That is the problem in a nutshell.
  10. Sadly, I get the feeling liberal, left, (Lib party, NDP) have no use whatsoever for people that believe in less government control and micro-managing everything in life. They prefer the globalist U.N., WEF, etc. that are expanding their control of countries and depriving people of basic freedoms. The reality is freedom comes with a price. Not everyone will be rich and there will always be some poor people for various reasons. But people have to decide what they want. Do they want to blindly trust politicians and government with every part of their lives, taxes, etc. in exchange for promised security and social services. All these things come with the price of the people losing their freedoms and becoming just puppets of the state. That is what is happening now. People demand more social services like dental care, pharmacare, guaranteed income, housing, etc. and the result is the population cannot even earn enough to pay the rent or put gas in their car because the system is becoming so costly to run. They end up with some social programs but many must live on the food banks and many sleep on the streets. So what has been accomplished. Life is being made more unaffordable for millions of people because of government. I am thinking of writing to my local NDP MP and telling him his talk about a dental care program for children will add billions more to the national budget while our health care system is failing us. At least fix the health care system before looking for new programs to spend money on. They are obviously doing this for votes and to appease the NDP base.
  11. Norway monitors everyone's purchases and if anyone is caught buying too much of something, government takes action against them. Biden wants to do the same thing. Sweden is thinking of bringing in digital monitoring and facial recognition of everyone now. These countries are fast losing their freedom and falling under Socialist controls more and more. The people foolishly trusted in government and allowed them to micro-manage society. Now they are paying for it Norway Is Tracking Citizens' Purchases And Biden Wants To Do It Too (thefederalist.com)
  12. Once again you prove you don't understand how a free enterprise system works and you think government control can provide the solutions. Government IS THE PROBLEM. Government only know how to tax, and control and block private enterprise from doing the job. They destroy nations with their regulations and over reaching control. Anybody that has any money to invest would go somewhere else that is business friendly. Profit is not a dirty word. It is what builds a nation and provides prosperity. Otherwise you end up in poverty like Venezuela, Cuba and many other places.
  13. Governments would rather tax the people and hand out money to their favourite causes and thus leave the people with less money to invest in building homes and building a better society. All levels of government tax and puts regulations and red tape on builders, construction companies, etc. that makes it more difficult or nearly impossible to get permits and approvals to build homes and apartments. Government would rather tax and spend on things they think will win them more votes. That is liberal, Social democracy at work.
  14. You think government has to provide all the solutions. That is Socialism and Marxism and is a failure. That is why our housing situation is disaster and homelessness is rampant. Only private enterprise can build homes and provide the massive amount of housing that is needed. But government interferes with that in every way possible and makes private investors look elsewhere or blocks builders from building. Socialism also destroys individual incentive or motivation to improve one's self and get a job. Why work when government will take care of you and give you a cheque which you can use to buy a fix? Liberal Socialism closed the mental institutions as well and put them all out on the street. Socialism is the cause of our problems.
  15. The large number of vagrants on the street is the result of Socialist government policies. Socialist bureaucracy created this mess first by closing mental institutions because nobody with mental illness can be put in an institution without their consent. Secondly Socialist policies resulted in a shortage of millions of homes and apartments and massive government regulations and red tape to build anything. Thirdly liberal judges do not generally put people in prison for many crimes in Canada and it is a revolving door. There are countless people on the street who committed crimes repeated but were never put behind bars. So they continue their crime and live on the street, many taking drugs. Socialist politicians say all they need is mental health treatment. Crime is not crime any more; it is all just mental problems. That is the NDP bedrock policy.
  16. That has little to do with the subject of Socialism. There are still social services available to people who need it.
  17. Respect and reverence might be the kind of fear that is good. This website says "When the Bible talks about fearing God, it is usually referring to an attitude of reverence and respect, not outright terror." What Does the Fear of the Lord Mean? (lifehopeandtruth.com) “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).
  18. Someone on here said he did not fear God or something to that effect. There are many different views and opinions about God. This website talks a bit about the fear of God. There are good reasons why we should fear God. But for those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ as their savior, they need not fear. Their salvation is secure. One must believe that Jesus Christ, who is the Son of God and God, died and shed his blood for one personally and rose from the dead. (Gospel of John, Romans, Hebrews and pretty well the New Testament talks about this.) The Bible teaches without the shedding of blood there is no atonement. That is the reason Jesus came to earth. If you haven't done this, I would urge you to give it top priority. Why Should We Fear God? | Berean Bible Society
  19. Reportedly there are over 5,000 manuscripts or parts of manuscripts from the early centuries supporting the Received Text which the the KJV Is based on. Plus there are lectionaries and notes left behind by early preachers and theologians that quote or refer to the Scriptures. I have never read the word of mouth claim anywhere in my last 40 years in the subject.
  20. The history of the Roman Church, other mainline churches such as Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian and their interactions with aboriginals in Canada is complex as you remind us. There may have been some good and some bad. The later residential schools were clearly a bad thing. Now the Papacy is working overtime to try to redeem themselves as a result.
  21. No, the French imposed the Roman church on them in the areas where the Roman church operated. Their religion included submission to the priests, and their sacraments. This means confessing to a priest and receiving their sacraments and absolution. This is not taught in the Bible. They also forced them to accept their religion with all it's trappings. The government forced their children into residential schools and in many cases, mistreated them and abused them physically, and emotionally.
  22. I won't go into trying to defend the churches or their missionaries that ran the residential schools or the Jesuits that brought Romanism to the aboriginals in the past 500 years because I do not support their methods or theology. They were not operating according to the Bible. Where was the respect for the individual's freedom of beliefs and basic freedoms? They were wrong. That is my take. Since I don't agree with their modus operandi and don't support them, all I can say is that is not how real missionaries operate. They did a good job in giving Christianity a bad name. But this has been part of the history of the world as I already explained in earlier posts. The Roman church did the same thing down through history. It is not a perfect world and never has been. Humans are not infallible, neither is the Pope.
  23. 1. According to God's written revelation, the KJ Bible. 2 The KJV was translated in the 17th century (1611) from earlier manuscripts. It was not something new produced in the 17th century. In general, the New Testament early translations in the 1500s and ancient Greek manuscripts available at that time are known as the Received Text. The Received Text is believed to be an accurate translation of the original New Testament manuscripts written by the prophets and Apostles who lived at the time of Christ. The original manuscripts no longer exist. The Old Testament is based on the Hebrew Tanakh. The Jews wrote the Old Testament in Hebrew over a long period of time and it was completed over 2,000 years ago. 3. The KJV translation committee was made up of 47 of the worlds best Biblical scholars, many of whom knew ancient languages well. They used the best manuscripts and previous translations available at the time. 4. No, I am not pushing or forcing anything on anyone. I have as much right as you to my opinion and beliefs. I don't go around telling others they have no right to speak. In a democratic society, everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs. Where did you come from? The King James Bible Defended! (jesus-is-savior.com)
  24. There is an interesting book that is available free to read online: Babylon Mystery Religion... this is a detailed history of how, when and where ancient paganism was mixed with Christianity. Woodrow - Babylon Mystery Religion.pdf (google.com)
  25. The King James Bible describes who God is. "1 God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, 2 Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things, by whom also he made the worlds; 3 Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power, when he had by himself purged our sins, sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high; " Hebrews ch2 vs 1-3 KJV He was the Jew's God in the Old Testament and revealed himself to Moses who wrote the first five books of the Old Testament. The Jews are the people whom God chose to reveal himself to the world and give mankind his revelation, the Old Testament. God also used the Jews to bring his Son Jesus Christ into the world to become the Savior of mankind. So Jesus was a Jew. He is the same God who revealed himself to the Apostles and disciples in the New Testament as Jesus Christ. I know this will probably not satisfy you. But if you really want to know, you will have to make an effort to study the Bible and find the answer yourself. It is not possible for me to do that for you. Jesus was seen by many after his resurrection, which proves he is who he said he is. We could probably go on forever about this, but we would likely not settle it for you and we would be straying too far from the topic.
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