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  1. Common sense. Many of these protesters have been doing extreme things to make it very difficult to arrest them and resisting arrest. Companies and government cannot allow these protesters to shut down vital industries that everyone depends on in B.C. The forest industry is the main industry.
  2. No, whether the police were violating protester's rights or not is a different question. That could be dealt with in a different court case. This judge went beyond the matter of whether there should be an injunction or not. This will be appealed and the protesters will lose. I can almost guarantee. It may take some time which will have negative consequences for the natural resource industries in B.C. Lots of people may be unemployed in the meantime.
  3. The police were operating under a court injunction to remove protesters. The protesters are breaking the law by still being there and doing all the things they are doing. If some protesters have a belief their rights are being violated, they can hire a lawyer and take it to court. But the protesters are acting from an illegal position to begin with because they are breaking the law in doing what they are doing there. I don't believe it is this judge's job to interfere and allow the protesters to continue blocking the road.
  4. The purpose of the prison system is to protect society from criminals, not protect criminals from society. Rehabilitation is not the primary purpose. Some cannot be rehabilitated. Canada deliberately allows dangerous offenders to go free. It is their Charter Rights to be out even if it is obvious they will likely re-offend.
  5. The justice system is not working in Canada. They often let dangerous offenders out. Let's talk about Canada. A judge just declined to renew an injunction for the police to stop the Ferry Creek protesters from blocking logging. The judge said the reason is because the police were too hard on the protesters and denying them their rights.
  6. What you're talking about is social engineering. That is Marxist ideology that believes in denying everyone their personal right to protect themselves in the interest of the common good. Instead of disarming everyone they should find a way to protect society from armed criminals. They could start by keeping them in prison. We constantly see criminals being let out on bail or parole who go on to kill innocent citizens. Just happened again not long ago. Criminals have more rights than law-abiding citizens.
  7. Yes, Canadians are also victims of impotent politicians who live in an alt reality. We have many Marxist politicians who think they know what is best for everyone and deny Canadians the fundamental right to defend themselves.
  8. If someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night and has a gun or knife, what is the best way to defend yourself and family? In Canada, you don't have the right to defend yourself with the only thing that might save you, a gun.
  9. Do you think people should have the right to defend themselves from criminals?
  10. Here is an interesting article showing Trudeau and liberals dangerous ties to China. Terry Glavin: Justin Trudeau went all in on China a decade ago — and nothing can shake his resolve | National Post
  11. I am sorry if you are confused. I tried to explain what I thought as best as I could and added I don't claim to know a lot about the subject. I will say again if I haven't been clear enough that the Bible is the final authority for the Bible-believer, not a state's Constitution or Charter of Rights. Therefore if you are confused, I am not sure what exactly you mean. I am not sure what your point is. I already explained the Charter is a country's statement in writing of what rights it's citizens have. It may or may not, depending how it is interpreted on any given issue, agree with or be opposed to God's written revelation, the Bible. That should be fairly easy to understand.
  12. The Bible makes it clear. I will turn the question back to you. Why would God want people to worship false gods?
  13. God would be against freedom of religion if one used it as an excuse to worship a false god. The term "freedom of religion" is really just a man-made concept that guarantees you can worship whatever you wish. But God would also oppose a government or system that denied people the right to worship the true God as in a Communist country. The Charter guarantee of freedom of religion is still useful though as it supposedly guarantees anyone can follow whatever religion they choose. It is far better than depriving freedom of religion as China tries to do.
  14. This website goes into the subject of human rights and the Bible. Probably many other websites would give much more information. But this might be a start. What is a biblical view of human rights? (compellingtruth.org) I believe what the Bible says, not what progressives or liberals might say about any particular subject. You say how do you tell which one is correct. The answer is the Bible. You can use a search engine and enter the words for the subject and Bible and you will come up with many sites with information. You should be able to find reliable, trustworthy sites which back up what they say with scripture references and sound teaching. There is no need to run out a buy expensive books. Most of the information is available via search engines unless you want to dig deeper into a subject. Then a book may be useful.
  15. No! The Bible teaches that this world system is under the rule of Satan and most people are under his dominion. That is another important factor that has to be considered. If you want to understand this in any detail I would suggest the book called Satan available on Amazon. It can also be downloaded as a Kindle book and read on a computer, laptop, or Kindle reader. The book explains quite well what Satan's objectives are and how to be delivered or escape his dominion. I was just going to do a search and look a little further into what some Bible expositors have to say about human rights and the Bible. I don't claim to know a lot about it right now.
  16. The Bible says which rights God wants us to have. Each situation is different and sometimes it requires some study to know clearly. A Charter or Constitution says we have religious freedom. The Bible says what we are to believe. So the Charter is not a guide for truth and does not tell one what to believe.
  17. All Charter Rights, as interpreted by the Supreme Court, are not necessarily God-given rights. According to what the Bible teaches, there is no such thing as God recognizing gay marriage as legitimate marriage. Just because something is made legal by a government, does not mean it is legitimate as far as God is concerned. Generally there are certain rights that one could say came from God. But there are limitations to rights depending on the situation.
  18. There should be a conservative new channel in Canada, but I think the Canadian Radio Television Commission (CRTC) would not allow it because they control news outlets under the liberal government. Canada is not really a free country but is limited in many ways, proving again it is ruled to some degree by Marxists. These liberal Marxists are working on extending their control of the internet and social media with bill C10 and C36 although these bills may be given new names by the new Parliament now elected. New Parliament but same old Marxist players. We are losing our freedom of speech. The People's Party is a kind of protest party. I agree with some things they advocate but I think they hurt their chances by fighting against the pandemic measures. The Conservative Party has shifted to the left considerably and become kind of liberal lite. So they can't really be trusted too much. We need a conservative television station that is not controlled by any political party and not controlled by the Conservative Party of Canada which cannot really be trusted. They are trying to be everything to everyone. They even admit that. That is not the kind of television station we need. We need a voice for those of us who oppose liberalism and Marxism.
  19. "One Sunday when I preached on how the Bible does not teach socialism, a woman said to me afterward, “I completely disagree with you.” “Wonderful! What do you disagree with?” She said, “I believe we are our brother’s keeper.” I said, “I completely agree with you. I believe we are, too. The difference with you and me is I believe we are our brother’s keeper, and you believe that the government is our brother’s keeper.” Her mouth fell open, and she walked out without saying another word. That concept is the difference between Christianity and socialism. —D. James Kennedy—" Does the Bible Recommend Socialism? Ten Reasons Why Members of the Early Church Would Say No - Word Foundations
  20. Yes, I think you are correct. The problem is Socialism is a losing proposition. It has failed where it has been tried in the world. It breaks fundamental rights in a number of areas. It denies the right to private property if the state decides to take it away. It can also remove basic rights if it decides that is in the Socialist interest. There are other areas that can threaten the people in a Socialist system if the state decides to do so. Nothing the individual has in terms of rights, well-being, property, or even human life is sacred under Socialism.
  21. There is no threat from the U.S. That is Marxist nonsense. You have been conned by the leftists. Time to do some reading of what China is doing in the west. The west must have military might and sufficient modern military technology to act as a deterrent. Having that deterrent is what protects us, not talk.
  22. I get the feeling PM Ardern of N.Z. and Trudeau of Canada think their countries can act like some kind of neutral brokers in the world in the face of a gigantic struggle going on between the superpowers. On the western democracies, led by the America and the other side led by the totalitarian Communist of Russia, China, N. Korea. Trudeau and Ardern live in some kind of la la land, not the real world. These Communist super powers don't give a hoot about little countries like N.Z. and Canada. They will be swallowed up by the growing international influence of global authoritarianism and Marxism.
  23. I can't explain it properly on here. Go to Amazon and download or purchase the book "Hidden Hand: Exposing How the Chinese Communist Party is Reshaping the World". If you think the growing power of China and the Russia and China alliance is not a threat to the west, you are living in la la land.
  24. I agree with most of what you say, but the U.S. is actually our biggest trading partner. Cutting out China will cause a major hit on the Canadian economy, but I don't see any other way to get rid of their Marxist influence.
  25. Ardern opposes nuclear submarines if I am correct. Is she some kind of pacifist? Not a rational position to take in this polarized world where the west is under serious threat from Russia, China, Iran, and N. Korea.
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