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  1. Yes, I hope the authorities will end it soon because it is hurting thousands of workers and their families and the economy of Canada is taking a big hit. Also the people of Ottawa have suffered long enough under this tyranny.
  2. If you watched the police shut down the Fairy Creek old growth forest blockades, you will know how this ends. Most likely, the blockaders will be carried away one by one by the police and charged. Probably happen within the next few days or so unless they decide to obey the injunction which is coming soon. This is how it may end.
  3. I gave the links. All health authorities say vaccination reduces the chances of catching Covid and reduces the spread. I accept the authorities advice. I don't have to give you a detailed mathematical figure. I don't think you are being honest or sincere. Figure it out yourself and do some reading. You obviously don't accept what almost all authorities have said and almost all reports on the internet.
  4. I know restrictions have an impact on young people, but we are still in a pandemic and measures such as vaccination are extremely important. That is why young people are being vaccinated. Schools in many provinces are letting kids go back to school to help their development proceed. We can't eliminate all restrictions because health authorities say we are not at the point yet where we can do that. The pandemic is still spreading. Vulnerable people are still dying. So government and society must continue to try to protect vulnerable people and our economy and health care system from being overloaded.
  5. The reason is because if 10% are unvaccinated and both can catch Covid, then naturally the number of cases will have a fairly high proportion who are vaccinated. Simple math. But vaccinated people are still catching it less than unvaccinated and less likely to spread it. Nobody says vaccination prevents people completely from catching it. It simply reduces the chances and more importantly it reduces the chances of serious illness. That's the point of vaccination. The number of unvaccinated people in hospitals per the ratio of vaccinated to unvaccinated is still greater. That is the point.
  6. I agree not to hurl insults. I hope you also agree to that. The reason for mandates and health restrictions is not to "strip ...services from people". The result for health measures is to slow down the spread and protect the population.
  7. Most websites speaking on vaccination and stats also say: Vaccination reduces hospitalizations in general for all ages. Older people with comorbities do end up hospital more often and are more likely to die, but you left out the fact that younger people also catch Covid and sometimes end up in hospital and die and younger people also often get long-lasting health issues from Covid. It is not only the older people who end up in hospital. Just because people under 65 are less likely to be hospitalized and less likely to die, does not mean it does not happen. So what is your point?
  8. Omicron: Vaccinated are less likely to spread BA.2, study finds (cnbc.com) Quote Transmission rates among unvaccinated people were higher with BA.2 compared to BA.1, indicating unvaccinated people were carrying a higher viral load with BA.2. Although fully vaccinated people are more likely to catch BA.2 than the previous strain, they are less likely to spread it to others, researchers found. People who received a booster were even less likely to transmit the virus than people who were fully vaccinated. “This indicates that after a breakthrough infection, vaccination protects against further transmission, and more so for BA.2 than BA.1,” the scientists found. The study also noted that the higher susceptibility to infection and greater transmissibility of BA.2 will likely result in more extensive spread of the virus among unvaccinated kids in schools and day care. Unquote
  9. Sir, it is pointless to discuss with you. You are on here to throw insults and not interested in learning anything. Waste of time.
  10. Omicron: Vaccinated are less likely to spread BA.2, study finds (cnbc.com) Get educated..
  11. I don't debate with ignorance. Try a search engine. There are countless websites that say it reduces the spread.
  12. " Studies show that people vaccinated against COVID-19 are likely to be less contagious than non-vaccinated people. This is because vaccinated people carry a viral load in their body that is overall lower than that of unvaccinated people; therefore, the virus cannot be transmitted as effectively. A vaccinated person is also less likely to contract COVID in the first place. Vaccination not only makes a person less contagious, but contagious for a shorter time, creating less spread of the virus through a highly vaccinated community." COVID-19: How do vaccinations help stop the spread? | World Economic Forum (weforum.org) It always amazes me that people on here don't bother searching a reading a few sources. Almost all health authorities agree on this.
  13. Vaccinations and mandates reduce spread and reduce hospitalizations.
  14. I never said hospitalization has the same meaning as spread. You are being dishonest. Lack of vaccination causes more spread and spread causes more hospitalization and increased hospitalization puts more pressure on our health care system and the health care providers. It also denies people urgent heart and cancer surgeries and other procedures. Vaccination reduces spread and hospitalizations.
  15. "The first week of December 2021, when Omicron was first detected in the US, unvaccinated adults were nearly 25 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated adults.[1] While Omicron caused a big spike in COVID-19 cases, vaccinated people continued to be less likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated." "In New York City, hospitalizations for the vaccinated were 24 more likely than vaccinated people to be hospitalized at the peak of Omicron." How likely is COVID-19 hospitalization for vaccinated Americans? (usafacts.org) This is the simple fact. This is why vaccination is so important. Vaccinated people are far less likely to be hospitalized. So who is lying?
  16. BC is not dropping mandates. They are in fact expanding them to thousands of other classes of health care workers such as dentists, chiropractors, etc. because they know the mandates do two things: 1. They encourage people to get vaccinated. 2. They reduce the spread of Covid.
  17. "Police said that anyone blocking roads faced up to two years in prison, a fine of 4,500 euros ($5,140) and a three-year driving ban." French Police Warn Of Canada-Style 'Freedom Convoys' In Paris (ndtv.com)
  18. quote "The first decisions have clearly set the tone in favour of employers and their obligation to maintain a safe workplace," said Adam Savaglio, an employment lawyer and partner with Scarfone Hawkins LLP in Hamilton, Ont. "We have a significant number of arbitration decisions in unionized environments that are showing that vaccine mandates and restrictions are being upheld." A recent arbitration decision between Hydro One Inc. and the Power Workers' Union dismissed the grievances of multiple workers placed on unpaid leave for failing to comply with the utility's COVID-19 vaccination policy. The policy required unvaccinated workers -- and those who declined to reveal their vaccination status -- to take regular rapid tests. In his decision, chief arbitrator John Stout said the policy is reasonable and necessary to address the ongoing health and safety issues arising from the pandemic. unquote Workplace vaccine mandates: What's the law in Canada? | CTV News
  19. The Ontario chief health officer says they will lift health measures on an evidence-based science basis.
  20. On Global News, one young man, a protester at the Ambassador bridge, says the protest will cost people a lot of money. He relishes shafting Canadians. One young woman says similarly this protest will affect the economy, that's what we want to do.
  21. Politicians can't say when the health measures will end because they don't know when the pandemic will end. That's not rocket science. It's simple logic.
  22. The mandates and health restrictions were brought in by a democratically-elected government and are perfectly legal. What is a problem is a fringe element using illegal means to try to coerce the government into dropping the mandates. This is criminality. What is needed is ALL Canadians to work together to get us through this pandemic. We need to be thinking of our neighbour and making whatever sacrifice we are asked to make to get us through this.
  23. They are stopping the release of funds because they are being used for illegal blockades and criminal purposes. Very few truckers are involved in the protests. They asked a few of the Ambassador bridge protesters to make a comment. They didn't look or sound like truckers at all. 90% of the truckers are doing their job and don't agree with the protesters who are blockading borders and bridges and occupying Ottawa. Most of those protesters are not truckers at all. Mostly anti-vaxxers and anti-health care restriction protesters. They are mainly just people who don't want any Covid restrictions any more, even though the pandemic is still here.
  24. Yes, it is frightening, but not for Fascists. I don't know how you identify who is a FAscist. I guess every one who disagrees with you. It is frightening for everyone. Cutting off the border could cause empty shelves and shortages of vital supplies like food and medicines. The protesters said at the beginning the mandates would cause shortages and empty shelves. Now they are blocking the borders which could really cause empty shelves. They are liars and crooks.
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