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  1. this so called reporter, Wilson, doubled down on his stupidity after his "boss" showed his colors.
  2. Americans are woefully ignorant of their own history. Such is the outcome of a lifetime of brainwashing. Manufest destiny, kind and benevolent, a beacon of freedom, these and many more, all total bullshit. You are the conspiracy theorist as you are the one that believes in the cockamamie conspiracy theories advanced by the lyingest government that has ever existed, the USA. The ones that never have any evidence to back them, just rank propaganda.
  3. Didn't really work out very good with the teaching others, did it? The US went on after Vietnam terrorizing others, murdering millions, illegally invading other's countries, slashing off women's breasts, just generally doing what the USA has always done best, murder others, destroy hundreds of millions of lives, steal other's wealth, all the good things that make people everywhere proud to be an Amurican.
  4. You need a comma, Michael. And maybe some quotation marks.
  5. Yes, the US did start the war with Japan. Had Japan had the power to do what the US did, the US would have launched war on Japan. The old bullshit is still being shoveled around. The US didn't care one whit about the Japanese people. The US was racist as hell against the Japanese, Roosevelt was one of the biggest racists of all. The USA imprisoned US citizens of Japanese descent and stole all their property. The Japanese had approached a number of countries regarding surrender but US officials, having spent so much developing the atomic bomb were loathe not to use it. Moral individuals could have had a demonstration but not the USA, they bombed citizens in two cities three days apart, giving no time for the Japanese to react?
  6. The CIA's mandate is to not be honest with anyone about anything. Occasionally, it happens that they are, or more realistically, moral people within the group cannot stomach the perfidy, the evil, the deep evil, ... so they choose to leave.
  7. Virtually nothing the US government says, ever, has any basis in fact. They operate the most effective propaganda system the world has ever known. One stunning example; there is ZERO evidence for the USGOCT and yet they have duped a lot of people, except not you, Argus. You know it's a fable but still you support and protect these deeply evil people. This "the Russians are trying to undermine America" is the rankest of US propagandist bullshit. Bought wholesale by the most gullible idiots known to man.
  8. The German people were dumped upon for what was perceived as their allowing the crimes of Hitler and the Nazis. Americans, BY AND LARGE, have done much much worse, supporting the equivalent of Nazi type crimes amounting to a run of over well over 200 years. Every US president since WWII has been a war criminal, where, if Nuremberg were followed, would have seen them all hang. If the Nuremberg Laws were Applied… Noam Chomsky Delivered around 1990 https://chomsky.info/1990____-2/
  9. I retract "all". Just as all the Nazis were not pure evil, so too not all Americans are of this bent. They are not "all" crooks, war criminals, terrorists, absolutely conceited monsters. Even some US politicians are not of this stripe.
  10. The part of the problem is that it is the USA. Of course Brazile is part of the problem, she is an American. DNC, RNC, it makes no difference they are all crooks, war criminals, terrorists, absolutely conceited monsters.
  11. Like I said, "That doesn't work for people that have a tiny semblance of morality".
  12. You go to rank US propaganda movies for introspection?? What is this "we" shit. Speak for yourself. You're starting to be a wee bit truthful, finally, about what you really are.
  13. That doesn't work for people that have a tiny semblance of morality.
  14. Two hours have passed and there doesn't seem to be any evidence. Odd, given that all the USGOCT conspiracy theorists saw it with their own eyes. ============ "Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?" "Yayeah, I did. I's standin' overe there by the tomaters, and here he come, running through the pole beans, through the fruits and vegetables, nekkid as a jay bird. And I hollered over t' Ethel, I said, "Don't look, Ethel!" But it's too late, she'd already been incensed." Ray Stevens
  15. People who support the purveyors of genocide as grand people with grand motives and a grand society are as much to blame as the actual purveyors of genocide. Stop doing that and "you" are no longer part of the problem. I'm sure that Hitler and his crew were tired of everyone bitching about them too but that didn't get them anywhere. What part of 'genocide is genocide' don't you understand?
  16. If you actually were to do some research you would quickly discover that the "neighbour" has long been the world's leading terrorist group/nation. In the 1970s the US tried to set out a legal definition for terrorism. Each one they came up with the legals said, "Won't work, we've done that".
  17. Do you think that is how India, China, Ireland and the other 200 odd countries should have handled their historical "Brit problem" - killed them all at home?
  18. The rats are the ones that illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, ... . Why are you folks so studiously blind to close to a century of US/UK pillaging and terrorizing Middle Eastern countries. Even after all the bald faced lies you have been told you still pretend you don't know.
  19. Would you folks please stop repeating mindless propaganda?
  20. I knew that you wouldn't know better. You continue with the same old propaganda that was born long long ago. Did your parents fall for the "commie" crap? The US has been duping folks for over two centuries with its stunning lies. It is the Antioch Baptist church that shares the blame for these problems because they, like so many other canucks have not spoken out against the illegal invasions, the war crimes, the terrorism that has been committed in their/our names. Look at all the Canadians who have been radicalized, canucks who support the above mentioned war crimes/terrorism. All based totally on US lies concerning September 11, 2001. You, all of you know of the massive lies - yellowcake, Iraq WMD, OBL responsible for 911, Taliban hiding OBL, 19 Arab hijackers, some of whom are still alive, evidence for their existence on 911 "planes" totally nonexistent. And still you gullible folks buy into the USA's lame fable, the world's biggest liars' continued lies. Who in their right mind would ever want to assimilate to purveyors of planned genocides, war criminals, terrorists, baby killers, ... ? By comparison, how many US/Cdn/UK/Aussie terrorist soldiers signed up to illegally invade sovereign nations? I don't see or hear you doing anything to expose all those who have taken part in the supreme war crime of illegally invading sovereign nations.
  21. The USGOCT conspiracy theorists are given a fresh chance to provide evidence for their zero evidence conspiracy theory. It truly is amazing how so many highly gullible people pretend that they believe in the USGOCT when they can't provide any evidence/proof that supports this outlandish US government conspiracy theory.
  22. Why are you always so profoundly unable to address the actual issues, Argus.
  23. Patently dishonest. No other nation comes anywhere close to doing what the USA has done for well over a century. The US's war crimes/terrorism in the ME id THEE direct cause for all this rampant Islamophobia. You are providing support for the equivalent of the Nazis. Why?
  24. You don't think they are under orders, eyeball? What incredible naivete! As Seymor Hersh says, "Editors are mice trained to be rats". News media are incredible propagandist cowards.
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