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  1. You claim a position for yourself, Michael, wherein you reveal your own stunning hypocrisy. Not that I doubt your position on this specific issue, I see those same kinds of people myself, I experience this so I understand where you are coming from. Nevertheless, you still highlight your stunning hypocrisy as one who is "not curious to the world around them, government, legal frameworks, social trends and so on".
  2. I really have to wonder what is wrong with the folks who comment on MLW. Just read and try to comprehend the absolutely vacuous comments as regards the science and the events of 911 written by the defenders of the USGOCT. Really folks, consider this in a serious manner. If there were these kinds of responses being made in other threads on other topics, people would be tearing strips off these folks left and right. I'm not saying this is just bush_cheney2004 writing these totally nonsensical, empty of any evidence posts, although he/she, purporting to be some US military explosives expert should DEFINITELY not be engaging in this kind of subterfuge, deception, distraction, actual outright lies. I will allow what everyone already knows - that is what US military personnel do and are required to do. The defenders of the USGOCT are like people defending the innocence of a Clifford Olson or a Ted Bundy or a John Wayne Gacy, using sneaky, obscure references to rumors/lies/fantasies and ignoring the volumes of actual evidence. It is dishonesty on the grandest of scales. It is the greatest lie ever told, and the really razy thing is, this lie has NO evidence for it. And you folks know it!!!! How do people live with themselves, first, to ignore all the evidence, and second, much worse, trying to defile the actual evidence with lies, diversions, deceptions, second hand stories, useless speculation on silly topics like "would the US government do this?"
  3. Ummmmm, Argus, doncha figger that the climate scientists at NASA, the folks you love to selectively source when it suits your purposes, would think it's the best idea to revive the US coal industry.
  4. Provide me with the name of one that isn't on current outs with the USA that hasn't been established or protected or financed by the US government.
  5. I encounter that same thing, Michael. People can't believe the total impossibilities that folks on this forum will deny, will avoid facing. The remarks are often, "that is delusional/childish/juvenile/... .
  6. What kind of a human being focuses on themselves when there are such deeply evil concerns raised?
  7. You support a speak your mind even when it's filled with ignorance and you think that cheap shot hit and runs is the embodiment of free speech. That makes a total mockery of free speech.
  8. You have a zero track mind. It is illegal under international law to illegally invade sovereign nations. That is the law established by the US at Nuremberg after WWII. The US security meme is total nonsense. It's the US stealing from other nations which the US is worried about. The idea that the USA's security is threatened is the most fatuous idea ever put forward. Things are debatable. Planned genocides are not. There is no war on terrorism. There was a fiction created to replace the commie boogeyman. Why do so many cowards suggest the 911 issue is settled but they have never once provided any evidence in support of the USGOCT [US government official conspiracy theory]. Up to today, there has never been any evidence that isn't immediately contradicted by reality and other evidence. Just try providing some. There have been two threads on this very issue and still no evidence. I suspect you have been there and you know how vacuous is the USGOCT.
  9. I can't imagine why you consider intellectual cowardliness and ignorance to be things good within the confines of free speech.
  10. Yes, we can see what photographs reveal. Lightweight steel reinforced concrete exterior framing/flooring systems failed in a day long roaring fire. Compare that to the twin towers that had pretty much just normal office fires, at low temperatures as witnessed by the volumes of black sooty smoke and after a very short time both suffered total global collapse, at accelerating speed, which is totally impossible according to Newton's Laws of Motion. In addition to that above totally impossible scenario, there was also the large volumes of molten and vaporized steel. That is also totally impossible because the twin towers temperature were at least 1000F short of the temps needed to melt steel, 3500F short of the temps needed to vaporize steel. Then there is the molten molybdenum, melting point 3,180F, about 1,700F higher than WTC top temperatures. This only scratches the surface of the myriad total impossibilities of the wacky USGOCT. The US government/military nanothermite, non-commercially available, found in WTC dust. And the by products of these thermitic reactions, molten iron microspheres, some 6% of WTC dust, when normal office concentrations are 0.04%. Again, both these things are impossible and both are fatal to the USGOCT.
  11. You are only upset because it captured you so brilliantly, bcsapper, illustrated in your rambling fleeing escape from your 911 ignorance.
  12. See what I described about the stunning hypocrisy of the USGOCT conspiracy theorists.
  13. As always, zero evidence from the USGOCT conspiracy theorists.
  14. You make no sense with your first sentence. Rephrase it, using English, please. You always make this about others, you are the one who started with your whining about conspiracy theorists, ... . Your hypocrisy is stunning. Why are you so earnest in your desire to illustrate you know nothing about the events or the science of 911? As the article tells us, as you have been so many times informed, steel has never failed from fire. The Windsor Tower's STEEL REINFORCED CONCRETE PERIMETER failed because of the differential heating of the two dissimilar substances. Concrete didn't fail on the twin towers or WTC7 either. It was blown up in micron sized particles and it flowed away from the demolition zone in huge pyroclastic flow that occur only in volcanic explosions and controlled demolitions.
  15. You know you are lying because steel framed high rise towers have NEVER failed from fire, whereas, as has been explained to you numerous times, steel reinforced concrete buildings will and do suffer from fires and they have seen partial collapses. But not at accelerating speeds and at free fall. For both types of buildings this is an impossibility, it goes against the Law of Physics. USGOCT conspiracy theorists don't know or understand the principles of physics.
  16. You are self describing because the only conspiracy theorists are the folks who support the USGOCT. Most of them know full well, as you do yourself, that they are supporting the most ludicrous lies imaginable, all the lies put out by the US government. This is self evident because none of the USGOCT conspiracy theorists has any evidence for the US conspiracy theory. Look at how totally dismal has been b_c's offering of evidence - absolutely nothing, what you offered up were either outright lies or just totally ignorant of the facts offerings that, again, illustrate the [total] paucity of evidence for the USGOCT.
  17. See I told you. The more your comments are shown to be fatuous, the sillier your comments get.
  18. No, WTC steel did not fail. It was blown up by new high grade US military nanothermite, a super thermite developed by and only possessed by the US government. Nobody else had access to this nanothermite so the ludicrous notion that is the US government conspiracy theory, that some Arab hijackers crashed some planes into towers designed to take hits from such planes and caused the twin towers' structural steel to turn into steel with the strength equivalent to custard pudding is simply the dumbest thing anyone could ever suggest.
  19. Page three finished and again, STILL, no evidence from any of the USGOCT conspiracy theorists. Indeed, everyone of them has fled.
  20. And there was no conflagration in the twin towers or WTC7 on 911, just normal office fires. The Windsor Tower perimeter facade collapsed. The core structure of the building, as any honest person can see, remained intact. Even after a roughly day long conflagration. ==================== In contrast to the WTC Towers, the Windsor building was framed primarily in steel-reinforced concrete, with columns of concrete reinforced by thin sections of rebar. 4 The concrete pillars in the Windsor building are clearly visible in the photographs showing the intact core exposed by the collapsed facade. The very light construction of the perimeter, described below, makes it clear that the core was the main load-bearing component of the building. Compare these photographs of the Windsor building fire to photographs ofthe Twin Towers' fires and Building 7's fires Steel is a good conductor and concrete is a poor conductor of heat. Thus in a fire, a steel frame will conduct heat away from the hotspots into the larger structure. As long as the fire does not consume the larger structure, this heat conductivity will keep the temperatures of the frame well below the fire temperatures. The same is not true of steel-reinforced-concrete structures, since concrete is not a good thermal conductor, and the thermal conductivity of the rebar inside the concrete is limited by its small mass and the embedding matrix of concrete. Fires can cause spalling of concrete, but not of steel. This is because concrete has a small percentage of latent moisture, which is converted to steam by heat. Thus, a large fire can gradually erode a concrete structure to the point of collapse, whereas a fire can only threaten a steel-framed structure if it elevates steel temperatures to such an extent that it causes failures. Ibid You just make silly comments. The more your comments are shown to be fatuous, the sillier your comments get.
  21. The US has slaughtered over 20 million in its over 70 illegal invasions since WWII. Go back to its tawdry, evil origins and the toll mounts even higher.
  22. Was it? It was one of the more favored forms of murder by the US death squads in Indonesia. One US paid proxy killer bragged about doing it on over a thousand victims with a thin piano wire. The funny thing is you seem to think that you, "just saying" actually means something. On occasion, it has.
  23. That's hilarious, telling me to "get better informed". After YOU have had this situation explained to you on previous occasions and still you trot out this arrant lie. Let's put this, just one of your many go to false memes to rest before you get around to letting us know whether you are directly lying about nanothermite or you are just miserably uninformed. Why would you jump in such a radical manner from your discussion on nanothermite to a completely unrelated topic? That is the height of intellectual dishonesty. First, very important historical context. Remember, this person is a self described US military zealot, who has often lied to try to defend the war crimes, terrorism, rapes, genocides, torture, ... of his/her employer, the US government. Why should, why would anyone trust anything someone in this self described extreme conflict of interest position says? Now as regards the deliberate lies being spuriously advanced re: the Windsor Tower being any kind of comparison for the twin towers, WTCs 1 & 2. And these are deliberate lies being advanced because, as I have already noted, this same poster has advanced these lies before and was given the same information which illustrated how mistaken and misinformed she/he was. Did the core of this Windsor Tower, totally engulfed in flames for close to a day, turn into the equivalent of custard pudding, lose all its structural strength and collapse at close to free fall speed like the twin towers did? No, it did not.
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