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  1. Apparently. But not absolutely. More on this after I briefly address 2 to 5. Not in the least. Why would you say that? There have been many murder convictions without bodies. What blows the USGOCT out of the water is all the totally impossible things that occurred that 19 Arabl hijackers could never have done. He knows enough to know there were bombs and explosions in the twin towers before they collapsed. How do you figure that one of the humans that were on the impact floors was explosively blown out a twin tower window as seen in a video? The same video shows explosions moving the window blinds over multiple floors and the people hanging out the windows visibly reacting to these explosions. It's not just possible, it is 100% true. The seismic record is hard science. Again, this in and of itself blows the USGOCT out of the water. There was no, that is zero legal/legitimate reason for any explosions according to the official story before the arrival of the "plane". Such a thing, is, of course, possible. However, in this case, no, it is 100% impossible. There were no Arab hijackers. Airports have cameras, video, etc for security. No pictures. Some of the "hijackers" are still alive. All the impossible things, the molten metals, the nanothermite, the unexploded nanothermite, the by products of nanothermite reactions, the free fall of WTC7, the accelerating speeds of the twin towers, the molten steel in the rubble pile until February 2002, the ... means there were no hijackers. No hijackers means the USGOCT is totally bogus. It appears or was made to appear that aircraft were flown into the towers. How come the face of WTC2 is completely intact? Supposedly, a wing has gone thru this part of the building but it is as perfect as it was on September 10, 2001. Blow the picture up and see for yourself. This addresses your number 1 and 6.
  2. Darn that Charles Anthony. Why is he always so quick!!??
  3. I put my cursor after the question mark after "making" above. Hit return twice and it will isolate the portion you want in a quote box, as above, and put the remainder, below, in another quote box. Wash, rinse, repeat as many times as needed.
  4. Hey, you already asked me this question!!! I said from the get go it was about money. George Will is a good example of a prostitute reporter. The National Post has a lot of them. Actually, most mainstream media are prostitutes, working to satisfy the big boys, striving for the gold ring. The kind that satisfied the Nuremberg Tribunals. Although I might have to rethink that. No, the principles were sound, the abuse of those principles by the USA since then has been the cause of pretty much all the world's problems. Let's look at it this way. We have a USGOCT that is so full of holes there is no material material left. People who believe in the USGOCT do so because they want to believe it even though there is zero evidence to actually support it, in a legal sense. It most assuredly was a grand scam, but then Hollywood movies do the same thing all the time.
  5. I did the same thing the other day and posted a new thread in the wrong area.
  6. Well then, Michael, that sinks what you think is your "slam dunk". You had said before, Michael, "Bin Laden's confession and the FBI assessment align. Case closed." Nothing at all in your first long quote in that post even hints at an OBL confession. That's because OBL never confessed to being involved in 911. It would be totally impossible for him to have been because there wasn't even any 19 Arab hijackers. What was OBL's plan, to sneak into US government military labs and steal the nanothermite that was found in WTC dust, then secretly run around planting it as necessary to cause the twin towers to fall in a manner that breaks Newton's Laws of Motion? Are you familiar with Newton's Laws of Motion? Of course, Marcus has totally dismantled your non argument much better than I. Why do you always resort to such non arguments on such an important topic and avoid the scientific evidence that makes the USGOCT totally impossible? Especially when you really, actually know that the US government story is totally bogus. What are you really trying to do here? Don't you think it is one thing to be emotionally troubled by the revelation that the US government has lied about pretty much everything and a totally different and much more serious thing to be actively trying to provide cover for these vicious criminals?
  7. How did this jump over here? Why did you bounce this to this thread, Tostb?
  8. How big is your teapot, Boges? Is 'Tabernac' actually equal in "value" to the word some of us can't use here at MLW?
  9. You love the deep evil the US has done with nary a break since its inception as a terrorist, genocidal "nation". Why?
  10. You illustrate that you don't know what reasoning is. I don't defend evil done by anyone, unlike you and the rest of the supporters of war criminals and terrorism. You must be referring to my reminders that the Muslim peril is just another US crock of propagandist bullshit which has been swallowed by so many gullible people and by people who are simply just plain evil because they are not at all gullible, they simply support US/UK/... evil.
  11. Has Omni been banned from discussion in all 911 threads, relegated to lurking and making emoticon faces? 

    I doubt that this is a MLW instituted policy and I certainly wouldn't want that to occur, so why is Omni doing this? It is so silly. 

    I would love to see Omni actually discuss these issues, like an adult. 

    'Cause you know, actually everyone knows this; that is what adults are supposed to do. Not hide behind distractions and diversions. 

    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      It sounds like a conspiracy to me, you'd better check it out.

    2. hot enough

      hot enough

      Hal, please. You are the one conservative who came forward and stated that the USGOCT was bogus, unless I have you confused with someone else. 

      You folks talk about various and sundry conspiracies all the time. 

    3. OftenWrong
  12. People who tell the truth don't make the money that the usual pimps do. I can't understand why that is so difficult to grasp. Don't you know that many reporters of US mainstream media have long worked for the CIA, planting stories? I personally draw the line at what is the truth, what is honest.
  13. There were pictures taken of the engine by various independent sources. If it had fallen off a truck wouldn't you be even more suspicious? How could it have fallen off in the exact place that its trajectory, speed and flight path describe? Doesn't it make you at all suspicious that this engine was not saved for investigation, that it was just dumped in a Manhattan landfill? It wasn't serial numbers, it was a very noticeable part, readily identifiable in the picture, that was a part that was not used in UA 767-200s engines. Different manufacturer. That doesn't make you suspicious?
  14. Scientists disagree with your analysis. Even NIST says that steel temperatures, from paint study tests, didn't get high enough to cause failure. That's why NIST never did a twin towers study. They knew that they couldn't justify such results with the data available to them. Precisely!! Which is enough, in and of itself, to show that the USGOCT is totally false. As this is impossible to have happened, the remainder or much of the remainder of the story is also impossible. The planes were needed to even get the story remotely close to plausible. But nothing about the planes makes the science disappear. The twin towers were designed for just such an event. The redundancy of the structure was far beyond anything the "planes" could have done. At most, a partial, localized collapse. As you have so eloquently stated "freefall", actually accelerating speed collapses, cannot cause total disintegration of all the steel structure plus 220 acres of steel reinforced concrete floors 4 to 5 inches thick and the floors steel forming pans.
  15. 1. Obviously not the planes that the USGOCT alleges, that much is clear. No comments on these total impossibilities? 2. I don't know. Why should I know or why should I be expected to know? Do crime investigators know all all the time? 3. George Bush describes bombs and explosions in the twin towers after the planes hit and before the collapses. Don't you think he should be asked as to how these occurred? The seismic record shows that there was a huge basement explosion before the plane hit the WTC1. Is this not odd to you? I don't expect you to know, or to even have a clue. This isn't about you or me, and I'm sorry if I gave you an indication that I expected a detailed and complete analysis from you. I didn't and I don't. I only ask that you [and everyone else] think these things over and see if they pass the smell test that every thinking human possesses, even children. I don't understand what you are saying.
  16. Their careers have not been near as lucrative as a George Will or any of the other mainstream pimps. That has come about, the low pay, because, yes, they are more honorable, light years so, from the others who provide cover for all these war criminals/terrorists.
  17. Actually the Windsor Tower fire provides a lot of information that totally sinks the USGOCT, as if we needed anymore evidence. WT was built without any fireproofing on the steel, as it was not required then. Just do a mental comparison, the sooty, black smoky fires of the twin towers compared to the almost 24 hours, roaring, complete conflagration of the WT fires. The twin towers had heavy insulation on the steel framework. They even had had upgrading of the steel insulation that went on on the floors where the planes hit. Coincidence? Nanothermite can be spray applied and set off with nanothermite matches controlled remotely. WT was lightweight steel framing, uninsulated remember, while the twin towers were massive steel columns with heavy insulation on all steel. Same for WTC7. Office fires typically burn thru the office furnishings fuel in about 20 minutes and then they move on to new fuel areas. Twenty minutes is not enough time to heat massive steel framing anywhere close to critical steel temperatures even if it is totally UNINSULATED!!
  18. Everything you have said is completely true. Windsor Tower is also not remotely close to the same kind of construction. What collapsed was lightweight ferro/concrete exterior walls. WTC steel was most certainly not lightweight and it was not surrounded by concrete. I thank you for your honesty, Tostb. It is incredibly refreshing to see this kind of honesty and bravery. Shouldn't we, the honest and open WEST be able to fully discuss absolutely anything? As regards the aircraft, don't you consider it at least as equally odd as the twin towers collapses that not one of the roughly four million serial numbered parts from any of the four alleged 911 planes has been positively identified as coming from the alleged aircraft, matched to any of the 4 aircraft? This has never ever happened before in aviation history. Here is a highly trained airline accident investigator has to say about this incredible impossibility: Don't you consider it odd, incredibly odd, impossible, that the engine we see flying out of the north face of WTC2, the one that landed on Murray Street, is not an engine that was ever installed in United Airlines 767-200s, one of which, UA175, was alleged to be the plane that hit WTC2? Do you consider it odd, incredibly strange that the odds of the USGOCT happening as the US government says is 54 Trillion to one? But those odds are actually much much too low. It is actually 100% impossible that the USGOCT is true. Why? Because of all the impossible things that have occurred that the alleged 19 Arab hijackers could not have done. 1. Melted steel 2. Vaporized steel/lead 3. Melted molybdenum 4. Brought US government/military non-commercially available nanothermite, developed in the 1990s by US military labs to the WTC and caused unreacted/unexploded particles of it to be in WTC dust 5. Hijackers could not have even brought regular thermite/thermate to the WTC. 6. Hijackers could not suspend the laws of physics and cause WTC7 to fall at free fall speed, especially when they didn't come within two football field of said building. 7. Hijackers could not suspend the laws of physics and cause the twin towers to fall at accelerating speed. That too is against Newton's Laws of Motion. 8. Caused 6% of WTC dust to consist of iron microspheres which are one of the main by products of thermite/thermate/nanothermite reactions. Normal office dust contains 0.04% iron spheres. There are many more total impossibilities. One of the major ones is that there is no actual evidence for the USGOCT. I have been asking for some for a long long time and none has ever been advanced.
  19. If you have to ask, you are beyond help. But that isn't what I replied to you about so why are you picking out someone else's quote instead of addressing what we were discussing? Who has the greatest degree of control over the UN? That should clue you in as to why it is so corrupt. Why are there no UN resolutions putting sanctions on the USA for its UNGA 1/4 century condemnation [198 to 2, guess who the 2 is; US and Israel] of the US's terrorism against Cuba? Why are there no UN resolutions putting sanctions on the USA for its conviction as the ONLY nation EVER to be convicted of international terrorism by the World Court? Why doesn't the world know, why are there no UN resolutions putting sanctions on the USA for its planned genocide against the people of Iraq, where the US murdered some 500,000 Iraqi kids, the same number of adults, where the US planners had seen possibly a couple million death?
  20. That's rich, Rue, you, suggesting others grow up. You pointedly ignored what GH wrote, as you always do when you find yourself up a stump. It is to Charles Anthony's credit that he has allowed what he has allowed. If there was this kind and this amount of anti-Jewish attacks going on in multiple threads from multiple posters about Jewish people like there is about Muslims, stating the same kinds of rank falsehoods that have been aimed at Jews since forever, every Jewish organization in the world would be all over MLW. I have yet to see anything other than folks asking that Israel stop acting like the USA, ie. stop stealing others lands and wealth, stop murdering innocents, stop being an apartheid state, ... .
  21. Nice to know your morals all boil down to money. As Seymor Hersh says, editors are mice trained to be rats. An addendum, reporters are mice to remain mice but they act like rats. There are some decent, honorable reporters, like Hersh, John Pilger, William Blum, ... but mainstream media, and the Rebel like squads are pure propagandists.
  22. I guess we will just have to agree to agree.
  23. It's all incoherent babbling because there are no noun references. You are likely doing this on purpose and if so, that is patently dishonest of you. It is incoherent babble.
  24. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you are not so dumb that you can't find the link on that same page. You're still doing it. What are you babbling about?
  25. One of the famous always without any evidence USGOCT conspiracy theorists pulls the same old trick. Just incoherent babbling without any focus.
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