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  1. Is this because you love how the USA has been able to commit vicious war crimes and terrorist acts and you don't want to see it constrained in any legal or moral fashion? One wonders how you can advance such a stunningly hypocritical stance. Well, not actually. You have been front and center cheering on USA illegal invasions of sovereign nations, the slaughter of tens of millions of innocents, the rape of countless women and girls, almost certainly men and boys too. Baby killing, slashing off women's breasts, "shaking and baking", napalming, carpet bombing, ... the people of the very countries the US has illegally invaded. But the hypocrisy of the US, and its supporters is really very incredible to behold. The US is the one that established that the "poison chalice" shall be passed to any and all who engage in the types of war crimes described by the Nuremberg Tribunals. The very war crimes that the US has engaged in long before there were the Nazis. The Nazis took the US, and likely the UK, as its model.
  2. Don't let the title stop any of you from pointing out all the kind, benevolent things the US has done.
  3. The fact that you, like so many others are too frightened to address what I post speaks volumes, Rue.
  4. That is exactly how US and other western propaganda has been so effective, Rue. You have hit the nail on the head, for once. Look at how well it has worked for the USGOCT. There is zero evidence for the US government's fable about 19 Arab hijackers but still some people delude themselves into thinking it has a measure of credence.
  5. The people you speak of, the Vietnamese and the people of the north of Korea, have always simply wanted to have a chance to operate in the world community. As you have to note, the Vietnamese are doing very well, as are the Chinese. The people of the north of Korea not so well because of the ongoing 70 plus years of US terrorism/economic strangulation of those people, the very same as the US has done to Cuba and other countries. Both "communist" countries, which you attempt to disparage with your stunningly hypocritical "Unless you are part of the elite 1% of corrupt Chinese at the top". Is this different than the "unless you are part of the elite 1% of corrupt Americans at the top"? Had the US continued with its economic terrorism against Vietnam after the Vietnamese sent the invading hordes fleeing, it would be a country like that of the north of Korea or Cuba, strangled by the terrorist USA.
  6. Condolences to Roy's kith and kin. No one likes to lose a loved one for any reason, be it accidents or the brutal actions of known pirates and thieves.
  7. You jump on others for going off thread, Rue. What have you just done here with your long winded post? Is there any other religion in the world that that been able to have a country established for it? Can you point me to, on a map, the countries of Catholicity, Protestantania or Rastafaristan? How can you suggest that there has been any sort of quid pro quo. The following maps illustrate clearly you are being very loose with the truth here.
  8. Actually, this is a totally fatuous idea. If it had any validity there would have been a steady stream of non Muslims being slaughtered over the last century where in fact the reverse was true. Muslims, all Middle Easterners were being slaughtered, oppressed, raped, ... for their crazy belief that they should possess and enjoy the proceeds from their oil, their wealth. The same for Blacks in Africa. Cecil Rhodes, the kind, generous benefactor set up the Rhodes scholarships with wealth he stole from Africans. You do know, of course, that that is something the British people excelled at, stealing from the poor of the world. So don't you think it rather spectacularly hypocritical that we westerners should point the finger at those who are simply no longer willing to allow the predacious behavior of western countries, especially when they couch it in such unbelievably hypocritical ways - we are saving the oppressed/we are terribly worried about little girls not being allowed an education/ and other such nonsensical drivel. Why don't you, being an honest man, ever discuss this British/western legacy?
  9. Many westerners are of the conviction that they are, and should kill people to save them from oppression. Does that make any sense to you, bcsapper, plan and carry out a genocide aimed at murdering 500,000 Iraqi children under five, maybe a further million adults to save them from some nebulous oppression?
  10. That's a christian thing, sanctioned and supported by various popes, cardinals, blue jays, sparrows and bishops.
  11. Here is the thread where you folks can record and document US/UK genocidal policies, actions, holocausts. Where shall we begin, which US holocaust, genocide, illegal invasion, terrorist action?
  12. How come you folks have so much trouble addressing science, the truth, hard facts? Why are you experiencing so much difficulty believing that depraved US/UK governments that kill millions are evil? That is the very definition of evil.
  13. So before you make any attempts to discover what Goddess meant, you leap to the unwarranted conclusion that you know. Based on what? The memes being generated by right wing racist websites, still caught in the thrall perpetrated by lies of the deeply evil UK/USA lying governments, the same deeply evil governments that illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, the same deeply evil British governments that have illegally and amorally invaded 9 out of 10 of the countries of the world. These are the same deeply evil governments, US/UK, that planned and carried out the planned genocide of Iraqis, most specifically Iraqi children under five years of age - we know we are going to murder possibly millions of Iraqis but we can't let all our evil plans go to waste. This was long before the war crimes associated with the post 2000 illegal invasions. The German people showed contrition for their holocausts, while western "good people"/christians seem to revel, to delight in the viciousness of their holocausts, they continue to denigrate and malign people who are sick and tired of western depravity, western greed, western evil that makes Hitler look like the Pope, oops, bad comparison, Popes are as evil as the war criminals/terrorists they support.
  14. You reveal a lack of knowledge and history.
  15. Why would you make light of a vicious set of US war crimes, Boges? How would you feel if you were a Cambodian and some evil scum were ordered to use "anything that flies [USA aircraft]on anything that moves on the ground". That is a flat out admission of war crimes, and again, here you are pretending it is no big deal. Why?
  16. As Noam Chomsky says, there is an easy way to stop terrorism; "Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it." For the west, that means stop supporting the world's leading terrorist group/nation, by a planetary mile, the US of A. These people are Canadian citizens who have been brutalized by, you all so conveniently forget and ignore, the war criminals/terrorists who illegally invaded many sovereign nations.
  17. You do realize of course, that that is one of the oldest, most overused propagandist memes going. And considering how good, decent, kind and benevolent the propaganda says the USA is, it should be easy as pie for you to illustrate that. Whenever there is the slightest suggestion of "terrorism" being perpetrated upon the USA, any western nation, the propaganda machine start grinding, sending out meme after meme, message after message about how so hard done by we all are. You all know this is stunning hypocrisy of a magnitude that would make Goebbels blush cherry red.
  18. Way too vague to address in any fashion. Christians have long had a platform, really the only platform, which they used to do a lot of terribly evil things. Now that they have to defend their garbage, and much of it truly is garbage, they think they deserve respect. "christians" were major partners in the genocides against Native Americans and First Nations, not to mention being major partners in vast number of USA war crimes and terrorist acts.
  19. A cowardly approach, when it sullies all the democratic principles that you pretend to hold dear. Tell me something I don't know. That doesn't make your approach any less cowardly. The slaughter of millions all based on lies that supposedly christian people support while whining about 26 insignificant deaths, based ONLY on numbers, reveals a hypocrisy that is both stunning and very unchristian like. You bring up Justin Trudeau whenever you feel it is warranted. That is what freedom of speech is about.
  20. I knew you would take this cowardly approach, Boges. But you shouldn't have used such rank propagandist verbiage. People with courage who disagreed would just prove me wrong. In fact, you didn't address anything I said, you just fall back to your safe little world of lies and propaganda. That is a very common thing here at MLW. So odd, considering most of these are folks who were born in and to the greatest nations, the ones where healthy debate courses thru your blood, where no topic is too difficult for the hypocrites, born of and raised with the high falutin' democratic principles everyone loves to mouth. Y'all are so much better than the folks you all love to denigrate as third world savages. Why? Because no topic is too much for you to face and vanquish!
  21. I have no alternative theory. I have no theory at all. I only point out your incredibly gullible nature and your stunning hypocrisy. Notice how so many get their panties in a bunch over 26 people but they aren't the least bit bothered by the slaughter of millions of dark skinned others. How christian! They even support, avidly, those that slaughter. How christian! It's the heart and soul of US christianity. Have you never heard of Manifest Destiny?
  22. "people that don't believe everything they have been told" would be, let me guess, climate science denying conservatives. The same folks who bought into Iraq WMDs, OBL being responsible for 911, the Taliban were bad guys, 19 Arab hijackers, in other words, some of thee most gullible people on the planet.
  23. Yeah, because US authorities never ever lie.
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