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  1. Just with the few examples I gave you, and the seriousness of those gigantic media lies, you don't believe there is fake news. This guy was as christian as any American except for the limited number of actual good Christians. He was raised on good christian American values, the ones that teach you that it is a good thing to slaughter Native Americans and then brag about your country being so great. He was raised on good christian American values, the ones that teach you that it is a good thing to swallow the lies of your always lying US governments and brutalize, terrorizing, rape, torture, murder people for tiny perceived wrongs blown up into their usual major contretemps.
  2. Yeah, right, Boges, "the news". These are the guys that gave you Iraq WMDs, OBL responsible for 911, the bad guys Taliban that were the frequent guests of US corporations, being taken on tours of American tourist traps. Can you say incredibly gullible?
  3. I'd say that it is deliciously apropos. Jonathon Swift would be delighted. Were any of the people responsible for the deaths of millions of Middle Easterners christians?
  4. I'm sure glad that there is someone here that can keep us all apprised as to the shooter's motives. Don't want to be jumping to any unwarranted conclusions.
  5. A lot! What is the difference between the man who committed this act and the hundreds of thousands who murdered, in cold blood, how many millions of innocent Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Syrians in the war criminal/terrorist illegal invasions of those countries? How is this man any different from the folks here who provide avid and constant cheer leading for those who murder all these Middle Easterners all based on the rankest, most transparent myriad lies?
  6. The number of christians who went out and slaughtered Native Americans, and Canada's First Nations were many, especially on the US side - no surprise there. The total indifference of all USians and Canadians to the planned, century plus long genocides don't speak well to just how "christian" these "christians" were, or for that matter ARE. It would be interesting to find out just how much the German people actually knew. My feeling is that whether they knew or not, they were not living in the "free" society we of the west supposedly have. Speaking out in Nazi Germany was a death sentence. Yet we have supported some of the greatest and long running evils that the world has ever known. There are individuals here that brag about the evil, wallow in it, celebrate it, embrace it, call it great, rah rah rah it. How deeply evil is that?
  7. You're kidding, right? You use the STANDARD cliche for that has been around as long as Hollywood but you suggest that no one ever figured they might have to actually do the deed?!!
  8. Now we have still not done any research. Next comes, "yeah but other countries have done the same thing".
  9. It never ceases to amaze the ludicrous shop worn propagandist comments that supposed adults keep making to maintain the crazy hype that has allowed the USA to wreck hundreds of millions of lives [yes, the lousy Brits before them]. What kind of willfully blind idiots do not know that the USA and the UK have been stealing ME oil for close to a century? Nobody has ever threatened any North American. Had Germany defeated the Brits, the US and Canada would be doing brisk business with whatever government followed. The US got into WWII because they saw a grand opportunity to sweep up European SE Asian colonies. The US got into WWII just as they get into all their illegal wars, 93 percent of the years of their existence as a BLOODY "nation" with typical US trademark perfidy.
  10. Instead of shaking your head, try doing a little research. Every US president since WWII is a Class A war criminal. Everyone of them is a rank terrorist, various ones are purveyors of genocide, others are baby killers. The evil goes long and deep.
  11. A university education SHOULD provide one with the skills necessary to grasp what actually constitutes proof. Additionally, one should be able to draw logical conclusions from what was actually said.
  12. USA "christian" terrorism has been going on since before the US became a terrorist nation. It got really serious around 1898 and that when millions began to die at the hands of the "christian" USA.
  13. You, a conservative!!! Perish the thought.
  14. I believe you. Good work. Don't you think it's amazing, stunning, unbelievable, ... how so many go on believing the rank, oh so transparent propaganda of the USA, UK, Canada, ... ?
  15. Yes, let's have them follow our genocidal, war criminal, terrorists standards. How long do you suppose it should take them to invade 90 percent of the countries of the world like the British have or how long will it take them to illegally invaded over 70 nations like the USA has done, murdering tense of millions just to steal their wealth. Come on poor, developing third world nations, you can be just like the USA/UK if you take our "How to become a pirate/terrorist/war criminal nation" from Trumpian University where we will teach you the finer points of raping and pillaging.
  16. A university education is something that is supposed help a body with critical thinking skills in order to assist a body to not draw wild, off the wall, ridiculous conclusions for which a body has no evidence/proof. Would a cursory search find this to be a "Rebel" meme?
  17. Speaking of the same ole nonsense, blackbird. What you mean is "no one wants to believe it" but everyone knows it is true. Notice how you avoid the facts like the proverbial plague. You were even too frightened to quote me.
  18. The fire bombing of Tokyo was a massive series of war crimes, something you have conveniently forgotten to mention. How unlike you. More of the same lies/propaganda. Guess who has controlled that narrative. A terribly lame excuse. The potential war crimes of others don't in any way reduce/mitigate the actual, committed war crimes of the perpetrators.
  19. All the old lies/propaganda, once established, is harder to erase than an oil spill.
  20. Please lose this highly juvenile comment. Pointing out war crimes/terrorism, baby killing, planned genocides, illegal invasions, rapes, torture committed by western nations/leaders does not remotely approach "hating on the west"!
  21. Highly telling comment! All US presidents since WWII have been Class A war criminals. What is more psychopathic than that? Carpet bombing innocents is psychopathic, slashing off women's breast counts as psychopathic, as does cutting off male villagers testicles, in front of their children, and then switching and doing the same to the children.
  22. Isn't it a crime to countenance and promote terrorism? What would have been the result of someone suggesting the same thing about the leaders of any western nation?
  23. How can you so starkly avoid reality? Clearly these gullible dupes WERE a coalition of idiots, major idiots. The illegal invasions of I and A were predicated on rank US/UK lies! And there still are so many of the same idiots around supporting the USA in its war crimes/terrorism/ false accusations against Muslims, Iraqis, Afghans, Syrians, Libyans, ... . There are the USGOCT conspiracy theorist idiots who can't provide a single piece of evidence to support that nutty pastiche of arrant lies. These lies that have directly caused the deaths of millions, the ruined lives of hundreds of millions and the ongoing troubles in our much troubled world. And the nuttiest thing of all, some incredibly stupid, naive or willfully blind westerners still cling to all the transparent lies advanced by the US/UK/... .
  24. Indubitably, Michael, the US has shown that even the rankest of propaganda is much more effective.
  25. You do manage to get yourself into the deepest of conundrums, OftenWrong. That is often what comes from having a very superficial grasp of the meanings of words and events.
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