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  1. That's a very christian position to take. The attacks have been miniscule compared to US/Canadian/UK/Aussie/... attacks on their countries. What are we talking? a hundred, two hundred compared to millions, 500,000 plus babies under five.
  2. Really, do you actually think conservative rich people care about you?
  3. Canadian law does not extend to legislating other countries' tax laws. One would think that conservatives would be aware of these things.
  4. Not that I am doubting your historical record on this but I have never heard you speak up to these deniers of history who basically deny the war crimes/terrorism of the US/UK/... . If there were the same group of people making excuses for Hitler and the Holocaust would you be as silent? I am well aware of the depravity of much of mankind. The point is though, we are supposed to be better than that. Are you comfortable with the stunning hypocrisy?
  5. Freedom of movement should mean freedom of movement. But you know there isn't that at all. I think that countries that steal these people, doctors, ..., from poor third world countries are as scummy as US/UK war criminals/terrorists. Maybe western nations should deport their doctors, dentists, nurses, ... for five years to help others.
  6. There's not much difference between the Alt-right and the far right Rebel crowd. They both hold and espouse racist views, their targets are just a wee bit different.
  7. There are, and will always be the showoffs that have to have the September issue new cars.
  8. Of course there are always going to be simple criminals. Your concern should be the arch war criminals/terrorists who have caused, are causing all these problems to begin with. Why whine about the insignificant when there are so so many incredibly significant major crimes being committed?
  9. More American culture. Ain't it grand!!?? Barbie bring bombs; Cambodians, described by the Pentagon as "a docile and passive people who cannot be relied upon to act in a positive way for the benefit of American policies" so their country was carpet bombed, saturation bombed, the Americans set the stage for Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, who, after slaughtering untold hundreds of thousands of people became the friends/associates of the US, they received US food and military aid.
  10. Not satisfied with raping and pillaging the wealth from the poor nations of the world, kind, generous folk want to steal the best and the brightest from developing countries.
  11. But they don't come with delusions of Manifest Destiny, the divine right to murder others and steal their wealth.
  12. All these lies you hear from US consummate liars/propagandists, and you trot out this nonsense as evidence. Amazing!! That is so Canada doesn't have to ask for US war criminals to be extradited to the Hague. Typical cowards all, Canucks, Brits, Aussies, and especially USians, who love to bomb villagers from 35,000 feet.
  13. It's truly amazing how gullible some folks are. The US/UK has lied its ass off about everything as regards I & A and here you are taking the side of these consummate liars. Wow, you are supporting, with the grandest degree of hypocrisy, the biggest terrorists on the planet, Goddess, with no shame whatsoever. First of all, the US has zero right to even have Guantanamo; that is Cuban property. Second, the US has no right, legal or moral, to have black hole torture chambers around the world. Why are you folks such avid supporters of an evil that is easily the equivalent of the Nazis? What is it that you can't seem to grasp about the US/UK having illegally invaded Iraq & Afghanistan, the ultimate war crime? All based on lies!! Even if Iraq had WMDs, the invasions, as carried out, would still be illegal, and that goes for Afghanistan too. Not to mention the war crimes, the terrorist actions in Libya and Syria.
  14. That would require honorable people who would speak out against the war criminals/terrorists who planned and orchestrated these illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the US and the UK, all based on the usual lies, this time the most transparent, phony of lies, the ones that have, always had, zero evidence to support them. What gullible people most Americans, so many canucks are!
  15. Any soldier who buys into this kind of crap, above, is of a stupidity of the highest order. They are no different than workers who would, and should ask for workers compensation. There is no honor at all in the illegal invasion of sovereign nations, all based on the rankest, most transparent of lies. There is no honor in supporting the war criminals/terrorists/baby killers [USA/UK] who planned the genocide against the Iraqi people. There is no honor in people who support such deeply evil people.
  16. You quote the super liar. They actually didn't know what they were signing up for [great US propaganda] but they, and you do know now - the illegal invasion of sovereign nations, the ultimate war crime, the war crime for which Nazis were hung. If even a few of the myriad US war criminals were hung, the world would be a much more peaceful place. People around the world would appreciate this show of justice.
  17. Coming up on 2 days and still zero evidence from the USGOCT conspiracy theorists. One of the worst of the USGOCT conspiracy theorists lurks in the background totally unable to provide a stitch of evidence/proof. As it has always been.
  18. Of course it can be proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt - the USA are the terrorists and Canada and CSIS are also terrorists supporting arch terrorists. All the people denying this are like junior high school kids picking on a minority group and then pretending to be surprised when they get punched in the nose. Two illegal invasions of sovereign nations, the ultimate war crime, all based on lies which the deluded merrily pretend that they are actually deluded about, when in reality, they support deeply evil people.
  19. What the hell is the study of physics, biology, geology, ... ?
  20. [Unnamed] a self styled defender of the right had been posting about a 93 year old who has been accused of groping at least one women from his wheelchair.

    Unnamed failed to mention that this man is George HW Bush. Unnamed has deleted numerous post to his SSU feed

    Why? because he want to control the narrative? This from a "free speech conservative". 

    Unnamed wrote:

    Does the following sound like a 93 year old George HW Bush who has a "very much an excuse for poor behavior"?

    Jordana Grolnick said in August 2016 while she was working on a production of The Hunchback of Notre Dame in Maine, Bush came backstage during intermission and grabbed her as they posed for a picture.

    She claims, “He reached his right hand around to my behind, and as we smiled for the photo he asked the group, ‘Do you want to know who my favorite magician is?’ As I felt his hand dig into my flesh, he said, ‘David Cop-a-Feel!’”

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    2. hot enough

      hot enough

      Oh great, another conservative supporter of Bush the war criminal, the terrorist, the purveyor of genocide, the baby killer, the torturer, the sexual predator, ... shows up.



    3. drummindiver


      Oh Great, another person who can't substantiate the cheap he spews even after having been requested multiple times.

      Either your accusations are legit or not. Stfu if you can't provide even a single cite.

    4. hot enough

      hot enough

      Oh great, another of the zero evidence USGOCT conspiracy theorists hypocritically wags his digit. 

  21. More evidence that it doesn't matter what party it is they are all scum sucking bottom dwellers. Then there are the folks who remain loyal to these war criminal/terrorist/purveyors of genocide/baby killers/... . USA, rah rah rah. So much to be proud of.
  22. Almost 24 hours has passed and no one seems to be able to locate any evidence in support of the US government official conspiracy theory. How is this possible? You all saw it on TV with your own eyes, right? Yeaahh, I did! The plane done ran smack dab into the towers. The sekond one went right thru wtc2 and the engine done flew over ta murray street. Funny, it t'warnt' the actual engine from Younited175 but hells bells I always believes my guvmint!
  23. It's weird that you think you can post one article and declare something debunked, Michael. Such is your disdain for the truth.
  24. What I find distressing is folks supporting the people that people know are rank liars, war criminals, terrorists, bombers, ... .
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