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  1. Canadian Soccer Star Alfonso Davies suffers from Myocarditis. . . From a COVID infection and not a vaccine. 

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    2. BubberMiley


      Especially if they go unvaxxed and get covid 

    3. OftenWrong


      Preconditions place them at risk for many things. That’s why it’s reasonable to allow more exemptions.

      At the very least, persons with other illness should be monitored closely by their physicians.

      But family physicians arent really involved in this much, are they.

    4. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      I looked for something supporting this claim of pre-existing conditions.

      The closest I could find is this:

      "Other players have had myocarditis before coronavirus, Nagelsmann said, but noted it wasn't really relevant to the team how Davies contracted it or to how it would be treated."

      That's from the CBC. I could give you the full quote from the CBC but because I enjoy pissing off the right people I'll give you the full story from a right wing source:


      Another day, another story about a soccer player being sidelined due to sudden-onset heart-related illness. 

      Continuing a disturbing trend of professional soccer players being pulled from games, Canadian star Alphonso Davies, who plays for Bayern Munich, is showing signs of an "inflammation of the heart muscle," according to CP24

      He is only 21 years old.


      Davies has been ruled out of Canada's three World Cup qualifiers set to take place in Janaury and February.

      His club manager, Julian Nagelsmann, has said that the problem was caught during a follow up COVID examination.

      “He'll sit out training until further notice. He won't be available, also in the coming weeks. The ultrasound shows this myocarditis isn't so dramatic but it's a sign of myocarditis. Still, it has to heal and that will definitely take some time,” the skipper commented.

      He didn't attribute the inflammation to Covid right away, stating: “There are different reasons, especially viral load or the flu, for instance, that can cause cardiac problems."

      "That occurred pre-corona to other players. Now the probability is higher if you combine corona and top athleticism, that might cause other problems. But that's not relevant for us right now. It's not relevant to the treatment. It doesn't matter if Alphonso Davies had this from the flu or Omicron-Delta or whatever. That's not really the decisive factor," he continued.

      “The situation is that it's absolutely awful, terrible. What can I say? A bad situation for us.”

      Davies has stopped training and is widely considered one of the best left backs in the world. 

      He is fully vaccinated and got his booster in December, reports says.


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