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Liberal government destroyed the Crown

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Only a third of Canadians have British isle ancestry so it doesn’t follow that 100% of Canadian culture has to be a literal copy-pasting of British culture without even the slightest customization.

I mean to believe the people on this thread, we have completely erased our British heritage by slightly stylizing the British monarch’s crown that we use in national symbols. Completely lost on them is that our symbol is still the crown of the British monarch. 

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Did you take an Oath for this too? ? 


How many rap songs did you listen T.dot before you came up to this? Do you remember t.dot? ? Oh, the most important thing, did you hide the age on that rap channel?! Rap Man, Dougie93, "hooligan". ?

there is no oath to the Commonwealth

many Commonwealth members are sworn enemies

Commonwealth member Pakistan for example, was harbouring Osama Bin Laden

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I would only kill by international law and laws of armed conflict within the chain of command 

in terms of the Commonwealth

there is nothing precluding the Canadian Forces from going to war against a Commonwealth member

same for our allies within the United Kingdom United States of America Agreement

but in fact, since Pakistan is a member of the Commonwealth

and the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence maintains the Taliban as a proxy

Commonwealth troops were killing Canadian troops in Afghanistan

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39 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

I see, so you stand by your words, that you would "KILL" commonwealth troops?

as I said, in that discussion in the context of war,  only if attacked by Commonwealth troops

which includes Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, etc

there are many Commonwealth members which are mortal enemies

Commonwealth members India & Pakistan have fought five wars against each other

the Commonwealth is not an alliance,

there is no Commonwealth treaty,

nor even any legal basis to the Commonwealth

so I was bound by solemn oath to go to war against any Commonwealth member who attacks our alliance

because I never swore any oath to the Commonwealth, since no such oath exists

Edited by Dougie93
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Just now, Contrarian said:

It is concerning to hear someone affiliated with the Orange Order suggest that they would kill based on international law and the laws of armed conflict within the chain of command. While most here support the efforts of the Canadian Forces and our allies to uphold international law and protect against terrorism and extremist groups, I cannot condone violence against Commonwealth members or any other group.

I would only kill by international law and the laws of armed conflict

that has nothing to do with the Orange Order

that is Canadian military law

since the Commonwealth has no legal basis,

it is not a shield should any Commonwealth member attack our alliances

which I might suggest that Commonwealth member Pakistan already did

by harbouring Osama Bin Laden and supporting the Taliban's efforts against NATO in Afghanistan

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Troll, remember, the sugar will be over. So, basically, hear this, you can NOT POST CONSECUTIVE anymore, soon, that takes your sugar away, how can you terrorize quality posters without multiple notifications when that sugar is taken away? 

But back to all this game you are playing, listen, boy, I have been involved in boxing for over 20 years, NOBODY, no matter how strong they are, do not go on the Internet and do what you do. Forget the King play, you are an embarrassment to the rules of combat. My friend, listen, mom being a communist and maybe a dad not being there does not give you the right to use the keyboard so you can go after people man. Karma always comes for you, and I am your Karma. I already know about you to not back down. You are a coward faker, kiss the feet of this admin as you kiss Jesus, for letting you post your nonsense here, you ungrateful man. 

you are rambling on like a complete lunatic

your implication that I should fear you because you are a boxer, is an implicit physical threat

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

No, the implication is that I could use thug language but I do not.

The implication is that you are probably a coward however based on your previous messages you act as an Internet Hulk.

You are a coward in a hole. All you have is the keyboard and is coming to an end.  ?

I follow the rules of the forum, if not, the Admin would have banned me by now

your ranting and raving about how you are "seriously, going to get me, because you are a boxer"

that is the internet hulk routine incarnate


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Just now, Contrarian said:

Not at all, violence is for the weak. I said that I had the qualification to talk about violence but I do not, that is strenght.

You do not have any qualifications, just a troll that used a faked military title of a good man on this board, used a fake rank, and then used FAKE lawyer titles to scare people away. 

So, how can I be intimated by your lies and manipulation? I stand on my two feet and the fact that nobody is here for you just tells me how everyone looks at you, as a low life that destroyed this board, you bring nothing of value here, troll. Don;t you worry, I am not that Argues fellow, I will be here, will not back down from such a low under 70 IQ. ?

I am not a fake

and the other Canadian Forces veterans on this board have already told you so

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Who here can vouch for this troll that destroyed this board, @Dougie93 ? On what logistics and proof can they say you are a military, troll? on you bully word? My friend, you can't be a bully here anymore. I know all about you. ?

Did you change the age on the Rap Channel?! Soon enough, this society might turn to mean and this is what I want, I want society to turn competitive so nature can trim between the productive and low elements like you. 

Read all your messages now, have them all, not sure how you can escape this, bully troll. ?

I am not bullying anyone here

you are the one telling me

that "seriously, you are going to get me, without mercy, in the streets,  because you are a boxer"

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Ok, listen, no matter how many fake quotes you do, no matter how many times you quote the penal system, you lost the battle friend, soon, this forum will bloom and you will rant into 1 post, alone, in the dark.  

Today, and daily we will have over 100 users online, soon people will join and uneducated low life ignorant voices like yours will be silenced. Not through violence, but through natural law. Is that easy, "dougie93" whatever hole you are writing from

I have not broken any laws, I have not even violated the rules of the forum

you are the one taking over the forum to troll like a lunatic here

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Just now, Aristides said:

The upside is, Charles will never have to wear that piece of crap.

it's just embarrassing that they couldn't come up with anything better than that

I could have come up with something better, you could have come up with something better

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4 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Alright, then use the report button, you know all about that. Did you use it at the South Denenton Center or at Melhaven?

Which institution were you a man at? ?

I have never been charged with a criminal offence, nor even investigated for one

in fifty years, I have one speeding ticket for going ten over

I am a decorated former Canadian Forces NCO with an impeccable record

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9 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Stop lying, troll, and find friends somehwere else. 

You are a violent thug that the silver cuffs will be to you, sooner or later. ?

you're just projecting, Contrarian

you said that you were a soccer hooligan, so you project your own activities onto others

and it is obvious that you don't have any friends, and desperately need some therein

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3 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Not at all, I am here to expose you, a lowlife that faked his military record. I know you used the name and title of a man that did his service here. 

So, how can you intimidate me? When I know more than you do, troll? 

you obviously don't know anything about the military

while I am obviously former Canadian Forces to anybody who knows anything about it

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1 minute ago, Contrarian said:

Troll, I checked the rank and the name you gave me. Then, I realized the same name you gave me was circulated by the same username ON THIS SAME FORUM.

Brother, your only luck is that the military does not act like the Hells Angels or they would come over to your house and show you a real lesson in manhood. 

Your sugar won't last long, it is almost over.

literally every post you make now is a lunatic threat against me

to include invoking the HAMC

who is the thug again ?

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1 minute ago, Contrarian said:

Who cares? The fact that nobody is here to support you, expect 1 man based on DNA, is a win for me. 

You lost, troll. Hence, critical thinking is increasing, your ignorance is decreasing. 

lots of people are here to support me

you just ignore that in order to hijack threads ceaselessly, to make implicit threats against me

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Just now, Contrarian said:

Who? I want to talk to them. Where are they? I want them to come here and look at me and type in my face that I am wrong and you are the Messiah of this board, low life manipulator that destroy conversation in every forum here.

all you do is whine and complain  

nothing you post is interesting

stop whining and complaining about my posts



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1 minute ago, Contrarian said:

I've already informed you that I'm responsible for the paperwork of centrism.ca, and I'm located on Bathurst Street. If you plan to bring a lawsuit against me, go ahead, I'm not intimidated by you. Furthermore, if I can handle things on my own, there are many individuals in my community who will not hesitate to confront neo-Nazis like you who supported Germany's takeover in the past. Rest assured, they will work tirelessly to ensure that you won't be able to afford even a minimum wage in the next 5-10 years.

Remeber, I never ever used the word "nazis" or "neo-nazis". I have information about you and your pas dealings on this forum and beyond, that I know you are the only one here that is guilty of such garbage. You low IQ degenerate. 

says the malevolent psychopath

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Just now, Contrarian said:

No, basically what I am doing now, just having fun with you, however, basically what will happen when the mobs will come here to DT Toronto, I will film and expose the mobs that deface statues, not care if they oppose and are for it, will present such work, then even you, an angry troll will realize that the monarchy has no power, that the right looks at you as a fringe and the left calls you a fascist. So, where are you going to go? VIP spot, Dougie93, not now, now you hate me, maybe in 1 year, after you see the work.

yes, of course, mobs of Canadians are going to follow a psychopath and his lunatic vendettas

that's a realistic plan

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