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  1. The problem with your logic is that you could use that for any REAL threat too Just because you can dream up a scenario where the government could hypothetically benefit from any given emergency or crisis doesn’t mean the crisis must not be real Your logic of “the government is saying there’s a crisis,therefore there must not really be a crisis” has obvious failings And f you think the definition of “responsible democracy” is to do nothing during a deadly pandemic killing tens of millions and entire causing health care systems to teeter on the brink of collapse then you have no idea what responsible democracy means
  2. Inside an Ontario ICU where the COVID-19 patients are largely young, and all unvaccinated Published Sept. 15, 2021 10:00 p.m. ET TORONTO -- The truth of the fourth wave of COVID-19 in Canada is starkly clear inside the intensive care unit at Hamilton General, where the majority of the COVID-19 patients struggling on life support are young — and unvaccinated….. …Inside this ICU, on the day of CTV’s visit, 30 per cent of the 45 beds are COVID-19 patients fighting for their lives, most of them infected recently. And every person that was admitted during the fourth wave declined vaccination or just didn’t get around to it before they fell ill. “It’s crazy people don’t believe it,” Sharma said. “We come to work every day. This is real. It’s like someone telling you the sky is not blue.”….. …..The unvaccinated COVID-19 patients this hospital is seeing are younger and healthier, in their 30s and 40s. Many them require a specialized form of life support called ECMO, in which their blood is removed to be given oxygen and pumped back into the body because their lungs have failed…… ….Most of the patients who are on ECMO with COVID-19 don’t have significant co-morbidities. “It’s scary. It’s people younger than me, in some cases healthier than me,” Sharma said. https://beta.ctvnews.ca/national/coronavirus/2021/9/15/1_5587419.html The above article is a good read if you’re unvaccinated and want to know which parts of your body will be punctured with the “catheter the size of a garden hose” if you end up in ICU. It may surprise you!
  3. Nice backpedaling and hair-splitting but Im not buying it. You still say “Obama has warm feelings for Farrakhan” just because they appeared in one photo together. So does it satisfy you if I simply say Trump has “warm feelings” for the criminal Russian operatives that he holds secretly meets with to conspire against US ambassadors….but they’re not “associates”? 🙄
  4. Hey this post of mine got deleted. What gives?
  5. No dummy. Lying is when someone says something they know to not be true. I don’t know that the wrongdoings you allege are true as they have never been proven in court and it’s only right -wing cranks with am agenda. As I said you can’t tell the difference between your opinions and facts nor can you accept the idea that an honest person could ever disagree with you or your so-called “facts” therefore they must be lying. It’s a provable fact that the article doesn’t say I’m a liar. In fact the article doesn’t mention me at all. So I guess you’re the liar 😉 He plotted with them in a secretly recorded conversation conspiring against a US ambassador and then they went forth and provided information helpful to his campaign and propaganda that he recited repeatedly….and they also gave him illegal campaign contributions. And they were regular clients of Trumps lawyer closest henchman. Obama and Farrakhan were just a photo together not doing any of that! Yes you said posing for that one photo proves they were “buddies”, “chummy” and have a secret relationship. I’ve quoted you in several of those so you can reflect on them. - check your forum alerts He has not been convicted of anything therefore as point of fact he is not a criminal. If you’re going to call him that simply because you want to believe it, then I might as well play by your rules and say Trump is a criminal. You see you and I have to play by the same rules. No it’s an example of you being dense You can’t tell when you’re being made fun of? I’m comparing you bullshit conspiracies to lizard people conspiracies
  6. Today in the Biden thread you asked me: ”Did I say that Farrakhan was an "Obama associate" or did I say that Obama definitely knew who Farrakhan was and how much of a loudmouth bigot he was and he should never even have given that guy the time of day? Here you said they were “chummy”
  7. Today in the Biden thread you asked me: ”Did I say that Farrakhan was an "Obama associate" or did I say that Obama definitely knew who Farrakhan was and how much of a loudmouth bigot he was and he should never even have given that guy the time of day? Here you said “for sure” they were “very friendly”and kept their relationship secret
  8. Today in the Biden thread you asked me: ”Did I say that Farrakhan was an "Obama associate" or did I say that Obama definitely knew who Farrakhan was and how much of a loudmouth bigot he was and he should never even have given that guy the time of day? Here you said he was buddy 😁
  9. Those numbers are blatantly false, and everything after that is just idiocy But why quote the article about Albertas imminent health care collapse if you’re just going to ignore it and rant about imaginary hordes of illegal immigrants? Its quite clearly stated in every source that the unvaccinated make up the majority of hospital cases.
  10. So I have to stick around on this forum for another year in order to say I told you so? O man
  11. It’s hilariously such an unbelievably elaborate and overly-detailed conspiracy scheme while at the same time having gaping plot holes and logic bombs. That story is not a good science fiction movie, it’s literally the definition of a bad one. Its like if when NASA was putting together their highly detailed plan to land a man on the moon they forgot to put an exit hatch on the lunar lander and nobody realized until after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and ended up stuck inside with no way out. Probably not likely And what exactly about us do these illuminati want to manage and why? What do they gain that they couldn’t already gain through normal means? If the existing order is what made them so wealthy and powerful does it really make sense that they want to destroy it? How will they continue to grow wealth with so many of their customers and so much of the economy eliminated?
  12. It sounds quite idiotic. So this is an extermination/real estate scheme now? What would they do with all this empty land and anyway especially with nobody left to work on it? Still not enough money to bribe the whole world into exterminating themselves and their friends and family. And considering who is getting vaccinated and who is not getting vaccinated aren’t they exterminating the wrong group for this ridiculous plot? It’s the educated city-dwellers who work for places like Microsoft and blackrock and buy their products/investments who are getting vaccinated. Meanwhile it’s the uneducated, rural and third world folks who are basically useless to them and who aren’t getting vaccinated Lets also revisit the claim that “people are more easily controlled in cities”. I thought conservatives believe that cities are chaotic crime-ridden cesspools teeming with people who are anonymous strangers to eachother, unlike the folksy burbs and small towns that conservatives love, where everyone knows your name and your family and your business (and to go anywhere you need to drive a car with a unique identifier - ie license plate and driver’s license - as opposed to cities where people usually bike, walk or take transit)?
  13. As I said before your claims that you’ve proven anything or caught me lying are bullshit CONSIDER THAT YOU DON’T even know what lying means. Your definition of lying is really “anything that you personally don’t believe is true” What you don’t understand is that just because you disagree with something doesn’t mean it’s a lie and just because you try to explain Why you believe something doesn’t mean you’ve proven anything. Hilariously you think because you’ve assembled some incoherent argument with cherry-picked, unproven claims and tortured logic you’ve somehow proven or disproven something. And I quite clearly protested your idiocy as I do almost every day Bottom line: ITS A PROVEN FACT that these characters associated directly with Trump and are now convicted criminals. Therefore it’s a fact they are Trumps criminal associates THEY ARE ONLY NOW FORMER ASSOCIATES SINCE THEY’VE BEEN CAUGHT AND NO LONGER TALKING BUT WERE NOT “FORMER” ASSOCIATES WHEN THEY WERE ASSOCIATING WITH EACH OTHER ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING? Meanwhile regardless of whatever arguments you make against Hunter Biden or Hillary or Obama, or the Lizard people or whatever NONE OF THEM HAVE BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING Therefore none of your claims are proven fact no matter how forcefully you argue them The inability to distinguish between opinion and fact is a hallmark of the uneducated so it’s not exactly a shock that you keep making this error over and over
  14. It’ll hilarious that you spew your baseless and unproven conspiracy bullshit and then claim that you “proved” something or “caught someone lying”. When “lying simply means saying something that is inconvenient to your nonsense. And here you are trying to redirect the conversation from TRUMP’S CRIMINAL ASSOCIATE - whom you tried to deny was an associate of Trump despite the recording meetings and the photos and the plotting QUICK PIVOT TO HUNTER BIDEN ACCUSATIONS AND PAY NO ATTENTION TO PHOTOS OF THE KREMLIN-CONTROLED CRIMINALS AND THE RECORDINGS OF THEM PLOTTING WITH TRUMP AGAINST AMERICAN EMBASSY OFFICIALS WHO STAND UP TO RUSSIA
  15. Will you please let me know when my vaccination has killed me? Apparently you claim to be in a better position to know than I am.
  16. So you still don’t understand how idiotic your theories are. There are so many levels to the stupidity. Bill Gates is rich but nobody is “bribe the whole world” rich. Not even Bill Gates or Drug companies And why would people take bribes to kill themselves and their families And corporate shares are worthless if the human race is extinct So is money for that matter And mrna vaccines are not gene therapy And the vaccines have not maimed and killed “millions.” Not even close
  17. You’re right the protesters are cartoonish and un-Canadian but that’s the Peoples Party for you… and right wing populists in general….
  18. More debunking the claim that “The only victims of COVID are very old or very sick people who were already about to die” And the 5 orphaned young kids show that the unvaccinated aren’t simply gambling with their own lives A California couple died of Covid-19 weeks apart, orphaning 5 young children including a newborn By Cheri Mossburg and Amir Vera, CNN Updated 11:41 PM ET, Mon September 13, 2021 …Davy Macias, a Southern California labor and delivery nurse, was seven months pregnant with her fifth child in early August when she was hospitalized with Covid-19. Daniel Macias also contracted the virus. Doctors helped Davy Macias, 37, deliver the newborn early by Cesarean section while she was intubated, but she died before she could meet her baby. Daniel Macias, 38, was being treated in the same hospital when he learned about the birth of his daughter. Nurses showed him photos of the baby, before he too died from complications of the virus less than two weeks later, leaving the newborn girl without parents or a name. ….The couple was unvaccinated and died on August 26 and September 9, respectively, leaving behind children ranging in age from 3 weeks to 8 years old, Macias told CNN on Monday. https://www.cnn.com/2021/09/13/us/california-family-covid-death-orphan-five-children/index.html
  19. Another day another headline from Republican paradise “Price of freedom” amirite? Man dies after being turned away from 43 Covid-filled hospitals Maroosha Muzaffar Mon, September 13, 2021, 2:21 AM·4 min read An Alabama man died of cardiac arrest almost 200 miles away from his home after he was turned away from more than 40 hospitals that had their ICUs fully occupied with Covid-19 patients. ….His family said that when DeMonia suffered a heart attack at the end of last month they contacted 43 hospitals across three states but were unable to find a single available ICU bed. They eventually found him a spot at Rush Foundation Hospital in Meridian, Mississippi, which is more than 200 miles away from his home in Alabama. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/man-dies-being-turned-away-062101740.html
  20. Anti-Vaxxers Are Now Gargling Iodine to Prevent Covid-19 One ER doc’s response to the new trend: “Fuck me! Of course they are” https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/betadine-anti-vaxxer-covid-treatment-iodine-1225438/
  21. Nothing stupid or lying about it. This Trump criminal was digging up dirt on Biden at the behest of the Trump administration and Trump was disseminating it. Of course the presidents try to avoid meeting these people directly it’s hilarious you’d think otherwise. Especially considering the absurd lengths you try to go to to connect Hillary to Russians she’s never met or knew existed HEY DUMBASS THIS CRIMINAL AND HIS CRIMINAL BUDDY ALSO MET DIRECTLY WITH TRUMP Take her out': Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired Trump apparently heard discussing firing Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. A recording obtained by ABC News appears to capture President Donald Trump telling associates he wanted the then-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired while speaking at a small gathering that included Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman -- two former business associates of Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani who have since been indicted in New York. ….On the recording, it appears the two Giuliani associates are telling Trump that the U.S. ambassador has been bad-mouthing him, which leads directly to the apparent remarks by the president. The recording was made by Fruman, according to sources familiar with the tape. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/abcnews.go.com/amp/Politics/recording-appears-capture-trump-private-dinner-ukraine-ambassador/story%3fid=68506437 SO YEAH TRUMP CRIMINAL ASSOCIATE IS 100% ACCURATE AND YOU’RE IGNORANT OF THE FACTS AS USUAL HERE IS TRUMP POSING WOTH HOS RUSSIAN AGENT CRIMINAL ASSOCIATES Trumps administration was fed disinformation by Russians which they fell for like suckers. If the information is so credible why didn’t Trump act to have the Bidens arrested. You hilariously claim Trump is some kind of almighty God who keeps terrorists and Iran and China in their place shaking in then boots but yet he can’t even arrest Hunter Biden or Hillary or any Democrats for their supposedly obvious and indisputable crimes ??? Pathetic. Either all these supposed Democrat crimes are just Republican lies or Trump and Republican congressmen are the most impotent limp-dicks ever who can’t even catch these supposedly obvious criminals blatantly and undeniably committing crimes in broad daylight. It wasn’t patriotism dummy it was a love by the White House against Russia. Biden joined Burisma two months AFTER the criminal investigation was opened and none of the Trump accusations have been substantiated. Giuliani claims he has a computer that proves everything bu nobody is allowed to see it ….more “secret evidence” claims just like their BS election fraud lies. Don’t you ever get tired of being played like a sucker? Like I said if that was the case how come Trump never arrested anyone? How come nobody is allowed to see this secret evidence that allegedly exists? How come so many of the sources against the Bidens including the Ukrainian prosecutor Biden got rid of are Russian proxies?
  22. Wrong again. He was a Giuliani associate at the time of his crimes, which makes him a Trump associate. You even admit he was providing the Trump administration with info on Hunter Biden so how is he not a Trump associate? He made illegal donations directly to Trump and his inauguration celebration and worked on behalf of Trump administration to dig up dirt on Biden which Trump then spread. He and Trump both had the same personal lawyer (Giuliani). He is also a criminal. Your claim that he’s someone from Giulianis distant past is false. This criminal had dealings with Giuliani while Giuliani was working for Trump and those dealings directly served the Trump agenda ie the Hunter Biden nonsense. Therefore he is yet another Trump criminal Yes Hunter Biden got the Burisma job because he was the son of the US VP. Russia and the west have been waging a proxy Cold War over Ukraine which is split between pro-west and pro-Russian factions. Both sides trying to fill posts in Ukrainian government and public institutions with loyalists. Placing the American VPs son on the board of the Ukrainian utility giant was a means to keep it from falling into the hands of Russia and its pro-Kremlin Ukrainian proxies. Like everything else the Hunter Biden nonsense is yet another grandiose conspiracy theory that Republicans can’t prove to anyone but “just know to be true” because they read it on the internet, which is never wrong.
  23. It’s being hidden from the public but somehow you know the secret truth, based on memes and posts from unknown sources circulating on facebook?
  24. The media is telling the true story and adverse reactions have been thoroughly reported in the media But as usual the actual facts are not the story that Republicans want to hear so instead you resort to conspiracy theories and claim the “truth” is the tripe from dubious and unknown sources that circulates in social media and right-wing blogs and chat rooms.
  25. Those death tolls don’t sound like letting people live
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