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  1. Naww didn't you know building insurable stairs from your armchair is easy.
  2. Again....that's fine for equal footing relationships....like here but what is the redress then when you are subject to the offending party? I dislike HRC's.....greatly......but there needs to be a vehicle. Perhaps a formal complaint to the rental board......municipal fine......etc.
  3. Are you really questioning whether there is a seprate standard between 20-something segment producers and the president of the US? This is why this entire discussion is one big troll post.......queue the red white and blue paid commenter.
  4. As they know paying anything is bad politics.....I imagine they realized the court was going to award more than 10.5M$. Stop the bloodletting as early as possible.
  5. What do you think the total active member count is? DoP / Taxme / Omni - 50% BC / Argus / Oftenwrong - 40% Maybe 7 to 10 others - 10% How many of those are professional implants?
  6. That argument has not been made. Nuts can get elected in any country (Trump) influencing policies to the detriment of the populace or neighbours. Being fearful of this is not Islamophobia......being fearful that anyone elected to office will launch/direct an attack on us as "they all want the same thing" is. Nuance is lost in this argument I know.
  7. Made my point. UK had appropriate response. Not hysteria. ....when did England become part of North America though? We living in Pangea?
  8. It's like you don't read posts 1) He believes the other 99% are biding their time......so decrees Allah. 2) No one here not even the most ardent apologist says there are more attacks worldwide by christians than muslims. That is your defensiveness. The argument is the NA hysteria for it compared to other killings in NA. Different arguments. 3) Logically if you think something should change...... then you coincidently believe there is currently a problem. Don't be an apologist......you don't seem to like them.
  9. I thought it was rather clever......what newsgroup did you paste that from BC?
  10. .....unlike the hateful "freedom of speech" fanatic in Portland OR?
  11. .....so not the adherents just the worshippers? What about observers....do they get a pass? What if they don't eat fish on Fri?
  12. 1) Ignore the Bible is a strong phrase. 2) If they weren't killing "in the name of allah" you think they'd be sitting 'round drinking gin & juice?
  13. I'd say sensible....but you display more rhetoric than that on this board. So I'd have to say......opaque.
  14. Suck & Blow. So is it the Islamist killer or is it Islam that is the problem? I thought you've said both but this statement seems in conflict to me or when you say Islam do you mean islamist imams when you say Islam?
  15. .....not above the snide commentary.....nice. 1) I am subject to a college/society licensing committee as a professional. That's why I can comment. 2) The legal society is among the worst. Sounds like someone has had a few disciplinary hearings......still "practicing"? 3) I'm up on my profession's rulings.....again why I can comment. I guess its just "business as usual" for lawyers. What's the least trusted profession again? 4) Thank-you for keeping it under 1000 words.
  16. .....but that is what the entire left/right messaging is.....you can't fight it/protect it unless you label it. I don't give a rat's ass about Pew Research polls......believe everyone who isn't you is a heathen who will burn......just keep it in your head and we'll work out just fine.
  17. ......right because people on the right don't shout people down when they don't agree. I guess millenial describes how long he's been alive though. http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0ahUKEwj9heygwaXUAhVs9IMKHX9GATIQwqsBCB4wAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D2LX4Q643aEU&usg=AFQjCNGlpAA1n2V0zuu9bEsShYp_fcqh6g&sig2=JRVphsl6_Xggy8B17KLs7A
  18. Colour me embarassed.....I've seen you decipher Rue. ....condensed post: I don't care about good/evil labels. Following law in my country and maintaining peace between countries is all that is critical. Everything else is rhetoric or superfluous. Both sides.
  19. .....and the part that is not acknowledged is that good/bad are irrelevent in reality. Peace/war is the only commodity that matters. Do immigrants want to enter this country and aid in its heightened evolution as decided by the entire community......and do foreign entities wish to maintain a peace that can foster evolution within each community as they see fit. This whole debate de-evolves when trying to apply worthless labels back and forth to justify actions. Muslims can be good/bad, as viewed by us, all they want so long as rule of our law is followed and any foreign gov'ts, and we, maintain peace.
  20. ......I think you got the 's' in the wrong spot......it's 'peaches'. Although I feel like I'm free to enjoy nectarines if I want.
  21. ......oh yeah then there are just the idealogues who have no emotional attachment to this.....they're just paid actors to lobby and cajole for those 2 parties.
  22. .....correction. Efficiency is 33% not 50%. We have to fight terrorists.......then irrational players......both phobics and extreme social justice advocates. Saneness is a razor's edge tightrope walk.
  23. ......I know what will prevent terrorist attacks from natural born citizens.........travel bans......bigly travel bans.
  24. You missed the topic then. You're right most of us are sick of that archaic view.........this topic is the smaller subset of us with an irrational fear that makes progression to solution slow and arduous as the fight has to be on 2 fronts......50% efficiency right out the hopper spells disaster for results in the field.
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