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  1. Of course not.. What would make you even write such a thing? Who ever said they were? Hmmm? Go ahead and applaud her 'creativity'. Personally I think the chick has some serious mental issues. But hey, you're free to applaud whoever you want!
  2. Even though this has been proven to be a hoax, what does it have to do with the right too choose? This chick is still obviously mentally ill to even think of such a stunt!
  3. Yes, thank you blackdog - you beat me to it! Just got in from work and was about to post the same article you have up. Still, what kind of warped mind would even think of doing this as a publicity stunt? Man - it takes all kinds...
  4. Let's not kid ourselves here. There are lots of various 'identifiable' groups which contain members who will abuse the system - this applies to ALL groups - Eurostock included. Have folk never heard of white trash? What is the point of all this catagorizing of individuals then painting them wll with the same brush? What real purpose does that serve? It divides us - those who are divided and fighting amongst themselves are far easier to manipulate and rule that a public who realizes the threat is not from the 'other' down the street, but from the institutions that WE have collectively created and allowed to rule us, like sheep. Immigration is not the problem, when the economy is good. Not so great when the dollars stop flowing and jobs are being shipped off to low wage backwaters (for easier exploitation of course). So, it's far easier to blame the 'recent arrivals' than to see the real perpetrators of the mess - our own governments in collusion with less savoury 'businesspeople'. I say 'less savoury' because not all are powermad hungry snakes looking to increase pure profit at any cost - some actually care about how they practice their art, some - sadly - not many. Anyway, go ahead, blame the immigrant - it's the time honoured easy way out!! And so much fun!
  5. For senior, Abortion a medium for Art, political discourse This woman is IMO, mentally ill - on perhaps a variety of levels. Truly mind-boggling to say the least. How could this 'project' even be allowed? Anyone who deliberately gets herself pregnant - knowing that she already intends to abort the fetus, over and over again is in need of some serious intervention, along with a padded cell and a flashy straight jacket. Now, her bloody 'miscarriages' will be displayed for all to see: Sick, beyond words... unflippen'believable. I don't think it matters whether one is pro-choice or pro-life - any thinking human should find what this girl did to be morally reprehensible on all levels. So, what say all of you - is this ART????
  6. Whether the Iraq war was made for Israel or not, she has certainly benefitted in many ways. The trigger, 911, was very good for her, and well if the US wanted to go after one of her biggest enemies - the evil Saddam - why not? Always nice to have others fight the big battles for you, eh? Iran better watch out or she may sick her American rotweiller on them too! Who cares if it bankupts the nation! Who cares if the American economy is in the toilet? As long as Israel is safe!! (LMFAO) Even BiBi agrees!! Argggh! LOL what a loon! He's right though... Haaretz Crazy Likudnik Extremist!
  7. Funny thing, that no one has commented on this rapidly disintegrating trial. The 'Toronto 18' (ohhh scary scary) has now become what - the Toronto 11? Any bets on when this will be reduced even further? How about the Toronto 1? Or maybe 0? Canadians should be outraged - for this is either a messed up investigation - poor police work, lost evidence, unreliable informants - or this was an outright set up and entrapment to the nth degree, employing a self admitted coke head to act as agent provocateur. Any way one looks at this, it stinks. Useful only to induce fear in the brain dead herd of the masses. With this publication ban in effect I guess the prosecution figures they may be able to 'save' a little face, and not expose to the public what an absolute mess the whole thing is. So.. where are all these posters who were so quick to jump on the 'ahhhh terrorists under my pillow' bandwagon?? Hmmm? LOL
  8. Corrected, thanks - I'm in a bit of a posting rush. That's nonsense and you damn well know it. Kahane ring a bell??? Gimme a break jbg - you CAN do better that the above whiney drivel.
  9. Man, nothing changes around here does it? Where did socred EVER deny that the Holocaust happened?? In fact, instead of innuendo and assumptions can anyone really find a quote of his which demonstrates that he 1. does not believe that the Jews were targetted in Nazi occupied Germany, OR 2. Hates Jews??? I don't think anyone really can. No one here has ever expressed rabid hatred towards Jews the way the rampant hate fest rages on here about Muslims and Islam. It's ridiculous!! It REALLY is. And, yet again, we have the rabid "YOU ARE AN ANTI-SEMITE, ANTI SEMITE, ANTI SEMITE... AHHHHH!!! YOU HATE ALL JEWS TOO!!!" Crowd whining their friggin' heads off!! Pathetic.
  10. thanks, this is my biggest beef wrt AGW overall. Even if, and this is a really BIG IF, CO2 is contributing in at all to any 'perceived' warming. It DOES detract from environmental and political issues that we CAN do something about. Notice how dioxins, water contamination, loss of arable soil - and so much more - is not even on the radar of so-called politicians? Nope, because those are REAL problems, which CAN be fixed. The whole global warming fiasco has taken on a life of its own, things are blamed on carbon emmissions which have zippor to do with man made 'global warming'. Fish dying in a river? Ohhh must be 'Global Warming'! (Never mind the industry who is dumping toxic goop into the flow upstream... ) No, it simply must be due to 'Global Warming'!! Soil erosion? Has to be...wait for it.... YES 'Global Warming'!! (Never mind the overuse of pesticides and chemical fertilizers robbing the soil of so many base nutrients and minerals that it looses cohesion... nevermind the over-use of arable land, again leading to degradation.. nope, nope, nope - it's just gotta be 'Global Warming'!!
  11. This is the response I promised you. Sadly, it isn't much. I will have to look at my public library to see if there is copy of this book, but from the description at amazon, I am not overly hopeful as to the books relevance to fact. The Permian extinction, as I have already stated, was the most devastating event we have seen on this planet, in regards to loss of species. That said, pinning it all on CO2 levels is beyond simplistic and certainly misleading. The world itself was a very different place at that time - from global temperatures, to oceanic circulations, to the arrangments of continents. I think Ward is grabbing for straws here, and jumping on the bandwagon of media spin at the same time. This kind of hypothesis is just plain dangerous, for it allows us to explain a complicated event (climate change) with overly simplistic explanations. It's not just CO2, the Earth is complex system, never in a steady state, subject to the whims of our sun, and the other orbital forcing parameters (wobble, tilt, perihelion). The circulation of our oceans and their interaction with the atmosphere and biosphere add yet another dimension to this puzzle we call life on Earth. Blaming CO2 emmissions for all it's ills is silly at best, and dangerous at most, because it allows us to glaze over other, more pressing issues, such as soil erosion, water contamination, food contamination usw. Anyways, that's my rant for now. I might add more later, but must cook dinner for the family (I am so darn domestic).
  12. Certainly not, China has a manufacturing based economy - you know they actually make stuff!! (really though Kuzadd - are you suprised? New York police officers beating on protestors? Say it ain't so... ). I can hear the vibrations of the founding fathers spinning in their graves... if only we could harness that energy eh?
  13. Yes. During the last interglacial (maxima 125,000 ybp) the entire West Antarctic Ice sheet dissappeared. It is also likely that it broke apart and significantly melted during the mideval warm period as well. This is pretty much normal. Also, keep in mind that these ice sheets extend over the water - as such their melting does NOT contribute to sea level rise. Just more booga booga...
  14. Well, I would have thought anyone commenting on these sorts of events would be quite familiar with the game plan by now, but for you Dancer I will excerpt this little tiddy bit for your reading enjoyment: *** Though Dancer, I repeat, you should really just sit and read the whole document. I am sure you can do it in the amount of time you spend posting here in one day. cheers
  15. Thank you for the link, I will look at it further and get back to you on it. WRT the Permian extinction event though, it was the greatest die off of life on Earth, both in the oceans and on land than we have ever seen as a planet. However, it is important to keep in mind the arrangement of the continents during this episode - all were one. In an odd way through technology we have done this again - even though physically our landmasses are separated. Air travel and ship voyages have effectively 'united' all of the Earth - thus when Malaysia catches a cold, it's easy to pass it to New York
  16. Agreed, as usual jbg, we can agree on climate change. I find that hopeful and quite nice Though, one thing about the CO2 - it is far more of a danger to our oceans as opposed to being significant in any way to atmospheric warming. That is where my concern of excess CO2 comes from. It's not a very powerful 'greenhouse' gas, as you know methane and water vapour are the biggies.
  17. My apologies for that jbg, I had just read a bunch of Rue's writings and had him (obviously) on my mind. The US and Israel are criticised by many countries - not all of them tyrannies and dictatorships. Are you implying that ANY country who dares to speak up against Israeli and American foriegn policies and actions is 'taking' a moral 'lowground'? Or are you simply saying that the US and Israel can simply be intolerant of any criticism no matter where it comes from or how legitimate it is?? Clarify... That's no surprise. (though I think you are probably being deliberately obtuse).
  18. Why thank you Dancer, I'm happy to oblige Perhaps you should read them! Both of these nice, properly formatted links contain the blueprints to what is happening now!! All the policy you would ever want to carry out the carnage, otherwise known as 'bringing democracy' to the ME. Enjoy!
  19. Well, that is a problem with anything left on land, hence fossil evidence is overwhelmingly found in areas which were 'oxygen free' at the time of deposition. Also, a highly acid environment - such as what is found in bogs and marshes - tends to preserve remains very well. We see this in the numerous 'bog' people found throughout the old world. We still have alot of looking to do. I am however, speaking of a different time scale - that of the end of the last glacial event, in which case the cyclical growth and shrinking of glaciers would continually wipe out any evidence that may have been laid by our early ancestors. (Not to mention seasonal flooding, and greater flooding events as the ice age came to a rapid close).
  20. A Clean Break (html format) Project for a New American Century
  21. Well, Israel and the US claim to be "democracies". They claim to be supporters of "human rights and egalitarianism", therein lies the bug, Rue. Hence the 'double standard'. I am not saying that I agree with this, but when someone claims the 'moral high ground' - as both Israel, the US consistently do, then don't balk when someone points out your own shortcomings when it involves violations of basic humanitarian principles!! Anyways, I've always found the practice of 'Well so and so is nastier than I, so that absovles me of responsibility' argument rather useless.
  22. Somehow I knew when I saw this posted here, that it would rapidly turn into a 'bash muslims everywhere' fest. Of course a few of the regular frothing at the mouth posters have jumped in and done just that. Feel the love, baby. One would think that 'some' groups, having been the 'scapegoat of the day' previously, would not be so quick to perpetuate such a lie upon others... tsk tsk.
  23. Not a bad article at all. This last bit from your link, pretty much says it all. SO much of our history is now underwater. People tend to forget (or don't even realise to begin with) how drastically different the exposed shelves made the ancient coastlines. Another thing, which I think is overlooked too often is the ebb and flow of both the sea ice, as well as the glacial ice sheets during the last glacial event. IOW ice free areas would open and close, allowing 'some' migration of humans and animals during 'warmer' events within the glaciation cycle. I would suggest as well, that there would be seasonal variations to where these people would have lived as well. Following game, and food supplies according to the whims of weather. I would wager that the idea that a 'single' mass migration resulted in the populating of NA (or SA) is foolish, to say the least. Again, until we can earnestly explore the ancient coastlines, all now underwater, we will not have a full picture of just exactly who was going where at the dawn of our species. Something, however, to think about - if peoples moved from the South Pacific (by boats) to SA, to the West Coast of NA from Siberia and Asia (boats and land), I would bet there was also some movement from Europe and the Mediterranean areas to the East Coast of NA, again by both boat and over sea ice. I would say there are many of these events occuring often as populations migrated following food various food supplies. I think it is important to keep in mind that the earth and her climate is NOT a static system. The glacial events themselves are puncutated with very cold and somewhat cold events - wherein the warmer events would have provided quite a few ice free corridors to allow a north south - or south to north movement of groups.
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