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  1. In Canada according to the criminal code perjury carries a term prison sentence of up to 14 years while bribery holds that people convicted of the crime would be sentenced to up to 5 years. Mulroney, the former Prime Minister, has spent the last 14 years using up public taxmoney to defend himself while taking more money in the form of "damage compensation". Do you think that the Oliphant inquiry will deliver enough evidence when they deliver their report at the end of the year to justify a corruption trial, possibly sending Mulroney to prison for years?
  2. A China-US war might possibly break out in the future if the Taiwan issue gets out of hand (fortunately, mainland basher Chen-Shui Bian has been removed from office), in which case Canada would probably be asked to lend a hand. On one hand, we have our old friend the United States, which would probably back and help Taiwan, on the other, we have the Asian stronghold China. If such a scenario occurs, which side should Canada back?
  3. I seriously don't see Ignatieff working with Layton in any way. Iggy is too far to the right. He is more of a moderate Conservative than a socialist NDP. That, plus the fact that the Bloc are in the coalition seriously makes me doubt Iggy would be willing to go through with the deal. He would probably ask for another election for March or April if the government is defeated on the budget, which would make it a good 6 months since the last election (Clark's government fell after 7 months). So, the 50% is irrelavent. Either we stay with Harper or we have an election which could result in either what we have now or Ignatieff as the new PM.
  4. Time and time again, we had Prime Ministers and governments that listened to and put the American Administration's voice before that of the Canadian people, whether it be Liberal or Conservative. Before the 1970s, the Liberals were mostly in favour of closer ties with the US, with the Tories favouring keeping our British heritage (Diefenbaker comes to mind). Then, by the 1980s, the parties were completely switched around. The Conservative Party of Mulroney favoured closer ties to the US, while the Liberal party started to adopt a protectionist voice. Despite this, Chretien still signed NAFTA and we are where we are today. Which Prime Minister (from Laurier to Harper) do you think sucked up and put America's interest before that of Canada's?
  5. Who do you think has the best chance of leading the Conservatives to victory if Harper is indeed defeated by the coalition and resigned from the leadership?
  6. I have always considered citizenship tests to be a form of discrimination against newcomers to Canada. Why force a test on them if over 2/3rd of the Canadian citizens can't pass the test themselves? Does this mean citizens who don't know anything about Canada should have their citizenships stripped? I don't think so. So why are we doing this to immigrants?
  7. Once again, Harper's NEOCONs tear a page out of another failed administration- that of Mike the Knife Harris, who as we all know left Ontario in deficit in 1993. Hell. we reduced Mulrooney's party to 2 seats for giving us the GST (which got rid of the deficit) and NAFTA, while we give Harper 143 seats for screwing us into deficit with his rash GST 2% cut and his constant abuse of the crown corporations and civil workers.
  8. The last time the constitution was put out in the open was in 1992 when Brian Mulroney tried to get Quebec to sign the constitution using the Charlottetown referendum, outlining certain powers granted to the provinces, minority groups, women, and aboriginals Canadians. If I remember correctly, the accord was defeated by a public vote of 46% to 54% with people fearing that it gave too much power to the provinces, coming 2 years after the downfall of the Meech Lake Accord, which proposed similar intentions. Had the Accords succeeded, Quebec seperatists would have a harder time arguing their case, and their movement would've been pretty much killed. Now that some time has passed, do you think Harper should reopen the constitutional talks to get Quebec onside after declaring it a "nation WITHIN Canada"?
  9. Visit My Website I must say, I got a good chuckle seeing this. Alright, apparently the site is undergoing high traffic, but this is just to show you have low the Conservatives how gone in recent months. It is basically a rip off of Facebook, with Stephane Dion and Bob Rae, Jean Chretien, Paul Martin, etc. all as friends with profiles containing offensive satirical information (Elizabeth May's profile said "I love trees!"). This level of attack is not professional of a federal party. You would never see the Liberals attacking and "bullying" Harper on any level like this, except of course there are a few nutty people out there who are not representative of the Liberal Party, and Dion as you notice actually debates policies and issues attacking Harper on these things, not his personal stuff. I, as a former conservative supporter in 2006, will be endorsing Stephane Dion, the bullied underdog for the past year and a half.
  10. The Canadian War Museum is owned by the federal government, opened in 2005, which is supposed to outline Canada's military history from Confederation, to the South African (Boer War) War and WW1, to World War II, and then the cold war and the present day situation, along with many of the tanks/trucks/war vechicles used by the Canadian military. I think that such is museum is a promotion of Canada's militarist past, and that it needs to be disbanded. We are a peaceful nation that is supposed to be against any notion of military strength, we're supposed to keep the peace. I certainly don't want my government to spend my tax money on it, and rather use the millions of dollars in maintenance for the poor instead.
  11. When you really think about it, around 30%-50% of Canadians would be willing to vote Conservative as long as it is moderate (centre-right), will not sell us out to the United States like Mulroney or Harper did, and runs a clean government. If you look towards Europe, you'll see that many of the countries there have had Conservative parties govern for decades (like the UMP in France, the People's Party in Spain, the Conservatives in the UK, and in Italy). Many of these parties managed to hold to power by sticking to moderate centre-right policies, avoiding scandal and corruption, and not sucking up to the US (defend natural interests) which I don't think the CPC stands for. Rather, what we see here in Canada is a constant sucking-up to the Republicans (think NAFTA-gate), and horrible scandals (Bernier, Cadman).
  12. I'm pretty sure three days is more than enough for the Emperor to publicly declare that Japan would be willing to surrender after learning about the first bomb on Hiroshima. Though I'm suspicious because Truman probably wanted to use the bombs to show-off to the Soviets, which would become the American's nemesis during the Cold War.
  13. I'm a Conservative and I've actually been pretty disappointed with Harper thus far. He's been attacking Dion with childish name-calling and bullying tactics rather than debating actual policy, and his reputation has been marred with Cadman affair and the illegal Tory extra spending- making him a hypocrite as he can't hold his ground with offering a transparent government that he promised in the 06 election. Harper makes Mulroney look like a statesman.
  14. I don't really see the need for an apology for the Komogata Maru. These people came here illegally, and the ship itself was owned by the illegal black markets (sponsored by a Sikh leader in BC). For god's sake, many of these people fought with Canadian officers upon docking in Vancouver. Robert Borden made the right decision when he sent the ship back to India.
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