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  1. So what?? You think the sex drive ends at what... 76???
  2. No, the levees around New Orleans were is dire need of repair - but with all the budget slashing to make up for the 'war effort' things got left undone. If anyone is to be sued it should be all those responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the levees and also those responsible for making sure that emergency support is meeted out in a proper way.
  3. Thank you, direct insults to another forum member are not allowed. However, thank you so much for offering your ever so insightful knowledge for us all to absorb!! or is adsorb??
  4. No it wouldn't. Studies, such as the one you cited only show what happens up to five years - that 85% have survived the chemo and are still alive. However, it drops off after that - because 'remission' is NOT cured. How long would the person have had without any 'chemo'? How long would the person have with alternative treatments? If they are both five years (often this is the case) what is the difference? I have stood alongside people dying of cancer - my cousin died of leukemia, my mother of pancreatic cancer. Treatment for these ailments should be up to the family and the individual involved. If the State has the right to take a child for this - what is to prevent them from making it manditory for children to be vaccinated? Or treated in 'other ways' such as ritalin or 'other mood enhancing' drugs? I think YOU are missing a big point here AW. IOW - it's not about the Cancer - its about individual freedom of choice.
  5. Can you even read Dancing boy?? edited to add: Bugger off Morris... if you cannot comment on the topic of the thread then kindly please piss off.
  6. Hi Angus, thanks for 'precedent' - I get that one mixed up sometimes! I still am queasy about this - the ethnicity of the child bearing NO impact on my 'queasiness'. I really don't like the idea of the State intervening in peoples' lives. It's not their business. And as I stated in another post - what are the success rates for the alternative cures that the father and son were investigating... why isn't this mentioned? How and why did the kid get luekemia to begin with? Where is their reserve located? How clean is it? So many questions.
  7. Thanks, I just don't like the idea of the government telling me or my loved ones how we should deal with terminal illnesses - and lets face it - leukemia never leaves a person whole - it tends to always come back. Why not invest and learn about alternative cures? Natural remedies? Really? Why isn't this discussed?
  8. I see your point. But - but but - what would the chances be for this child using alternative cures? Really? If it's 50-80% (the odds I've seen quoted here wrt traditional chemo) then why should the state intervene?? This is something that isn't mentioned. Which is relevant for sure.
  9. Another really good post! Thanks eyeball - for bringing some evennandedness and rationall to these difficult conversations. And I like this so much I will re-quote: Sometimes one must let plants grow where they like it! (reason for edt: spelling!! )
  10. Wow, wow wow! You are so right, Israel missed a wonderful opportunity - one that would have held the best values of Judaism up for the world to see - yet she missed this chance not once - but a myriad of times. This is sad for not only those who are currently brutally occupied - but also every Israeli - every Jew - for these atrocities are being committed in their names. You said all of that beautifully - something I have mourned for a long time now. Thanks HisSelf.
  11. Are you hinting at Mossadeq as an example? We, the west, certainly has been messing about for while there, pouring water in the sandbox and creating nothing but muck and mud. Bad all round.
  12. I can't believe how many here support the State. Unflippenbelievable... There is far more to this case than meets the eye. It is about rights - the rights of parents, the rights of the sick and dying. The government needs to learn to butt out of our lives - I personally have NO desire to live in a Nanny state. Next they will be telling everyone when to take their meds and do their morning exercises. This is wrong on SO many levels. It doesn't matter whether I agree with the father's decision or not - this sets a very DANGEROUS precident - and NOT a good one. Give me Liberty, thank you. Government: BACK OFF
  13. Go ahead... I have my stake ready! You a chickie guyser??
  14. Yeah, I hate to say it but the Chinese have mobilised far better than the Americans did for Katrina - which says alot. But then again the Chinese aren't waging war on innocents on two fronts, with a third coming up - while homeless vets sleep on the street and the infrastructure crumbles all around... So bloody sad that the US government(And OUR OWN - see Harpercrit's comments) has been hijacked - oh how easy it was to dumb down the masses. (And people still wonder how Hitler could have been elected to power!) pfffft (edited to add Canada to the fold)
  15. BUMP This pretty much sums it up: http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2008/05/1...prime-minister/ BTW - notice how this whole BS and calling of anti-semite (ahhh there it is under my pillow!) is getting ZERO discussion?? Hmmm wonder why????
  16. How old are you guys again? 12????
  17. you know what HisSelf, I understand what you are saying - but I think first off we must work towards a two-state settlement. Mind you, I am ideologically a 'one stater' myself, but I also recognize that that will never occur given the current situation - perhaps after some time as two states, then the realisation that one state may be better for all involved (due to many reasons such as resources etc). I must concur with Norman Finkelstein on this - every international body agrees on how to settle the two state situation - withdrawl from the occupied territories, a right of return for those who want it - otherwise reparations, and of course reparations for those whose lands and ownings were pilfered. Complete control over their own borders, recognition granted to the new state - no matter what government they people elect democratically - as Israel may not like it too much (tough titties for them - shoulda dealt with the PA when they had the chance). Easy. But again, Israel is NOT interested in peace - just pieces.
  18. Bush and Dog: While it is nice that you two are slobbering all over one another - please create your own thread as your conversation here is completely off-topic. So, please - get a room - er... your own thread to continue you lovefest. Thanks.
  19. I think it was the part you quoted actually which Hiself was commenting on. The remainder of the article wasn't too bad, as it did recognize the plight of all those displaced and murdered upon the formation of the state in 48. At least the writer, Sam Kiley, does aknowledge this fact, albeit using somewhat questionable and romanticised language. If you are interested I would recommend reading Ilan Pappe's take on this history - it's not a nicey nice as Mr. Kiley recalls.
  20. Hi Angus, Thank you for your honest answer - it is appreciated more than you probably know! Correct me if I'm mistaken, but are you not ex-military? If so, please take the time to check out these links - you may find it interesting as these are all military men, most still in service of the IDF, who refuse to fight in the occupied territories: Breaking the Silence and here is a very good article about them. I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Just one more comment, IMO neither 'side' feels that they have anyone to talk to - this is a two way street. Israel has not honoured her own promises either.
  21. Why? I'm not saying I'm one way or the other - Sinoria is a puppet and everyone knows it. He has not run the land well, wages are low, prices are high, unions are not too happy with him either. The public wants elections. This whole thing was sparked by a union protest tp the conditions the Lebanese workers are under. All of the Shia Sunni and Christian alike. Sinoria has been putting off promised election dates, there is very little confindence in his government. So... things happen. I am certainly concerned, the Lebanese people have had it very badly for a long time now, for verying reasons we don't need to discuss here. I hope that elections can be called immediately and a ceasefire and restoration of some kind of peace will ensue. That said, it doesn't help with Israel and the US meddling around and supporting unpopular leaders - it's not only bad for those under these pseudo dictatorships - but also harms Israel and the US as well. Again - do you have a clue?
  22. Don't be ridiculous. Oh sorry - forgot who I was talking to! Seriously though Scribblet, no one is hugging a terrorist - I wouldn't want to nor should anyone else - whether they are Arab or Israeli. Or anyone for that matter. And as for folks being happy about Israeli lying down and playing dead - lol another over the top attack on whoever doesn't agree with you eh?? Some things never change. Oh and I notice too - the you have simply disregarded offering anything about the posted topic. What would you do? In this situation? Do you condone the treatment of all of the civilians in Gaza? Do you even know how bad it has become? The vast majority of those who are innocent, poor and under siege? Do you even have a clue???
  23. Please go here and educate yourself about the casualites of innocent peoples on both sides of this conflict Thanks.
  24. Nice long stupid and pointless post Rue, as usual. Do you not think that talking to your enemies is better than ignoring them, whilst enacting a siege on a good quarter of them, and bombing, kidnapping and assassinating them? Is this really working for you? Oh, never mind - I don't want you to go to the trouble of writing another verbal onslaught against my character, while oh now nicely ignoring and making NO comment on the topic of the post. Good G-d spare me please!! Personally, as I stated until the 'bullies' and 'trolls' showed up, I think that discourse and talking and agreeing to ceasefires (which btw I notice that NONE of you firsters deny) is a far wiser way to go for both the Palestinian peoples and their Israeli counterparts. But... whatever - go ahead and insult me and be patronising if it gives you a thrill... whatever rocks your boat Ruesy.
  25. I don't think any country should be any other's 'pretty girl. IMO national soveriegnty trumps all. But anyway - I certainly agree. Did you happen to catch this piece in the Washington Post of all places: 5 Myths About Being 'Pro-Israel' here is #4: 4. Talking peace with your enemies demonstrates weakness. You don't need an advanced degree in international relations to recognize that pursuing peace only with people you like is pointless. Most Israelis know this; a recent poll in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz found that two-thirds of Israelis favor cease-fire negotiations between their government and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip, exactly because Hamas is such a bitter foe. But in Washington, we self-righteously refuse to engage -- even indirectly -- with Hamas, Iran or Syria. Hamas won the most recent Palestinian national elections in a landslide. Do we seriously think that it can be erased from the political landscape simply by assassinations and sanctions? Precisely because Hamas and Iran represent the most worrisome strategic challenges to Israel, responsible friends of Israel who'd like to see it live in security for its next 60 years should be engaging with them to search for alternatives to war. Indeed... Miscount? What miscount?! don't worry - there's NO paper trail!!!
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