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  1. Another farewell to gov't transparency and accountability by Harper & gang. Say goodbye to CAIRS:
  2. So says USA TODAY. Probably would want to fix that. lol
  3. If i was Hamas, or any Muslim, i'd be praying Obama wins also. They must be getting sick of old white guys bombing the crap out of their countries and engaging in political covert operations in the region for the U.S.'s own gain. I don't blame them one bit. I would argue that Obama, because of his more open diplomatic policies, his gene-line, and the colour of his skin, would be the best candidate to bring together Muslims, Jews, and the West.
  4. Lets take Canada and the U.S. for example. The majority of their population are Christian, and their state constitutions were devised by Christians using Christian values as a rough basis for their laws. And i do not see any "In Allah We Trust" coins in circulation, or people at hockey games singing "Vishnu keep our land, glorious and free..." I think both countries, and others like them, have done a decent job of keeping their Christian traditions while also trying to be tolerable to other faiths that have immigrated in greater numbers over the decades.
  5. This is possibly the most disgusting thing i've read in my entire life. From the BBC: What can you say about something like this??
  6. Ok what if Obama actually believes the few controversial things his pastor has said? What if Obama was a black supremist who will rid America of white people? Does that mean he will kill his children since they are part white? Is he going to slice himself in half since he's half-white? Would he kill his mother if she were still living? And lets also imagine that Obama was a closet Muslim of great devotion. Does that mean he's going to plant terrorist attacks & kill all the evil Christians, such as his wife, children, beloved pastor, and all the Christians he's come to know personally & professionally & in his church community over the years (and spare all those Muslims he apprently hangs out with secretly at night). People who think such things, such as author of this thread, need a psychiatrist.
  7. Why do people always debate exactly what the U.S "is". Its a liberal democracy. Its a republic. Its constitutional. Its a federation. Its lots of things. You are both right, & IMO there's no one right answer.
  8. Yes the U.S. is a plutocracy. You can't win the White House unless you have boatloads of cash funding your campaign. I await the day until i'm proved otherwise.
  9. Mental illness really is alarmingly abundant today. Having read on the subject, the 2 biggest factors seem to be the increasingly fast-paced and competitive society where we haven't had the time to properly adjust to these changes. Also, the moral confusion many people seem to live in today (ie: 100 years ago most everyone believed firmly in a set of principles usually set out by ones religion, whereas now many people's idea of right/wrong is all over the map). Also factored are all the external pressures of being "perfect", from everything from looks (thank you movie stars and Cosmo mags) to being "super mom" etc. And this isn't just an American thing.
  10. The holocaust happened, but the exact numbers i think are difficult to determine and subject to debate. But really, 6 million or 10 million? Either number is disgusting do does it really even matter?
  11. Tomorrow i'm going to lineup 50 people and shoot them all in the back of the head and call it "art". Maybe i'll rape some women too.
  12. That was almost 4 years ago. It would be interesting to see a poll asking whether those who voted for Bush in 2004 regret voting for him? The fact that Bush got 2 terms doesn't mean that he has served them well. Here's a very neat site, which lists a heap of different Bush approval rating polls from seemingly all major media outlets and pollsters, going back all the way to late 2005: http://www.pollingreport.com/BushJob.htm The latest April 2008 polls from Newsweek, AP-Ipsos, and Gallup all have Bush at a 28% approval rating. That pretty much says it all. Bush is certainly going to go down in the books as a failure, but as some have said its too early to pass final judgement on his legacy. But Bush would need a Texas-sized miracle for his legacy to turn around into the "success" category. They'd have to discover a giant pit of nukes buried in Iraq with U.S. cities marked on them.
  13. he's a shock jock. Boring, intelligent people don't get national radio shows.
  14. I am convinced this is one of (again, i say "ONE OF") the key reasons for opening the doors so wide to immigrants under the Liberal watch the last few decades. The Liberals do quite well in Toronto. Coincidence?
  15. Hurray for political backbone! I understand the reasoning though, since the Liberals aren't in any position in the polls to make much gains in an election. That said, get rid of that blubbering Dion & find a real leader worthy of my vote.
  16. Everyone except for rich Whitey. Although even they aren't doing so well since their stock portfolios have hit the tank.
  17. Here's something they should change, and its not racist: If you are a doctor or a nurse you go to the front of the line. Tadow!
  18. Because the Taliban is the regime that pseudo-ruled Afghanistan & that allowed santuary for Al-Qaeda. NATO is fighting there now because it doesn't want the Taliban to return to power, and as a consequence allow sanctuary for more terrorists to plot against the West. If NATO left now the Taliban would probably assume control of the Afghan gov't again, and the Al-Qaeda hiding in Pakistan would most likely return to the country.
  19. I doubt most of Al-Qaeda are in Afghanistan rather than Pakistan. What i am merely saying is that technically, under the U.S's own definiton, the Taliban are not a terrorist organization. The Taliban are not on the US gov'ts "current list of designated foreign terrorist organizations". http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/37191.htm Of course that doesn't mean they aren't a giant group of radical monkeys who violate human rights & international law, & do aid and harbour terrorists. I'm just responding to the user who created this thread.
  20. a. The terrorists Bush wants are mostly in Pakistan, not Afghanistan b. None of the terrorists who attacked the U.S. on 9/11 were members of the Taliban, nor were any of them Afghani's.
  21. I give this gov't a C-, based on the fact that we could do so much worse, but also do so, so much better.
  22. Unfortunately, that is how the Canadian gov't works. The PM is given extrordinary powers, especially amongst his fellow party members. These are the powers that the Canadian constitution and coventions give the PM. It is the system, and one that is fightening and in need of reform IMO. Do not think for one second that most of the other PM's didn't enforce their will on those they controlled like Harper does.
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