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    1. socialist


      The sponsorship program and the Duffy/Wright issue are not comparable. The sponsorship scandal was about sending tax dollars indirectly into the Liberal coffers, whereas the Duffy/Wright transaction was about paying back the taxpayers.

    2. socialist


      Justin made a choice. He decided to take FROM charity and skip the House in session and keep his MP salary coming in regardless.

      Justin made the choice to double dip and you support him in that decision making.

  1. conservatives don't want to hear the polls anymore! http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/ndp-would-lead-a-minority-government-if-elections-held-today-tories-slip-to-third-leger-poll WWWTT
  2. LOL! You are trying to deflect from the most obvious! Boredom and lack of self discipline. Not to mention some people actually like this format of discussion/communication/interaction. I should really be practicing/reading/learning more Mandarin right now I believe the percentage of posters that you are getting at would be around 20%? WWWTT
  3. Careful careful careful Charles Anthony! What do you think will happen to this site if no one cared? You really have a knack for giving bad advise! WWWTT
  4. socialist=Icebound, check out the TFSA thread and let me know what you think.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Canada_First


      I don't think that pointing fingers at others accusing them of being other posters is really conducive to a healthy discussion.

    3. WWWTT


      Looks like another thread of socialist was conveniently taken down.

    4. socialist
  5. Oh this is getting more and more scary for Harper http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/nigel-wright-denies-secret-plan-to-use-tory-fund-to-cover-mike-duffy-s-expenses-was-fraud-1.3190761 Canadian public will decide who's guilty! WWWTT
  6. Here's more of the same old from Japan's leader http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/aug/14/shinzo-abe-japan-no-new-apology-second-world-war-anniversary-speech WWWTT
  7. Ya actually answering a question and giving you a response are two different things WWWTT
  8. What makes you think I give a RATT"S ASS about those others? I want to see Harper get roasted with questions after questions after questions in the media! Go use your debate tactics on someone that's gullible enough to play along! WWWTT
  9. Good to see the media isn't taking cues from the PMO's office on this one! Keep nailing the liar until he coughs up! WWWTT
  10. Anyone who takes down Harper isn't such a bad guy after all! Ya no kidding I'm rootin for the guy! Man, misery really wants company. WWWTT
  11. Nothing wrong with a changing opinion or seeing things another way. But when your comments get bombarded with rambling responses way off topic repeatedly, then perhaps something else is going on? I myself am just ignoring it! Not just from one poster either. WWWTT
  12. Yes the numbers are looking very good for the NDP! Also looking very bad for the conservatives. WWWTT
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