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  1. Meanwhile, the Liberals will try scare tactics to manipulate votes away from the Greens and the NDP, knowing how close things are for them these days. All each of us can do is ignore the hype and vote our conscience.
  2. Meanwhile, kids in Toronto will keep getting killed in record numbers until the judges start handing out tough sentences for violent crime. Illegal handguns aren't going to suddenly disappear.
  3. The NDP made gains in the last electionn, and there's no reason to believe they won't again, as people who can not vote for the lyin' Liberals again would prefer them over the tories.
  4. Don't you see, Chimera? These day care kids that smoke weed need a second chance!
  5. Why don't we use the U.S. knee jerk lefties position on wars? It's obviously Martin's fault. Down with Martin, he's such a war monger, we got our kids in Afghanistan fighting for something we don't believe in - freedom! (Sound of lefties knashing their teeth)
  6. Since this new handgun law is only meant to get votes in southern Ontario, expect a new round of American-bashing. The evil empire with its easy access to guns yadda yadda yadda. Funny how they seem to slip through OUR border to get back into Canada. Martin, what a schmuck.
  7. I think that you'll find that a lot of people will prefer the government give them the money and let them decide how best to use it. Under the Liberal plan you only get a benefit if you stick your kid in a gov. daycare. Dryden himself says only 1 in 7 women do that. That means the Liberals plan leaves 86% out in the cold. Nice hate speech on the CPC by the way, you're much more intolerant than you claim they are. you claim the CPC dictates to Canadians, this plan of the Liberals is them doing to us in daycare.
  8. Hey err, am I missing something? Or did some of your posts get censored, this thread only shows a post at 5pm then 6:25pm today for me. It sounds like you made some controversial comments. Like this one about people just waiting (waiting for what) to use gay bashing terms for Svend.
  9. I forgot that's page 17 of the Gay Agenda. This may come as a bit of a shock to you, but there's no gay hive mind that issues orders to all gays dictating how to act, dress and answer Stats Can surveys. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No duh, but I am thinking of all the persecution and mistreatment they have had. Maybe I am missing something, but it seems to me that the issue of being gay is important to a gay person, therefore they want it to be recognized and if they get a chance to say so in a survey, just maybe they will.
  10. Well, I think the gay and bi culture know much better than the average Canadian what their identity is and can define it just fine on a survey such as this whether there is a universal definition or not. As well, closet cases have a survey to fill out in their living room at their leisure, it's not like they're trying to hide something illegal like falsifying their taxes. IMO all gays would want to admit their lifestyle in a hope of as high numbers as possible on the results to further legitimize their need for government attention. There are no gaps, blackdog, is it so hard to believe the numbers only amount to about 1.7%?
  11. But the survey allowed people to identify themselves as they wished. therefore it's pretty accurate. And it also measured bisexuals!(you must have missed that in the link) The rest of your examples are of the extremely rare kind that hardly exist period. Just because Maury has them on his tv show everyone thinks transgendered or sex change types are common. I think us Canadians tend to focus too much on this minority and that minority rather than realize we lead the world in minority and gay rights. And besides, we are all Canadians and all equal.
  12. A comparision between Turkey and the U.S. is at best incomplete. Still, we could notice how the U.S. has become a world power and economic leader with their system of government. Other comments describing the Bible as hateful are only viewing from afar. The Bible does not have standing orders to conduct a jihad style war, based on killing infidels and getting 70 virgins in paradise if killed while in the jihad. Jesus says blessed are the peacemakers.
  13. I thought the 1% seemed a little low as well, but when you add gay plus bisexual, you get 1.7%, and remember these results are from people filling out a survey without any embarrasment. Stats Canada doesn't have any axe to grind on this issue and has buckets of money to get accurate results with.
  14. Fox is not considered part of the MSM by the rest of the MSM. But I agree with you that they are. I still hope Fox lives long and prospers. The problem with these 'errors' is they always slant the story to the left. And then after much protest they trot out the same old excuses.
  15. Something I read this morning posters, is that in Ontario the CPC is even with the Liberals in a DEC 1 Ipsos Reid poll. Can anyone find anything more recent on Ontario? That's actually pretty good news, the CPC is resonating with Ontarians.
  16. It seems the smaller the minority the more concern expressed by some. Religious types represent 20% of all Canadians it was mentioned, yet their concerns for ssm vs unions are trumped by a minority of only 1% of Canadians.
  17. One, it's not a campaign plank or strategy, two it doesn't remove one single right, three it would be a simple word change and norman you really are sounding like a broken record. Every thread you post on you bring up ssm.
  18. I can't believe it, where is the protest? That headline is just another nail in the coffin of MSM. Long live Fox.
  19. Yes, hopefully Martin can get his act together, with 8 surpluses and an economy the envy of many, he can so far only manage to be 4 or 5 points in the lead. So if the media aren't acting like you think they should they are merely running amok? Yes, I can see you thinking that.
  20. I'm afraid when you wander into religious territory, you expose the limits of your knowledge. At any rate, you have no answer for a legal firm's analysis of c250 except to say that religion is intolerant.
  21. Huh, you call civil unions instead of marriage for gays turning back the clock to the 1950s? Surely you jest, in the 50s gays were actually treated quite badly and it was considered a mental disorder. Give me a break.
  22. Maybe the professional media think c-250 and Harper's Svend remark are much less of an issue than you think it is. There are plenty of hacks within the MSM that want to see the Conservatives lose, if they aren't using this stuff, mabe there is a reason.
  23. Unless you are a lawyer or a judge, I don't think your opinions can be given equal weight to the lawyer's analysis contained in Kimmy's post. Section 319 leaves the door open.
  24. Actually some media have a plan, thats why the question was asked on day one, and reported on long and hard.
  25. Yes, well the Liberals have a lot more to lose in Quebec than the Conservatives, and by all accounts, they will disappear from Quebec(warning to Liberals, not really a Nazi like statement). Like I said earlier, second place is the first loser.
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