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  1. Unfortunately the study doesn't tell us anything about the effects of pot. I think you missed the part of the study that shows the results. 4 joints a week for several years, and your memory goes to pot.
  2. I must have missed something, when has Bush called for the destruction of the Axis of Evil, as has been called for Israel? I don't believe he has. Further, the Iranian prez doesn't need silly things like domestic political support. He's pretty much a dictator. He excells at creating fear in his people of HIMSELF, unlike Bush, who actually needs political support, among other things. But this thread is not about Bush, but Iran and oil. Aren't you concerned that experts predict $100 dollar oil?
  3. I just heard this morning that oil is at an all time high of $71 per barrel. This has been hurting oil based economies for some time now. http://quote.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=1....qt8&refer=home From all I can gather, the source of the continuing rise has been uncertainty, fear and speculation. And the author of much of this has been the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sounding off repeatedly on Israel's destruction and his love of nuclear weapons. War or the threat of it seems to be enough to put upward pressure on oil. Do you think Ahmadinejad is well aware of this and doing it on purpose to raise oil prices? The reason I consider this a possibility is I don't think he's stupid. A stupid person would rant on repeatedly in public so the world could hear about his desire to see another country destroyed. When other governments get concerned and begin strategizing on how to neutralize this leader, only a person who is deficent mentally would continue to rant on. I just don't see him as being an idiot. Therefore, he must be doing it to achieve a desired outcome. Higher oil prices would add to his coffers greatly while at the same time hurt his enemies.
  4. Geez dude, you're scaring me. I DO NOT want to hear about your driving preferences while stoned. I wonder how many pot users secretly drive while stoned. There is a lot of paranoid driving going on these days.
  5. Mindonfire, you chose your handle well.
  6. Let me give you a clue...when an opinion piece starts off with a lie it's pretty safe to say the rest can be tossed out. This is no exception. Nobody believed Stephen Harper was "scary". That was a rightwing narrative used to make him seem harmless. Nobody believed anything would happen immediately. Over time, healthcare will be weakened, I believe. Civil rights and military draft? Where did the idiot get that from? Oh yeah, the lies. I forgot. He has no friends or family who thought any of that shit. Uh, talking about lies, maybe you should go visit Rabble once in a while and hear lefties like yourself who are deathly afraid of what Harper might do. Fear, anger, denial, it's all there.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised in the least to hear coming over the radio that Israel has just bombed nuclear research facilities in Iran. They are the ones who face the biggest threat when Iran gets nukes. They took out Iraq's facilities in the early 80's. IMO, the U.S. has their hands full with Afghanistan and Iraq.
  8. Yeah, and you might notice that most of these threads with a similar theme are started by gerryhatrick. It's gettin' old.
  9. I believe you're right on the money, Argus. Our lax screening and security towards immigration has been a concern of mine, and it is a main reason the U.S. has responded this way. Some of these immigrants are known criminals that set up operations here and if we don't do something about it eventually our way of life will change for the worse.
  10. Your point misses the elephant in the room. There is a group of people who are being stereotypically treated. Whenever one of their number is in the news, the media treats them the same way. Muslims get treated with kid gloves WHEN THEY COMMIT CRIMES OF TERROR ALL THE TIME. This driver got very little coverage on his Muslim terrorist comments since he had a Mohammad in his name. As well in North America the media censored themselves from showing in any form the Mohammad cartoons, even France showed them. This practice of hiding and covering up terrorist activities by media groups is "conniving, divisive and dishonest." Jerry is not tarring all Muslims so much as he is tarring all Muslim extremists. Anyone who tries to incite terror deserves justice if you ask me, no matter their skin colour. As far as African Americans, they are a crime problem, but it's not based on their religious beliefs to kill infidels, it's much mor complicated than that.
  11. Fashion tips. Yes, I saw the press comments on Harper having a similar type jacket that Martin did while visiting with the same fellas. We sure have a hard hitting media here in Canada.
  12. Gee, what happened to all the Bush haters? You'd think they'd be all over this story by now. They're gonna have to dream up another angle on the impeachment thingy.
  13. This attitude strikes me as the typical Canadian justice system response. How inept.
  14. That was said 40 years ago. And will be said 40 years from now. It's fearmongering to push an agenda. Fearmongering? What was the first clue, the shrillness or the spittle at the corners of the mouth?
  15. Uh, Gerry, you didn't respond to my post on killer hurricanes in the 30's, and now you've cranked up the indignition on Monty not answering your post. Hypocrite. The fact is there are plenty of studies against man made emissions having sizable effect, and all the environmentalists do with the studies they don't like is character assassinate the scientist or find some "flaw' in the study. They ignore the facts and try to shout it down with the immediate release of opposing studies and it's really just another type of politics. Boring. You can run around saying the sky is falling, but they've been saying that since the 70's. The founder of Greenpeace was so happy with the way things were going, he resigned from the organization in the mid 80's. The sky is still up there, and looking to be staying where it is.
  16. I think the economics of the situation trump all, unfortunately. Why have they increased immigration levels per year in Canada and let it remain for well over a decade? We know there are benefits, but what was the reason. How about we can't even maintain our own population levels without immigration. That's right, we are not producing enough kids to maintain or expand our numbers. I remember hearing that to maintain population, each family needs to produce 2.3 kids. And a shrinking population means a shrinking economy, with all the bad spin off effects that would happen year after decade. So why can't we have enough kids? Don't you think that's a little weird, with all the sex going on? Families are really on the wane these days. And if you're divorced, chances are you're not planning for any kids. And nobody wants kids. Birth control, the morning after pill, and abortions all serve to shrink our numbers. And so our politicians look at the data and realize the only way to keep the economy growing is to entice someone else's kids to come to Canada. And it really seems like we can't all get along after all. I know we are far more tolerant than France, but we practice our own brand of it.
  17. Wow, excellent find Monty. Of course any studies that expose the environmentalist theology(The sky is falling THIS TIME DAMMIT!) are immediately disparaged as kooky conservatives and stifled. The only thing that will convince them is 50 years from now when we are still here.
  18. Hey Krusty, notice how Gerry completely ignored the part of my post he didn't want to deal with? Several killer hurricanes in a year are nothing new as are environmentalists who hyperventilate at the thought that it's just a normal part of mother nature's cycles. Uh, you know what I mean.
  19. Nonsense. I don't care that he's a bad speaker, which is what you are blabbering about. I didn't have anything to say about it. This is about global warming and Bushs Katrina-like incompetance and dishonesty at suggesting it could be "natural". Unless that's what you're agreeing with you're sorely confused. Man, Gerry, you really got your knickers in a twist over this Bush guy, huh? You're on a one man crusade to bring him down on this forum. How many Bush hatin' threads have you started? You'll have to wait a couple more years before you see the last of him, I'm afraid. Anyway, the Globe was warming back in the 30's as well. 4 or 5 category 5 Hurricanes off the coast of Florida yada, yada, none of the environmentalists seem to have noticed since this would screw their theory that the SKY IS FALLING NOW DAMMIT!.
  20. No, that doesn't count. Taking a mere doll and giving it cigarette burns in specific places is beyond weird. Ah, Bubber, I see Coulter has gotten under your skin as well. Time to chill out dude. Get the paper, make a crutch and smoke your angst away!.
  21. I love it when these whiny celebrities get challenged by someone who isn't just throwing softball questions at them. Usually they are able to isolate themselves from the fray. Good on Sean to get through to that twit.
  22. Yeah, kinda the same except the righties you mentioned don't BURN DOLL EFFIGIES OF PEOPLE THEY DON'T LIKE!!
  23. No, the question is whether the Liberal campaign strategists can beat the Tory campaign strategists in this climate of Liberal scandals. Uh, Warwick, gays are not a race the last time I checked. I agree with your thoughts on Brison's chances, however.
  24. Okay Gerry, you keep riding this pony and see where it gets you in six months!LOL
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