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  1. They should work on banning cellphones from cars.
  2. I've always thought of Quebec as the most racist province in Canada.
  3. From the Brock University Press http://media.www.brockpress.com/media/stor...n-2914350.shtml The Anaheim Ducks are mighty once again. They are the 2007 Stanley Cup champs, and they didn't even need to use the Flying-V to get the job done. The Ducks didn't need such an unrealistic passing play to pull off the victory. Of course, things are made easier when you have players like Ottawa Senator defenseman Chris Phillips, who scored on his own net in the Cup-clinching game (oh, don't mind me. I'm just rubbing it in). Personally, I would have liked to see the Flying-V, but not for the nostalgic memory of a movie I saw for the first time about three months ago, but instead to see the further humiliation of the Sens Army. They're a team I don't like because they're the natural rival of my Toronto Maple Leafs, but I like them even less because of all those out there who felt it was necessary to jump ship over to Ottawa just because they were the last Canadian team in this year's playoffs. A friend asked me who I was cheering for, and I said Anaheim. He said I wasn't Canadian anymore. I asked him why and he told me it was because I wasn't cheering for Canada. Let's not even take into consideration that Anaheim's roster has five more Canadian-born players than Ottawa's does. Apparently it's more important to cheer for a team based on their geographical location anyway. But just because I'm a Leafs fan and am showing that by cheering for Anaheim, does not mean I'm any less a fan of Canada. Having been born in Calgary, I'll never cheer for the Edmonton Oilers. Likewise, growing up in Toronto means you won't ever see a Sens flag hanging off my car's window. I cheered for the Leafs as a child, I cheered for them this year, and I'll cheer for them for years to come (although I don't think I'll ever be able to afford to go see a game). These days it seems cool to hate the Leafs and cheer Ottawa. Especially from ex-Leafs fans who "didn't know better". Band-jumping: 1, Team Loyalty: 0. We all know people like this. Whether they were born in Ottawa themselves, or they have a friend whose mother's babysitter's sister had a track coach who drove through Ottawa as part of a family vacation to Quebec, they feel some need to cheer on those pesky Sens, especially during games against the blue and white of Leafs Nation. It's even easier to hate the Leafs lately, considering they can't seem to make the playoffs. Just you wait though. Once the Leafs start playing well again, you'll see those lost sheep return, and I'll be waiting to mock all of them. So my congratulations go to the players on the Anaheim Ducks, especially the Canadian-born ones. They will each be bringing Lord Stanley home, even if it is only for one day each. Next year however, I'll be supporting the Maple Leafs once again, regardless of where they were born. I'm a Sabres fan, but I think this article is right. During the playoffs, I felt I was being prosecuted for supporting the Ducks, which had more Canadian players after all. A girl I talked to, just sighed and said "you're supposed to support the Canadian team". That's BS in my book, I'll support what team I choose. I support BMW Formula One team, even though I'm not German. Does that make me any less of a Canadian? I think you can be a Canadian, without supporting a Canadian based hockey team. Then this made me think of our national identity, which seems to be that we're Canadian because we're NOT American. That's no way to define this country, by what we're not.
  4. If worst came to worst, I would prefer a Liberal Minority. BECAUSE, in a minority, the liberals would turn to the ndp for support.
  5. I'm against it. Some of the reasons for this include: 1. Mixed member proportional will create endless minority governments (gridlock). 2. Mixed member proportional will reward extremist and single-issue parties, to the detriment of parties that need to garner support across all regions and socio-economic-ethnic groups. 3. There will be less representation, as a certain number of MPPs will only represent backroom partisan interests, and not have a geographical constituency
  6. We need to let the banks merge so together they can take on the other banks in the world. The biggest Canadian bank (RBC) is something like only 26th in the world. Look at this http://www.cbc.ca/news/interactives/who-top10-banks/
  7. Look at this new poll. http://www.sesresearch.com/library/polls/POLNAT-S07-T232.pdf
  8. A friend of mine who works in a Tory MPP's office suggested that the MPP wear a Shane Doan jersey.
  9. There's an article in the business part of the Globe that says that a KPMG study finds that Canadian companies are actually buying more foreign companies than vice versa. So no need to worry.
  10. Wasn't Bill Davis's minority government from 1977 to 1981 the longest? Or are we just talking federally?
  11. I'm sure it's not as black and white as you put it.
  12. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2007...uit-070509.html I say good job by CN Rail.
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