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  1. These are the most laughable comments I have read in some time. The worst part is I think this guy actually believes he's right.
  2. You CAN love a country, and still not like that same country's government. Much the way you feel about Canada, it seems. You mean friends like this......(PMPM following Hurricane Katrina) In fact, the USA was so upset by this unfriendly comment, and the actions which followed, that their ambassador Wilkins responded in a most outraged fashion, saying..... Someone that comes to your aid, when you're in need, "eagerly and early". Sounds like the best kind of friend to me. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey pocket, your selective memory is quite impressive. I"ll waste one post on this. Words mean much less than action. Martin said the right things at the time of Katrina and then sends stuff on a bleedin' ship! It took way too long to get there. He could have had it trucked/flown down much faster. And by the time they got there, the aid workers weren't needed according to some reports. But a ship 'sounds' impressive. It's all about image with Martin. As far as Martin and the U.S. Ambassador making friendly, you find one incident and extrapolate it into the state of our relationship. Almost as if the last several times Martin has taken swipes at the U.S. didn't happen. Never mind the crapola comments that went on under Chretien. Like I said, your selective memory is something else.
  3. Monty, you missed one I think. Bubba was also disbarred for lying under oath. He can no longer practice law, which is why he goes around taking money from whomever for his little chats. If lawyers(of which there are so many crooks) could actually agree that Bubba was lyin' then he must have been a lyin' sack of ...sugar(Simpson reference, ring any bells?)
  4. Canadians' apparent unwillingness to toss the Liberals out for the scandals, corruption and outright lies shows we have little in the way of ethical standards left. We are a people who live by fear. Fear of change. Fear of the Americans. Fear of Harper. Fear of Health care problems. Fear that SSM might be revisited with a free vote. Fear that any part of our lives might not be covered by a gov. program. And so we might just get the government that can manipulate our fears best. How sad.
  5. I hope that you don't think, deep down inside, sneaking across the border to blow some stuff up to prove whatever your point is would be justified. Canada doesn't need terrorists. Btw, are your guns registered?
  6. So Dubya, who is supposedly pretty dumb, singlehandedly masteminded and successfully carried out a plan to divide the country into 2 camps? The U.S. does have moderates, they just get little time in the MSM. The MSM is too busy showing lefty opinion and responses as the One True Way, and righties as sad misinformed extremists. There is only the impression of 2 camps.
  7. Yes, lets. A chunk of liberal mps would actually vote against ssm, and the liberals didn't lose any over it. Neither would the Tories. Norm, come on, surely you can do better than drag up old comments you've used many times before! I will choose an old response: about 67% of Canadians would rather have someone else than Martin as PM. Interesting how you change your position on polls when they don't have a favorable result for you. The Tories would allow a free vote, the Liberals not, and who's the more tolerant? You need to take off your Liberal coloured glasses. At any rate, I'm getting bored with this again. Usually I avoid you Norm because you develop this one note trill about Harper and the Liberals and darned if you didn't start it up again. When you want to actually debate something without bringing up the usual crapola, I'll be around.
  8. Yes, Martin has no patent on what a PM is, that is up to us Canadians, something he ignores at his peril.
  9. It does not violate the charter. The charter does not specifically address this issue and existed for many years without gay marriage. Are you saying Canada was in violation all those years? We've had gay marriage for less than a year. The conservatives are the only party that allow mps of both views to have their say on the matter, which is in step with a majority of Canadians.
  10. Ah, so now you can read Martin's mind. He imposed his views on the matter on us, not allowing his own party to vote their conscience. And 55% of Canadians think a free vote is the proper way to go.
  11. And it is also known that the U.S., while not commited to kyoto as Canada is, has outperformed Canada. To the topic at large, I think the U.S. ambas. was wasting his breath to criticize Martin, I think the U.S. should instead start getting serious about reducing our trading status with them if the liberals get in again, since it seems that Canadians in general hate the U.S. and only want to take their money. The U.S. doesn't need 'friends' like that.
  12. Norm, once again you can only see part of an issue. This may surprise you but religious liberals also want to impose their views. Martin has imposed his views regarding ssm on us. I know this issue is very close to your heart so you can't see it, but it's still an imposition. Recently someone here linked to a poll that showed 55% of Canadians supported a free vote on the issue. http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/Politics/Canad...16/1355517.html So Harper's position is actually in step with a majority of Canadians.
  13. Wow, a reporter digs up a secret administration practice that menaces privacy rights! Oh wait, it's just a reporter trying to sell his book. http://www.drudgereport.com/flash9nyt.htm Personally, I have no problems with authorities tapping phone lines of those they suspect might be blowing up another building. They probably prevented some terrorists from commiting more mayhem. And you can bet they didn't waste their time on little old ladies like security does at U.S. airports, asking leading questions about nail clippers. And now, any such terror prone types in the U.S. know the gov. may be listening. Way to go book hawker. :angry:
  14. Leafless, do you have any links to go along with your numbers?
  15. It's quite amusing to see those who found nothing wrong with the beer and popcorn comment, or Martin's use of a private clinic while insisting that public healthcare be preserved, or criticism of the Americans on their emissions record when it far surpasses Canada's, now get bent out of shape over a mere handshake. For the record, I think Harper was wrong to not shake hands, and I'd like to hear his response to the criticisms raised.
  16. Then you may need to come up with facts and links to support your claim eureka, because the Canada - 13% U.S. 24% reduction is rock solid proof. And the oilsands only recently became part of the equation when oil rose above the break even point for oil production. The U.S. has a very distasteful envronmentalist movement that recently was able to remove wording in a bill in congress that allowed drilling in Alaska. California has ridiculously tough emission laws for cars and because of tough laws in the U.S., a new gas refinery hasn't been constructed in the U.S. in over 20 years while consumption has grown. When you say that the U.S. isn't doing as much or planning as much as Canada, I wish you were right.
  17. Don't kid yourself, when voting day comes, these so-called foes will hold their noses and vote Harper. Who else is there, Catholic Martin who doesn't seem to want the Pope to interfere with his religion?
  18. Look, 'honest', your opinion about the I love Canada question only shows how little you like Harper. If Martin had been asked that question instead and responded the same way Harper did, you'd be fine with it. So you hate Harper, big deal.
  19. And you can bet the MSM will under report on the good news of the election and have whatever bomb going off leading the broadcasts. They're so predictable.
  20. Aha, newbie, another leftie. Hey, that Coulter sure is controversial, eh? Why don't you take a Coulter quote out of context and explain it for us.
  21. I think you hit the nail on the head. And the media played it up, it wouldn't have been effective had they not. I have not heard Martin answer a question about his kyoto remarks in relation to the Americans when they are outperforming us. This thread is obviously just another designed for anti-american sentiment. Because no one seems to recall all of the U.S. bashing that's been going on in the Liberal camp the last few years, some can only recall the American's response and express outrage that the U.S. Ambas. would dare to criticize us.
  22. I'm pretty sure the MSM is burying that poll which shows 55% of Canadians favour same sex marriage. Some of them are scoundrels and worse than pimps, only showing what they want Canadians to see/think. Martin gets a free pass on many topics, this being one of them.
  23. Duceppe really has a quality that connects and makes you want to believe him. Martin, for all his passion at the end, has no such believability for me. He always says and acts the part (for instance, as 'defender' of Canada against the Americans, he play acts as if they're massing at the border) for the media, and this was no different.
  24. Why is it that people have to quote Hitler to get their point across. Thanks for the Coulter quotes. That woman has a finely tuned analytical prowess that leaves lefties with nothing but to sputter on about how 'controversial' she is. Too bad she's not Canadian.
  25. This thread has it backwards. China is benefiting greatly from making trinkets and cheap clothes for the West and is almost a super power already. They have a huge army and seem real interested in ballistic missiles. They will one day soon do something like grag Taiwan and nobody will be able to do anything about it. In the early 90s trade with China was started with the brilliant, the charismatic, the one Canadians love to love, Bill Clinton. Opening up trade with China only a few years after that massacre at that square was the biggest mistake that Bill made, and their have been plenty. The question of whether to shop at Wal-mart shows how brainwashed some are(the MSM love to hate Walmart and tell us to do the same) when, as has been stated, most stores carry products from China and no one says boo about those stores. On the movie thing, many of the companies that make them are now foreign owned, like Sony, so if you really want to support death row people why don't you do something pro-active and camp out at a prison where one is to be executed, complaining about it on a message board seems rather useless.
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