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  1. We have people on the left faking hate crimes to whip up more hate for the right.(Are people on the right faking hate crimes?) We have people on the right actually being escorted with bodyguards, like Anne Coulter. Left wingers recently heckled her so much she had to curtail her remarks, which is what they wanted to do, stifle her free speech, and at all places a university where their is supposed to be a free exchange of ideas. Last year, the former leader of Israel was booked to speak at a university in I think it was Montreal. On the appointed day, protests got so violent that the whole thing was cancelled, which is what they wanted, to stifle his free speech. Show me some examples of the MAINSTREAM right doing this kind of thing. I know there are kooks on both sides, but these were university students! BTW, your link just took me to an emply SFGATE page. I used to visit the Babble web site, but every time I commented on something I was shouted down and called all kinds of silly names. On our site, the tone much more civil, and yes I have seen you and Monty Burns go at it. But lefty types are allowed to present their ideas and their is a debate, not expressions of hate like at babble. The left is more intolerant.
  2. In B.C. we had a referendum on some form of proportional representation during the last provincal election. It didn't pass, but it was close. Personally, I would prefer a system where you vote for the pm, not some local mp.
  3. Actually bubber, Norman has been making comments on this topic all week. I am referring to the weight of his comments, not yours.
  4. Either you missed my point completely or you're simply wrong once again. Could even be both I suppose. Those in the 95% group had less than 30 grams and those in the 5% group had less than 30 grams. That's the nature of the "crime". If you have evidence that those in the 5% group had greater amounts than those in the 95% group, let's see the evidence. Of course you have no such evidence but even if you did, why would it be relevant? Less than 30 grams is a small amount and no one should be going to jail for that even if you and social conservative Stephen Harper disagree. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You know, I enjoy debating the issues with people. I find it stimulating to discuss the various issues that face Canadians and have someone who can point out things from a different perspective. But Norm, when you can't or won't allow a simple point that if 5% do jail time, it must be because they are offending worse than the 95%, then there is no point talking with you anymore. Then you ask 'why is it relevant' when you have been repeating that Harper wants the status quo which is jail time for tiny amounts of pot, and this point about 5% refutes your argument. It's obvious you are here to campaign against the Conservatives, and for the Liberals. You know all their talking points and use terms like strategized voting. I will leave you to your efforts and hope things go well for you.
  5. Kimmy, listen to what you just said. You know that one can safely smoke marijuana in Edmonton or Ottawa because they don't enforce the law. Same is true throughout British Columbia. However, a friend of a friend of mine was arrested and served time in Saskatoon for possession of less than 10 grams. Do we actually want a law that's so dysfunctional that it's applied in one part of Canada but not another? Where's the logic in this? I'm sure there are bad cops and good cops just as there are bad friends and good friends. Laws get applied differently because people are different and there can be extenuating circumstances. Norman, do you have any response for my above reply?
  6. I didn't challenge the 5% percent figure. Reread my remarks. It fits perfectly with what I've been saying. I believe it, it's from Stats Can. Obviously you can't think clearly in this matter. If 95% are not going to jail and only 5% are, do you believe that it's the ones with the smallest amounts that do time, and bigger offenders get off? I think you only say these silly things to get a reaction, I refuse to believe you are stupid. Your third point: When you haven't provided any evidence until now and your evidence doesn't back you up while mine supports me, I will point it out. You do the same you hypocrite. Fourth: Obviously we disagree about whether pot should be decriminalized and we both know it. No point in repeating it again.
  7. Good grief Bubber, look at your comments. How exactly are 'they' making money? If the government legalizes it then they would of course tax it and make a truck load of cash on it. At present they don't make anything on the industry. You seem to be claiming that a party that defends the status quo on this is because they have a stake in the economy that feeds on it. or areyou saying big wigs in the CPC are making a ton of money on the black market? Either way, you haven't even bothered to show how, or provide links for proof. Tell me another one.
  8. Ah, I didn't notice blackdog's find. So only 5% of those charged with possession do jail time. It follows that these would be the worst offenders not those with tiny amounts, I doubt the Police even bother to charge someone for a single joint, knowing they have a 5% chance of getting convicted. So it seems you've been sounding off on every thread about the pot possession=jail time theme all week for nothing, Norman. And how many links have you supplied to back up your claims? I think this is the first one, and only after you were directly challenged. Which issue will you wildly misrepresent next? No doubt another one that slanders the CPC, you are rather predictable.
  9. But this has a real impact on our health care system. If less Canadians are getting trained, less doctors are available for our system.
  10. Normie says people are getting convictions for possessing tiny amounts of pot. You concur with the 40% number of grow-op owners who get convictions, saying it's too high. At what point do you think a grow-op owner should do time? 50 plants or 500? At any rate, I'd like to see what's in your basement! Maybe the big bad police should just mind their own business and let the Asian gangs knock off these 'small time' grow-ops that dig into their business here in B.C. You ever wonder why there's so many grow-ops that get outed to the police or firemen. "We received a call about an incident on this property and when we investigated, we found this grow-op." Still waiting for Norman to provide some links for jail time on 'tiny' amounts of pot.
  11. I suppose you have a point, Sparhawk, one has to make tough decisions on these matters. I respect him for being honest enough to admit fully what he'd do, but many in the party probably just want to drop the issue and let it be. I remain sceptical of some members of the media, however. I don't think they would believe Harper if he did as you suggest. They'd refer to a hidden agenda or some such nonsense.
  12. "Standing before a world environmental conference on climate change, Liberal Leader Paul Martin was dogged by questions about his party's gas-guzzling election plane. The ribbing about his choice of airplane underscored more serious criticism from his opponents Wednesday that the Liberals' commitment to the Kyoto accord was nothing more than lip service. " http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...ote1129/BNStory Paul Martin addressed the UN Conference for climate change this week, and he chastised other nations for not doing enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while Canada's emissions have actually gone up significantly in the last decade. And to put an exclamation point on it, the jet the Liberals are using to fly Martin around in is a Boeing 727, a 1960's design that consumes almost twice as much fuel as current designs and makes such a racket they have to be fitted with 'hush kits' to keep them legal. The NDP and CPC are using planes that use much less fuel than the 727, which uses 4883 litres per hour. To top it off, the CTV News channel reported that the jet the Liberals are leasing is owned by a corporation that has a Liberal connected with the campaign on the board. No doubt he's giving his party a good deal, but shouldn't the priority be fuel consumption, since environmentalism and Kyoto is a main party plaform? Hypocrisy rears its ugly head.
  13. Because I don't have any independant info on that, and I've learned that Norman is not exactly a shining example of objectivity on the pot issue, his facts can't be trusted until he starts providing links. I notice, however, you didn't bother to disagree with my numbers Bubber.
  14. I believe if he would have tried this strategy the media would have immediately started referring to Harper's hidden agenda, and he knew it. On the multitude of poll numbers, its hard to know which to believe, there's much variety in results. Some seem to be Liberal friendly, and some CPC. But it's early, we've barely been at it a week. The Conservatives have some work to do, however.
  15. Normie, you ol' pot crusader! You keep harping, but you have your facts wrong. With our present justice system, people do not get jail time for pot possession, let alone GROW-OPS. ONLY 40% of those convicted of having grow-ops get any jail time. These are the people that the CPC want to go after, not someone with a couple joints on his person. Here's the link: http://www.hempology.com/archives/001616.html Why don't you show me some numbers on people who get jail time for tiny amounts of marijuana possession, or can you? Well, gee, autos kill many more people than handguns so maybe the Liberals should go after those murderering car owners next. Banning handguns will have as much success as the gun registry and cost a kazillion times more than stated as well. People that predicted the gun registry was just part of a long term plan for confiscation are looking not so wild eyed any more.
  16. The couples who have a family member or friend looking after their kids get nothing, couples living in rural areas where there is no day care get nothing and couples who want the child to bond with an actual parent during the crucial first few years get nothing. The only way to get a benefit from the Liberal plan is do do what they want you to do with your kids. Stick them in a Government approved day care. And err, it doesn't take intelligence to see something this obvious.
  17. So you've read about an incident (the details of which the alleged targets themselves can't seem to get straight) and used that sketchy information to "prove" your point? Seems like Hitler was right when he wrote that "in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie..." The real point of all this is that only a blind fool would ascribe hate to any one segment of the political spectrum. If you think lefties have the monopoly, you've never listened to Ann Coulter, or the pack of racist howler monkeys over at Little Green Footballs and Free Dominion. Or check this story out: Douglas County sheriff’s deputies are investigating the reported beating of a Kansas University professor who gained recent notoriety for his Internet tirades against Christian fundamentalists. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wow. I can't believe you quoted Hitler, and I can't believe you quoted Hitler in a respectful way to support an argument. I really hope it's not a quote you have memorized. At any rate, I was somewhat incomplete on my comments, yes there is hate on the right. Just not as much of the kind seen on the left, we don't send get well I hope you die cards to anyone. But you will never believe that since you can't see the left leaning bias in the MSM, since you are a leftie. Hey, I'm just saying. Here's a link concerning the kind of hate crimes the right do: http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file.../n125818D89.DTL It's too early to tell, but your professor link guy has clammed up and people are starting to get suspicious that it's a similar 'kind' of attack.
  18. Oh man, you can't seriously be comparing Bush's statement with the Iran leader's. Bush did not call for Iran to be wiped off the planet. It is similar only in your young mind. Hello, anyone remember the Holocaust where the 6 MILLION JEWS were gassed and then burned. How about the 2 major sneak attack wars(actually more than 2) that the surrounding nations tried to pull to wipe Israel OFF THE MAP. Learn some history. Yah, actually Ayatolahs want the Great Satan west to crumble and fall, and our 'sinful' ways to disappear so as not to infect the holy ones. They detest everything from how we treat women, gays, criminals(chop their hands off), and Jews. I don't give a rip why Osama did 9/11. Only that he pays for killing over 4000 innocent civilians. They won't be able to force Israel to do anything. If they try it, it could just mean more war.
  19. I couldn't believe the PM had the gall to compare it to healthcare, with its long waiting lists, huge cost structure and overworked employees. Only he would think it's a good idea to relate the two.
  20. The point is they won't be shooting as many people since they would be in prison, whereas the Liberal plan would have no effect on sentences, and Joe criminal would be back on the streets to simply procure another banned handgun. Good thought, except that Japan's culture is night and day different than Canada. They are not as violent, just as we are not as violent as the U.S. Again, the gun registry has not stopped people who want to shoot each other. Handguns have already been restricted in Canada with no effect since the judges won't punish offenders. Another gun law won't do anything, keeping the twits in prison will keep them from shooting someone.
  21. I don't believe the Conservatives want to relax gun laws, they feel that spending 2 billion dollars on the gun registry isn't working since people in Toronto and elsewhere are still being shot. From what I've heard they just want to toughen up the sentences for criminals since our justice system seems unable to provide a deterent. I agree with you on the NRA sticking their noses into Canada, we are not gun happy like them.
  22. You see Biblio, the church needs to STFU. That's the whole problem. If this one segment of society could just have its rights to free speech removed, the west would be so much better off.
  23. Why, yes scriblett, Normie figures if he keeps repeating himself on every thread that he can singlehandedly convince us that Harper is scary. Sort of harping on Harper. All he's managing to do, however, is to start a trend of Normie fatigue.
  24. Ah, and yet another thread Normie has hi-jacked to discuss pot. Makes you wonder...
  25. Even you, Sparhawk, can only go as far as to say some of the followers of Christianity are ALMOST as bad. But you use Osama as an overblown threat from the Muslim side, why not Iran, whose leader recently called for Israel to be wiped off the map. We know Robertson is a nutbar, but has he or any Christian leader called for a country to be exterminated? No. I noticed, however that there was much more outrage at Robertson's Chavez comments than idiots who call for Bush's assassination.
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