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  1. On this forum, certain posters are being restricted in what words they can use here.  But then others have no such restrictions imposed.  This forum is censoring conservatives.  How's that working out for you, Greg?

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    2. sharkman


      Contrarian, if you are blocked from the steering committee, then you are blocked.  I can’t do anything about that.

    3. Contrarian


      Trust me, I recognise my limitations, men like me don't mix well with power, is good I am not on that committee or any committee. I would not tolerate on my property someone using the name of the CIA and claiming they have inside fake sources to push conspiracy theories. 

      Be grateful the admin provides you this space, most likely he is a good libertarian man, is one of the last corners of the internet where men like you can say their piece, as the rest of society is slowing isolating you. 

      Anytime you are welcome to exchange ideas with me, comrade, I enjoy entertainment. 

    4. bcsapper


      It was just based on the number of posts.  Long time members were invited to contribute. 

      There is no conspiracy.  On the thread I asked Dialamah how come she could say rude words and I couldn't, and she didn't know.  Then when she tried again, as part of our conversation, she couldn't either.

      Probably a minor glitch. Either that or a room full of computer experts like those CIA people in the Bourne movies watching for who uses words like id!ot and rerouting all the conservatives through a censor program.


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