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  1. Athlete deaths are up 1700% since 2021, and no one is allowed to ask why…

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    2. Boges


      Again, I have yet to see causal data linking the vaccine to death or even widespread disability. As opposed to say, Long COVID. 

      With the disease being spread more widely I know multiple very healthy people that had a rough experience with Omicron. 

      That being said, with the mutations from the original strain, I see little use in continuing to offer the vaccine in its current form.

      Perhaps a new vaccine geared towards Omicron is available, I'll get another jab, and that also goes from my Toddler son. And with 2+ years of real world trials and 90% of Canadians getting the vaccine, it can hardly be considered "experimental" anymore. 

    3. sharkman


      Boges, this thread has all kinds of proof.


    4. OftenWrong


      I’m all for people having the choice to take and inject whatever they wish into their own bodies. And conversely the choice not to.

      Me, after watching and learning what has happened, I will never put that crap in my arm again.

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