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  1. Sounds like they have some common sense, it's not rocket science. You use or lose it. I think one of the problems with trying to cure the sniffles is the bug only needs to mutate slightly to work around the cure. So then we attack that bug and again it mutates and so on. Meanwhile our immune system is not being challenged and as a result it's not evolving to fight the new bugs. Bring in the quest for profit and the situation gets even more complicated, now we don't want to kill all the "bad" bugs as it'll also kill our income source. This may not be the case but it is possible... COVID is only another organism on this planet that's trying to survive and multiply, it's no different then all the other creatures here. Just as the planet is our host, we are COVID's and millions of other viruses and bacteria's host. One thing we should take from this is when we die we are no longer a viable host to COVID, if we kill our habitat it won't be a viable host for us.
  2. Well, Quebec can continue importing at world prices. The east has Newfoundland oil and the west has Alberta and Saskatchewan oil, I don't see a problem. While we are at it we can drop crude related transfer payments.
  3. There should be no question on the oil, importing oil into Canada is so stupid. The Micheals should know the risks they were taking, everybody knows China is not a particularly safe place to visit. Maybe this is cruel to some people but they placed a bet and they lost, it's not my problem. Maybe we can trade Trudeau for them?
  4. Then send her to the states... China can go pound sand. What I'm saying is Canada as a country should not be so dependent on other countries. We have so much potential, I can't believe I'm the only one that sees it. Other countries should be begging us to do business, not the other way around.
  5. Yes you are correct for those contributions and I suppose Canada should continue. I do think Canada should be less dependent on trade and foreign investment. I don't like it when politicians say Canada is for sale. As more and more of our resources come under foreign control we become more dependent on these entities and have to bow to their demands. Amazon not paying taxes for one and I bet most of their profit is leaving Canada. I bet low oil and high fuel prices are benefiting multinational oil companies far more then US, at this rate we'd be farther ahead leaving our oil in the ground. With all our resources we shouldn't be a country so deep in debt. We are stuck between China and the US with the Huawei fiasco, we have far more to lose than either of those two and we have nothing to do with it. Just think if could send her home or to the US and tell them to figure it out.
  6. One has to wonder if getting all these vaccinations is healthy, isn't that at least part of the cause of superbugs in hospitals? Minor illness helps maintain a strong immune system? I'm no CDC expert...
  7. It still needs to get to them, stop COVID = stop the flu. Am I wrong?
  8. True, society is just a bunch of children that need to be told, then forced to do the right thing. Love www.amazon.com/vaccines, that is funny .
  9. That's what I've been trying to tell him... I'd say Trudeau's scandals are above average by a fair margin. One doesn't need to pick on him personally, there's plenty on him as a politian. Calling him names is childish, we should be above that and his opposition should be above that.
  10. Shouldn't need it, with all the COVID precautions the flu won't exist this year.
  11. LOL, somehow I doubt it, he's still a liberal. It would be interesting if something about the vaccines did go sideways though.
  12. Well this has deteriorated, I actually thought you were more mature than this... I state judge the man on his current performance and you are all over him as a person.
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