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  1. Yes, because of your multicultural situation and being atheists, you will likely not be much use in defending our historic Judeo-Christian civilization from the threat of Islamization. The issue is not about a group of people who are assimilating and getting along with each other. That is not the real problem . The problem is the third world immigrants who bring a hostile religion and demand to change our culture to accommodate themselves and their religion.
  2. The Government and Immigration department has the right to make that choice. There are some laws that come into play.
  3. OK. I think there are scientists who reject the theory of evolution as well.
  4. Our western Judeo-Christian civilization is threatened by bringing in people from third world countries who have a hostile religion and culture and do not fit in with us.
  5. Are you from Brazil? LOL What you believe in is called multicultural marxism. It would never work for a variety of reasons. Multiculturalism has already proven to be a failure. European immigrants blend in and accept Canadian culture because they come from the same cultural/religious background. Other reliigious groups do not blend in but seem to want to form their own enclaves. They do not accept Canadian culture very well. They want to advance their own religion. So you idea is a non-starter. You obvously haven't done any research or given it any serious consideration.
  6. Trudeau seems to be obsessed with bringing in Syrian Muslim refugees. How many of these people are even employable? Many people raised in the middle east are taught to hate westerners and non-muslims. That's what the Quran teaches. They don't speak English and many probably have no employable skills. The CBC News channel is trying to bolster Muslim immigration by running short ads now extolling the virtues of diversity, particularily Muslim immigration. I saw them in the last couple of days. One featured Mayor Nenshi from Calgary. Saskatchewan needed carpenters for construction sites in Regina and other places so they went to Ireland and hired tradesmen and carpenters to work in Saskatchewan. That's is the best solution. That's what other provinces should be doing.
  7. The caucasian race in Canada is threatened with extinction because of the present decline in the birth rate of caucasians. It might be irreversible. The only hope I think is to bring in only immigrants from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S. We could also put a stop to abortion which is killing off caucasians in Canada. That would be a partial solution because it might save close to 100,000 babies a year. But it is not the main solution. Without caucasian immigration in large numbers, Canada is on a downward spiral. I'm not sure what statistics you are looking at. But projections are for huge increases in old people in Canada. Who is going to pay for the health care and old age homes, etc?
  8. Yes, there is a video on The Rebel Media dot com with Faith Goldy where she actually went to the border in Manitoba to see first hand the migrants coming across the border. The RCMP has stopped reporting on the numbers crossing every day. There appears to be an organized smuggling operation going on with taxi drivers bringing people to the border. Most of them are single men, strong and able. One man she talked to came from Iritrea and was in the army there and there was no war going on. Not sure why he came to Canada. But any migrant in the U.S. with a criminal record or past is going to come across because he has a good chance of being deported by the U.S.
  9. You seem to be making up a number of assumptions with no proof or evidence. Yes there are many different religions in the world. Of course each believer thinks his or her religion is the true one and all others are false. There are many different denominations calling themselves christian. I believe many of them probably are christian. But there are others which are not biblical and would fall under the category of cults. You make the assumption that christians disbelieve in science. This is not correct. I can't really speak for other people so I will limit my answer to my own view. I had a great interest in science when I was a kid and had my own chemistry lab at home. I believe in true science, not fake science. Of course the big debate is about evolution versus creation. I don't think evolution is supported by science. Also I am not convinced man-made global warming is proven. I believe in climate change. There has always been climate change, but not man-made climate change. Anti-vaccination people are not restricted to certain christians. I know there are some christians who don't believe in it, but I think the great majority are not anti-vaccination. There are a lot of vegans or vegetarians who are anti-vaccination but who are not christians. You also err in saying christians think the planet is disposable. I have talked to christians for decades and have never met one christian who believes that. I think you made that one up on the fly. Christians believe in responsible use of the creation that God has given us. But they don't support environmental fanaticism, which we see a lot of these days. Those people have their own religion, worshipping mother earth.
  10. I noticed something very unusual on the CBC News channel the last couple of days. Yesterday and today they broadcast a short ad promoting diversity/multiculturalism. Today it was on about 4:47PM and was the Mayor of Calgary, Nenshi, talking about diversity. I wondered who is running and paying for this ad. Seems very strange. Wonder if this part of the work of the committee directed to deal with Islamophobia. Perhaps we will see educational ads to teach Canadians about diversity.
  11. It is an established fact that Canada has an aging population. The only way Canada can continue to provide a decent health care system and Old Age Pensions to the increasing number of seniors is if we have significant immigration which will contribute to the tax base, not drain the system. However, this immigration should come from Europe because that is where culture most closely matches the Judeo-Christian culture which built Canada.
  12. The Council of European Canadians has a great article called "Islamization of Canada - Without a Counter Reaction" - by Peter Goodchild For those who are concerned about the future of Canada with regard to immigration, this organization seems well worth consideration. http://www.eurocanadian.ca/2017/04/islamization-of-canada-without-a-counter-reaction.html#more "Globalists such as Justin Trudeau would like to fill the West with people who will help to create a vast dictatorship, where the main population consists of uneducated people accustomed to autocracy, and where the dissidents are reduced in numbers, taught to be ashamed of their own culture, and brainwashed into a belief in what is euphemistically called multiculturalism. Ultimately this so-called multiculturalism means a world of no culture at all — a world of no values, no pride, no self-respect, no past, and no future, only obedience. Tens of thousands of "Syrian refugees" have already been brought into Canada by Trudeau, and many more will be coming. Most do not speak English, most are not employable, and most are Muslim. And why is no Muslim country willing to take these people? Canada already has serious problems of unemployment and poverty, and our health-care system is rated 30th by the World Health Organization, yet Trudeau spends vast amounts of money on such questionable issues as his so-called humanitarianism — more accurately referred to as "grabbing the ethnic vote." The total expected cost of bringing in these Syrians is said to be about a billion dollars, though the real figure may be considerably more than that. And of course Syrians are not the only Muslims coming into Canada. Canada has the world's highest overall rate of immigration. It also has the world's fastest growing Muslim population. Yet most of Canada is barren land, not suitable for further growth in population of any sort."
  13. The problem in Canada is the Liberal and NDP want open immigration from the third world and could care less how it effects our country. I don't believe there is much opposition among the left to open immigration. Most are either for it or at best take a neutral position. Few oppose it. None want to be seen as racist or xenophobic, and now Islamophobic. The left know how to play this to silence any critics. Few polictians will stand against open borders. The odd politician that does, even in a very mild manner, such as Kelly Leitch, is immediately rejected as some kind of radical or racist, xenophobic. The fewer from western Judeo-Christian countries, the happier the left are. They are also globalists and believe in dragging Canada into some kind of global socialist order. The more immigrants we get from the third world, the more political pressure the left can exert to increase the numbers from those areas even more. They realize these type of immigrants are likely to vote for left leaning parties who will support open borders and immigration from the third world. They are quite comfortable with illegal migrants walking across the border and getting onto our social system. Since the U.N. is the current vehicle for globalism, they strongly support all things U.N. If the U.N. decrees man-made global warming is a fact, they all jump and are ready to pay whatever carbon tax is imposed. Of course there might be the odd person who protests, but this does little good because his voice is drowned out by the majority on the left.
  14. The Roman Church does NOT recognize the bible as it's final authority Their final authority is called the Majesterium, a council of hierarchy. Only Protestant Bible believers believe the bible as their final authority. Of course today, many churches have gone downhill and fallen into error. But at the time of the Reformation, the Jesuits were formed to counter the REformation. They started the Counter-reformation. They held a council around 1545 and decreed a long list heresies which Protestants believed. I believe one of them was the Protestant belief of the right of private interpretation of the bible. They condemned this. You can mock my view that the Roman church held back progress in many countries, but the evidence is there. Mexico, South America and Central America were exploited by Spain 500 years ago. There are books written on that.
  15. The Magna Carta might have come before the Reformation, but in the 1500s, kings still ruled as absolute monarchs. It took much longer before they obtained an elected parliament. No I am not opposed to atheists being in government, the media, and academic world. I believe in democracy, not totalitarianism. I am not oppressed by people who disagree with me and not oppressed by atheists. Everyone has the right to believe what they wish. That wasn't always the case. Especially during the time of the Holy Roman Empire. Even in the 1500s one could not publicly express contrary views. Men were burned at the stake for translating the bible into the English Language. Men paid with their lives for us to have the freedom of belief we have today.
  16. Well, first of all, Jesus did not come to build a political kingdom on earth. He is not in the business of building some kind of global government. Jesus kingdom is a spiritual kingdom he said, not of this world. So, christians should do what they can to help those in need and many do. The bible does not say to set up a socialist system with every conceivable social service. The American Republican party would not be a christian party, although there may be a lot of christians who support it. They have to vote for one of two parties. Not much choice. There is no such thing as a "christian" political party. We have no idea how many people in the U.S. are actually christians. There may be a lot. But they do not control a political party. I would not say the religious right are less caring simply because they don't believe in a socialist system that Democrats might want. Jesus never taught marxism or socialism. Charity in the bible is an individual act, not something enforced on a nation like communism. That said, there no prohibition against having government provide some social service such as medicare or the old age pension or welfare to take care of the poor. How one votes for those things are a matter of individual preference, not bible commandments. The bible says if a man will not work let him not eat. It also exhorts charity and helping those in need.
  17. Yes, I would agree with your assessment of Russia, Italy. The difference , I tried to point out, is the brand of christianity in Italy (Roman Catholic) and Russia (Russian Orthodox) is the key to understanding why they never really changed the way England and part of northern Europe did. Roman Catholicism, Russian Orthodox are a very liturgical or mechanical kind of religion. The religion makes much of ceremonies performed by priests such as sacraments i.e. mass. They are full of rituals. They use icons and statues. People bow down to these and expect the priest to intervene on their behalf with God. That is the problem in a nutshell. The Reformation did not take place in Italy or Russia. They kept the old man-made rituals and practices as their religion. In England, Scotland, the Netherlands, and part of Germany the Reformation took place. They threw out the old ritualistic religion to different degrees. They wanted to return to the original christianity of the apostolic times. That entailed a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. a new birth by the Holy Spirit. This made believers become disciples of Christ. This was totally different from the Roman Catholicism or the Russian Orthodox religion of rituals and a priesthood between the people and God. This created a different kind of christian in England, Scotland and other countries. They believed what counted was their personal relationship with God, not what some priest or church would do for them. Around the same time, you had people demanding democratic institutions. They realized they were no longer under the shackles of a pope or church. After centuries of being under the heavy dictatorship of kings, bishops, priests, monks, and popes, they suddenly literally woke up to find that the church was not infallible and therefore the people had rights. It was not a big leap to then want democracy and self government rather than a absolute monarchy any longer. The die was cast. They rejected the church, pope, and priest as the final authority on all matters of faith and embraced grace and faith with Christ being the only mediator between God and men. The bible became their sole rule of faith, not the church. The Roman church fought this in Europe with the formation of the Jesuit order in about 1540 and the use of the Inquisition but they could not stop the Reformation when kings rebelled against the pope in England and other places.
  18. Hey! Do you deny there is a globalist agenda to create a kind of socialist global system based on their worldview? That is the worldview of the liberal left. I can give a few things that would be on their agenda, and yes they already have made some headway. So yes, those who believe in the teachings of the bible should be concerned. I don't say worried because christians have their faith in Christ, who will return in due time and put all opposition down. Now a few things on the liberal left's agenda. First abortion on demand. This is already quite well established in Canada and has been for decades. Another is doctor-assisted suicide. A third might be same-sex marriage. The globalists also want to bring all countries into subjection to their authority. They would like to ban freedom of thought and christianity. They would like to indoctrinate everyone on their way of thinking. They despise christianity. They seem to be content for the moment to help with the advance of Islam because they will get a lot of votes from that quarter. Western civilization is already feeling under threat in parts of western Europe. In England there are over 80 Sharia law courts. I don't advocate Dominionism. I know there are some reformed churches that may to some degree support Dominion theology, but I don't think that will gain any traction in Canada. Most people including many christians would oppose it. But the biggest concern is atheism embedded in political parties, the media, and the academic world. From that base, they advance their liberal left agenda to make Canada less of a Judeo-Christian nation and more of a humanist, less caring country. It may not be far down the road until they bring in euthanasia of the old, disabled, or medically-challenged people.
  19. Christianity certainly didn't make Europe immune from war and more than any other place on earth. If there is an aggression, then there has to be defense.
  20. Goddess, Respect for women and homosexuals are christian principles. There are some religions which do not respect women or homosexuals. There are even some countries that imprison or punish homosexuals in Africa or other places. That is not based on christian teaching. It is a perversion. Christians respect individuals although they will not agree with homosexual practices. Christian teachings means respect for the dignity of the individual. People who do not respect women or homosexuals as persons are not really following the christian faith. Christians do not support abortion and do not see it as a matter of respect for women. Christians view human life of the unborn baby as sacred. That is another whole topic though.
  21. The answer is the west has a far more advanced civilization technologically and educationally than the rest of the world. Naturally with all the scientists and technology I can understand why. But it all comes back to the benefits of the Judeo-Christian culture of certain western nations such as Germany, UK, U.S.A., Canada, Australia and others. These countries have prospered and developed far better than the rest of the world. As an example, after WW2, some of the best scientists (Werner Von Braun), Albert Einstein, immigrated to the U.S. and joined the space program. U.S. offered freedoms that many other countries don't have, because it is built on western christian principles developed down through time. While that was going on the USSR and China adopted Communism and Stalin imposed a very dark dictatorship with no freedoms.
  22. Not talking about whether there is a god or not. You have to go back and read what we have been talking about today. It's not a debate about God. The main subject is atheism is hurting the west. AS part of that I have been explaining how the west has advanced far beyond the rest of the world because of it's Judeo-Christian culture. I can't repeat it all now. If interested you can scroll back a bit to see the jist of it.
  23. The book Roman Catholicism by Loraine Boettner. Chapter XVIII Intolerance-Bigotry-Persecution While some of this is not so evident since Vatican II in 1965 and in countries where RCC is in the minority, in some countries with high RC population there are still these three problems. You will notice countries with a high RC population have major problems as in Mexico, central and south America as I pointed out. Spain and Italy and eastern European countries. Their attitude toward non-Catholics has softened somewhat since Vatican II in the spirit of ecumenism. Instead of heretics, non RCs are called separated brethren. Some countries that are high percentage RC have huge problems, Haiti, Mexico. Cuba has the communist revolution and lost their fundamental rights. "Latin America is Christianity's most shocking failure" (P.42 The Westminster Press, Philadelphia; 1944) There is a world of difference between Roman Catholicism of Latin America and catholicism of Europe and North America. Europe had the Reformation and the reformed churches, protestant churches went to North America with the settler. The reformation ideas and enlightenment therefore spread through much of northern Europe and came to North America. But not to Latin America. Roman Catholic Spain in the 1400s, 1500s, sent their military and priests to Latin America to make slaves out of the native people and extort their gold and ship it to Spain. The Conquistadors. Latin America was fully exploited for what Spain could get out of it.
  24. I'm not sure what needs to proven. I am simply saying western civilization is far advanced in terms of prosperity, respect for individual human rights, existence of democratic institutions, fair judicial system, educational systems, health, and military strength. You will notice these successes are in the countries that most embraced the Reformation and Judeo-Christian culture and principles. These countries have the most respect for individual's rights, social systems to provide for those in need, those with health problems, etc. The rest of the world which were not built on these principles are struggling in poverty, revolutions, crime, barbaric religions practices, widespread murders, civil wars, etc. I think it is even fair to say that Roman Catholic countries have not advanced nearly as much as those countries where the reformation took place. Just look at Mexico with it's drug wars, reversion by many people to bizarre religion (Miurte) , central America, south America, all in poverty, drug crime, murder, and unstable political institutions. Italy, Spain, Greece and eastern European countries have not done that well either, although they are far better off than the third world countries.
  25. I don't think anyone would dispute the west is far more prosperous than Africa, the middle east, India, the Phillipines, central and south America. Does it need to be proven? Many of them live in hovels, have no cars, no supermarkets loaded with all the best food in the world, no highways, no rapid transit, no nice homes, or apartments. The examples are endless.
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