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  1. I recall hearing many years ago that if you shoot a criminal breaking into your home make sure he is dead because if he is alive and goes to court, your chances are slim of getting off. His word against yours. What if he says he was breaking in because he was starving or had taken some drugs and thought it was his own home? I'm not recommending this; just saying what I heard about it.
  2. Moral relativism would be a very poor guide for anything. That's what we have now. It is subject to pressures of different kinds and can be made to bend to anything. Didn't the Nazis use moral relativism? What about Stalin? What about all the dictators in Africa and other countries? Moral relativism are just words than mean whatever you want to believe.
  3. You might want to check into that. I thought it was illegal but I could be wrong. Thought that was a big debate years 25 or 35 years ago. I think the first thing you might be charged with is illegal use of a firearm, before you even get to being charged for manslaughter or second degree murder. I'll try to google it. It's essentially left to a the police how they decide to charge you and up to a judge to examine the details. But the person defending himself becomes a defendant in court. Also the question of whether you used excessive force comes into question.
  4. Trouble is in Canada the lefties (Liberal, NDP, Greens) have emasculated everyone. It is illegal to use a gun to defend yourself, your property, or your family from any criminals threatening your life. This might fit in with the globalist agenda to disarm everyone and then set up a one world dictatorship.
  5. This is what the Rebel Media reveals to us: After receiving over a billion dollars in taxpayer money, a Canadian company is laying off 2000 workers in Canada and advertising jobs in Mexico and China. Do you think Trump would do a deal like this? Check Rebel Media dot com
  6. Where did you get that idea? Harper left the economy in good shape. In the last five years of the Conservatives from 2011 to 2015, the Conservatives paid off the deficit completely so when the Liberals were elected there was no deficit. There is no recession right now so why have a deficit?
  7. Why don't you read the article so you have something to discuss? You seem to be on a crusade to oppose everything. What's the point?
  8. Yes, anybody who doesn't go along with the Liberal or NDP agenda is a racist or Islamophobe. Now can we have an intelligent discussion with those that think a little deeper?
  9. He was found not guilty or the the charges were dropped of most of the charges but was convicted of one charge I believe. He served his time in the U.S. and has since made a comeback to television and newspaper commentary. He is an excellent writer. I would recommend his thick book about the history of the United States which I read. He has a perspective which is different from the usual CBC type left wing journalists.
  10. Has our society become a hedonistic and pagan spectacle, supported and promoted by liberal and leftist (Jesuit) ideology? A number of our Prime Ministers were schooled in the Jesuit run Laval university. Does this have something to do with liberal ideology? From an article in National Post by Conrad Black March 31, 2017. http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/conrad-black-the-enlightenment-has-mutated-and-this-threatens-our-civilization What do you think? Are we past the point of no return? Is there even such a thing as a Canadian culture or values or is it all whatever or whereever the establishment takes us?
  11. The reason is simple. It is called Sakoku. Policy of no immigration. http://allfourestates.com/why-japan-has-no-islamic-terrorism-sakoku-and-immigration/ Quote By Akira Lawson Want to know why Japan has never endured a terrorist attack? Simple, Sakoku (鎖国), a term commonly known by Japanese people and those who study Japanese culture and history. The term denotes the immigration policy enacted by the Tokugawa Shogunate, which dictates that no foreigner could immigrate to Japan, nor a Japanese person could leave Japan, or else it would be ‘off with the head’ for either party. Having no official coinage in the Japanese language till the 19th century, the closed-door policy itself, is situated at the core of Japanese ideology and continues to be the root reason to why Japan is a homogenous society; one of the very few in the developed world. Although Japan’s national isolation or seclusion came to a halt with the establishment of trade/diplomatic relations with the West, especially with the arrival of Commodore Perry with his Black Ships (kurofune) at the Bay of Edo (Tokyo), the policy continues today to be the foundation and contributing pillar in policy making, specifically in the areas of immigration. Unquote
  12. You are going back a long way, over a century, to find something Ottawa did for the west. Building the railway was part of an agreement for B.C. to join Canada. It also served the east by providing access to the Pacific Ocean and Asia for shipping goods. Trudeau screwed Alberta with his National Energy Program. Justin Trudeau has made comments to show he doesn't have much use for Alberta and favours Quebec.
  13. The Federal government is failing Canadians in many ways. Just heard that six executives in Bombardier gave themselves a 50% raise last year and are making a total of 32 million dollars between the six of them. Yet Ottawa gave about 400 to 500 million dollars of taxpayer money to Bombardier a few months ago. Now they are laying off 14,500 people worldwide. Ottawa also just gave Ford motor company about 200 or 300 million dollars of taxpayer money. Trudeau promised to give third world countries 2.65 billion dollars of Canadian taxpayer money to them to help them deal with climate change. He also is putting carbon pricing on Canadians which will raise the price of everything. He is creating a deficit which will be close to 30 billion dollars in a couple of years. He is not good for Canada. He went on a holiday at Christmas to visit Khan on a Caribean Island which cost Canadian taxpayers 127,000 dollars. All this while many Canadians are struggling to make ends meet with high rent, high mortgage payments and other expenses.
  14. We know God created the universe and that he always existed. He is not limited by time, matter or anything else. He is not made of matter. God is a spirit. We know all this because God has revealed himself and what he did in the Bible. The fact God created everything is described in the first part of Genesis in the Bible. He always was. No need to speculate on anything beyond that. You limit God when you think of him in terms of matter. He is not made of matter. Spirit is not matter. God's spirit is present everywhere and upholds and sustains the universe. It might be too much for you to believe but there is no rational alternative. You are correct, our "human" understanding of the universe is based on things like time, space, and matter. But God is far beyond that. That is where many people run into trouble because they think only in terms of matter.
  15. Isaac Newton who was a scientist who studied the physical laws of the universe believed in God. He had enough sense to know the physical laws that govern the universe couldn't just happen or come into being themselves. He new they needed a divine creator.
  16. It has not been proven false. It cannot be proven false. There is absolutely nothing that can "prove" that God didn't create the universe. The natural selection theory of random mutations has been rejected by some scientists. I saw a christian scientist who once was an atheist and believed all that, but did a lot of investigation and came to the conclusion that the theory of random selection is false. He is a mathematician as well and demonstrated that the theory of probability just does not support the theory of natural selection. He demonstrated on a slide presentation that it just doesn't work because the probability of natural selection is too small for it to work. He likened it to a monkey being given a typewriter and given enough time to randomly hit the keys. How long would it take for him to type out the complete works of Shakespeare? Practically speaking, forever. Same with natural selection. There just isn't enough time for it to randomly select the right building blocks of life to produce life. Mathematical theories of probability show natural selection would not work. Incidentally, Professor Stott attended conferences on evolution/creation all over the world and demonstrated why the theory of natural selection is false. I attended Professor Philip Stott's five evening slide show presentations on a variety of creation related science subjects. Very informative. He makes the case from a scientific point of view that evolution is false. I made a series of five videos of his presentations. Also saw him several years later and attended his three evening presentations. He was originally from England but studied in South Africa and became Mathematician professor. He showed how Darwin was wrong. How the geological time chart is inconclusive because there are huge missing gaps in the time chart.
  17. Jimmy Bakker has a daily television program on satellite television and goes on a number of networks to many viewers. He did fall into some financial irregularities 20 or more years, went to prison for five years and paid his penalty. He has since made an amazing comeback and is doing well. I listen to him occasionally. He is fine, but getting older and has his health issues. He remarried years ago and has a nice wife who God saved as well. Christians believe God forgives sinners, including christians who fall. Jesus said he came not for the righteous, but for sinners. He came to save sinners. The bible says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.
  18. Sorry to hear about those kind of things. I will say I lived in a small town and attended a dutch reformed church for most of 25 years although I am not dutch descent. The dutch people in the reformed churches in the town were generally a hard-working God-fearing people. Large percentages of the dutch community did attend church and send their kids to christian schools. Their children attended school from the time they were born and many of them were hard-working and started their own businesses which were often quite successful. They spend holiday weekends with their families. When a mother or father is ill, their children or others in the church will often deliver meals to the ill persons and help them. They help their children and children often heIp their parents. I have seen it first hand. Many members of their families went to church together. They had a strong sense of maintaining close family ties and helping each other. They feared God and depended on him to take care of them. They married into the dutch community often. Some of them had very successful businesses and contributed a lot to building their churches and christian schools. A lot of them had a strong belief in the Calvinist work ethic. Of course there is the odd one who went astray. Some had some difficulties in life. Lots of families had four, five, six or more kids. Generally I would say they were good-living Canadians who contributed to the community. This doesn't mean that nobody ever made mistakes in there life. People do sometimes fall into temptation. But they have a strong belief in a loving God who is merciful and forgiving.
  19. No. The Trump documentary just happened to be starting when I shut down last night. I pray there is a day of salvation for you.
  20. Do I detect some cynicism? Time for me to go anyway. Maybe watch Trump documentary on CBC now starting. Remember now is the day of salvation. Don't put it off.
  21. Well, if you get to heaven, you'll probably have everything you ever wanted to eat. The bible says God has mansions for his people.
  22. OK. I never said it was a dumb question. No, I don't think God needs to use a toilet. We only know what the bible tells us about God. There are things we don't know and would be only guessing.
  23. Life doesn't end in the grave. God created man with a soul and a spirit. Death is not the end according to the bible. Because of our fallen nature, it is natural to be in rebellion against God until he reaches man through the Spirit and his written Word.
  24. God is perfect and infinite in all respects. It's not for us to question our almighty creator. He has given us an out. It is in the bible, especially the New Testament gospels. Life is difficult for many people and many suffer. But this is not God's fault. He is merciful and willing to forgive fallen men.
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