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  1. Great points. And forcing people from certain demographics to play on the hockey team too for proportionally? Knowing they don't have the skills. This is why meritocracy works.
  2. Only one group needs special treatment and handouts. Everyone else is succeeding and doing fine. One small percentage of the population is asking for the others to give them support with housing, lower standards in educational requirements, exclusive employment opportunities, and extra privileges. Who is fragile? You won't answer because you don't have an answer. @ Moonbox You only have racism and hate.
  3. I think buying a house in gta is hard for everyone. The government only helping one group based on a single variable is indefensible. It is racist and offensive.
  4. Feds to use public funds to help people, based on race, buy a house. Only one race is eligible...I thought buying a house in Toronto was hard for everyone. https://beta.ctvnews.ca/local/toronto/2022/2/18/1_5786938.html Add this to the many publicly funded programs that help this group and this group only with education, jobs, training, business loans. By the way, look at Canada's track team and basketball team and point out the systemic racism. None? Is it possible people achieve success based on merit, efforts, skills?
  5. Fact Check..the articles cited range from various years but are as recent as last month. It takes time to see what charges are laid in an investigation hence the delay. But, the key point is that no Proud boys have been charged with terror or murder as Singh claims. That was the point. These are lies by a party leader.
  6. Sigh. There was no context a year ago as no charges had been filed. It takes time to understand a situation. The questions are relevant as time has proven the allegations of PB being involved in murder and domestic terror are now known to be false. You don't seem to understand how facts work. Keep on trolling, sir. I'm not continuing this exchange.
  7. Yes, I have. I wanted to wait and see the facts as opposed to relying on CNN, like Singh. The facts are...no terror charges. No murder. No pb organization involvement. Basically 4 individuals got a few charges and nothing else significant. Facts come time. Not hysteria.
  8. I would like MP Singh to answer the following. I hope, on behalf of our Charter rights to freedom of thought and other rights, and Canadian values, that he answers and that someone asks him these questions. Questions. You proposed a successful motion to have the Proud Boys labelled a domestic terrorist organization. What specific elements of their organization, Charter, mandate, philosophy, ideology promotes terror? Fact Check: None. https://www.nationalobserver.com/2021/02/01/opinion/ndp-campaign-ban-proud-boys-young-voters How many members of the Proud Boys have been convicted of domestic terror charges or criminal violence for actions related to their membership in the Proud Boys organization in Canada? Fact Check: None. You claim that white nationalists killed people on the January 6th trespassing incident in a foreign country. Name the people convicted of murder. At 4:50: Fact Check: No one has been charged with murder from the trespassing incident on January 6th in Washington. Oath Keepers, not Proud Boys, have been charged, but not convicted, of sedition. No murder charges for anyone. https://www.businessinsider.com/doj-uphill-battle-prove-sedition-charges-capitol-riot-probe-2022-1 The most serious charges facing Proud Boys members is obstruction ". This does not seem in proportion to a domestic terrorist group. Also, these 4 were acting as individuals, not on an organization wide direction. The group is not responsible for individual behavior. Compare these charges to Singh's claims. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/12/28/proud-boys-members-must-face-january-6-charges-us-judge-rules Singh claims: "Given their involvement in the violence, in the undermining of democracy and the incitement of those horrible images that we saw out of Washington, D.C., I think it is very clear this is a group that should not be able to operate in Canada," said Singh. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-the-monday-edition-1.5868846/ndp-leader-calls-for-proud-boys-to-be-designated-a-terrorist-group-1.5870383 Why do you allow events in foreign countries to influence Canadian laws? Do you believe there is a problem in the white community in Canada with racism and hatred? Fact Check: MP Singh routinely makes this claim. Do you believe any other community or just the white community has a problem with racism and hate? Fact Check: MP Singh is silent on crimes of hate involving other communities. You claim that Canada has a serious problem with white racists who are a threat to the safety of non whites, name the two most dangerous white supremacist organizations in Canada. Fact Check: Canada does not have a white nationalists problem. There are no organized movements of hate involving white supremacists in Canada. How many members are in these dangerous white supremacist organizations? Fact Check: Any such organization would have membership in the dozens , not thousands, and many members would be feds and antifa. You support Bill C 229 to have kkk symbols banned in Canada. Do you believe the kkk is a serious threat to the safety of Canadians in 2022? What is your evidence? When was the last incident involving the kkk in Canada? Fact Check: The KKK has never been a threat to anyone in Canada and is not a real concern in 2022. Toronto over the past four years has had over 400 shootings each year. How many have been linked to a white supremacist organization? Fact Check: None. https://data.torontopolice.on.ca/pages/shootings Do you believe banning the Proud Boys, flags, and kkk symbols are more important than addressing gun violence by gangs? Fact Check: MP Singh makes little to no comments about gang violence. In fact, the NDP supports defending the police which would allow shooters to kill more and be caught less. https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/warmington-star-ndp-candidate-carried-f-the-police-protest-sign Most race based studies categorize people into one of three groups: White, Black, other. Stats Canada shows that other/ non whites are the most successful in Canada in terms of earnings, and an OHRC study shows that other/non whites are treated the most favorable by police and a report based on Toronto School District Board data shows "other" are the most successful. Do you believe there is systemic racism? If so, whom does this system favour? You, MP Singh, would fall under other. Is the system designed for your success as an " other"? Do you have " other privileges " ? Fact Check: https://www.policyalternatives.ca/sites/default/files/uploads/publications/National Office/2019/12/Canada's Colour Coded Income Inequality.pdf The following five groups are even with, above, or about equal to White earning power: South Asian (25% of racialized population) are at 0.96 cents Chinese (21%) are at 1.03 Arab (7%) are at 1.00 even Korean (2.5%) are at 1.53 Japanese (1.2%) are at 1.24 Approximately, 60% of non-Whites (third generation or longer) are even or above White earning power. This data is especially telling because these groups actually experienced legitimate systemic racism. Japanese Canadians who are at #2 were subjected to internment in the 1940's. 90% of Japanese Canadians were interned and they now earn more dollar than Whites. How can this be a system of oppression? How are they marginalized in 2021? Chinese Canadians were subjected to the head tax and the exclusion act which are examples of legitimate systemic racism. Now, they earn 1.03 to a White dollar. Arab Canadians are even with the White dollar despite claims of "Islamaphobia". Not all Arabs are Muslim but they are impervious to systemic racism on their ability to earn in Canada. https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf Figure 6 shows the outcomes for students at the end of the 5-year period. Within this cohort, 84% of White students had graduated from high school at the end of 5 years, compared to 87% of other racialized students. Other are graduating at a higher rate than White students. This is not evidence of systemic racism rather the contrary. https://edu.yorku.ca/files/2017/04/Towards-Race-Equity-in-Education-April-2017.pdf 4.1.c Post-secondary confirmation (university): 60% to 47% Figure 8 compares the post-secondary plans of Black and White high school students in the same cohort. As the graph shows, almost half (47%) of the White students in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. A larger proportion of other racialized students (60%) in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. The group " other " has the statistical advantage. Mr. Singh, Please advise how Chinese people make up almost 20% of Canada 'a population yet less than 6% of the incarceration rate. Why does " systemic racism " not apply to Chinese people in the justice system? Fact Check: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incarceration_in_Canada Name any law in 2022 that is racist in favour of whites. Fact Check: There are none. All provinces have Human Rights legislation that make it illegal for discrimination based on race. You claim that the media engages in systemic racism by never discussing racism by whites. Are you unaware of media like cbc, Toronto Star, ctv, global news that consistently make news stories focused on racism? At 4:55 Fact Check: Trucker rally. Subban and the flexing fight. Every news story, every day is about how " racist " white people are. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jagmeet-singh-anti-mask-far-right-1.6020777 Mr. SINGH DO YOU DISAVOW Babbar Khalsa????? I hope someone asks this race baiting grifter anyone of these questions in question period or anywhere else.
  9. Any evidence? Name someone killed in Canada-other than the Quebec incident-for not being white? Many hate crimes are by non whites. See Saad Akhtar and the Danforth shooting. Ask Asians who are killing them. You are spreading lies.
  10. MP Jagmeet Singh and the NDP party want you to hate white people. They want you to believe that whites are racist, hateful, and dangerous. Their latest propoganda scam is Bill C-229. As per the ndp's website: "This bill is designed to make people believe that white Canadians are racist and dangerous. The proposed bill asks to make symbols associated with the KKK, the Nazis, and the Confederate flag banned in Canada for selling and displaying. " The NDP claims that: "Bill C-229 is a tool designed to address the growing violence and hatred in Canadian communities." Of course there is no evidence to support the claim of any rising hatred in Canada. In fact, Canada remains a very welcoming and tolerant country. One of the greatest countries and best places to live in the history of humanity. Free health care to all sounds racist? Free housing and welfare to the poor regardless of race? Many newcomer programs to support immigrants from all countries is evidence of the contrary. MP Singh will be quick to cite the Quebec Mosque shooting as " evidence " of Canadians as evil racists; however, that was an isolated incident unrelated to any organization or movement. The tragedy was more likely related to mental health issues than evidence of a Canada wide problem. This bill is consistent with the NDP's agenda to promote the idea that Canadian whites are racist and a grave threat to the nation. You will remember MP Singh proposing that the Proud Boys be labelled a domestic terrorist group. This was based on no evidence of any criminal activity by the PB's in Canada. Just more race baiting hysteria by the left wing hate group, the NDP who believes CNN that the Proud Boys, with a Black leader, is a white supremacist organization. Look up Enrique Tarrio before you believe the PB's are Nazis. It starts at 4:10. At 5 :20, he makes unsubstantiated claims that white supremacists killed people on January 6th and these people are a threat in Canada too. By the way, which Proud Boy killed someone on January 6th? More fake news by Jagmeet spreading anti white lies. MP Singh claims white supremacists are a " real and urgent threat " in Canada. This is hate propoganda. Every Canadian should be outraged and insulted by Bill C 229. The KKK is a problem in Canada? How is this not absurd to any reasonably person? Name one crime linked to the KKK in Canada. Ever. The Nazi symbol. Canadians defeated the Nazis. Gave their lives to stop them and now Jagmeet comes along and suggests the people that defeated the Nazis are so evil and dangerous that laws are required to stop our love for Nazism. Give me a break. This is nonsense and simply an effort to make people hate whites by associating them with Nazis. The Confederate flag? How is a flag racist? People will argue both sides of this debate but no argument outweighs the Charter right to freedom of expression and the Confederate flag may mean many different things to many different people. Why is NDP so eager to ban groups and symbols? Didn't the Nazis love doing that? MP Singh is quiet when police, like Officer Northrup, are killed in the line of duty. His response to the alleged car attack in London is far different than the Danforth shooting. He is silent on the anniversary of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. He expressed no concern for Annie Chiu when Saad Akhtar killed her with a hammer in an act of domestic terror. There are hundreds of examples of gun crime and gang activity taking innocent lives across the country. Jagmeet....crickets... Compare gang shootings to the Quebec Mosque shooting. What does the evidence show about the real threat to security? No one wants to discuss that. Sorry. A person attacks protesters in Winnepeg with a jeep? Oh, not white? Indigenous? No comment. The list goes on. See a pattern? MP Singh only cares about crimes when the accused is white. If anyone questions the existence of " systemic racism" , MP Singh calls them a racist and so everyone plays along. His take on the truckers is beyond laughable: Singh; " It is clear that this is not a protest; this is an act to try to overthrow the government, and it is getting funded by foreign interference and we need to investigate and stop that – stop the flow of that foreign interference, particularly coming from the [United] States,” said Singh, whose party has the fourth-most seats in the House of Commons." Questions for Jagmeet...name one law in Canada that is racist??? A single one? Nothing? If systemic racism is real. How did you become a lawyer and leader of the NDP if the system is against you? By the way, Systemic racism was debunked in this article: Why are you raising your son in Canada? Are you not afraid of the KKK attacking him? What about the systemic racism??? Politicians and the media will sing along to the chorus of white Canadians as racist. Ask those at the freedom convoy. Ask Jacob Panetta. The anti white bill will be passed. People will feel vindicated that their fears of the KKK and Nazi groups being alive and well in Canada are real. Singh's message of "Whites want to kill non-whites as the KKk did in the South 100 years ago" will resonate with those living in Victim mode. This psychosis amongst so many will swell. More groups will be labelled as " white supremacist organizations " and banned as terror groups. New laws will be passed legalizing anti white discrimination and no one will do anything lest they be canceled as a racist. MP Singh will continue his racist, non factual rhetoric such as: "Radicalized white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the alt-right have resulted in the deaths of people,” he said, highlighting the threat to Canada’s Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and racialized communities. “Mothers talk to me of the fear they have for their kids going out into the community, worried about the violence they might face." Well done, Jagmeet. Your plan of hate is very effective. But, Canadians are not racist. We, of all colours, are warm, welcoming, tolerant people. You might not like white people but they did build the country you live in and where you want to raise your son. You could live anywhere in the world but you choose Canada because of how great Canadians are. One day someone will call out the emperor as naked, not wearing beautiful garb and your hateful lies will be exposed.
  11. City TV News is now claiming that the truckers' convoy rally causes PTSD to racialized people. The claim is based on the position that the protesters are racist. The video does not reference a single quote, soundbite, comment from the rally. Why? Because there is nothing racist about the rally, the convoy, the protesters. The media is desperate to find any form of racism and relies on absurd lies when there are no facts to support their claim. The only " evidence " of racism at the rallies was photos of the same flag carrier. It is not clear if the meaning of the flag was that the government policy was Nazi like or if the person supports Nazi ideals. It also not known if the flag carrier is racialized or not or if they have any affiliation with the protesters. Anti semitism is rampant in Muslim communities and groups like the Black Hebrew Israelites. A Nazi flag carrier can be of any color and group and it is racist to claim they must be white. The movement had no connection to this anonymous flag carrier. No conversation or interview was held with this unknown person. However, CITY news is claiming that this is causing people of colour (POC ) PTSD. How? No explanation was provided. The video focuses on Birgit UmIgba who asks people " what is stopping you from having more than one Black friend ". This is a curios question that seems to lack any facts and purpose. Who says white people have only one black friend and why is that important? The news presenter, Sarah Chew, also tries to link a tweet sent to Birgit to show " hate ". The tweet advised Birgit that "If you don't like it go back to Africa. White people value protest ." No context was provided. The interviewee is lobbed softball questions by Chew with a clear purpose: spread anti white hate. This messaging is consistent with Birgit's social media activity. The nurse does not have many good things to say about Ontario or white people. I don't know where she is from or much about her background but it's reasonable to project she earns over 100k per year. This would make her one of the wealthiest people on the planet yet she seems to hate everything about the system in which she thrives. On Twitter Birgit has claimed with no evidence that white kids are acting in a racist way at the protests. See her tweet. Birgit Umaigba RN, MEd @birgitomo The most disturbing part of the occupation led by the "freedom" convoy has been watching children hold hate signs alongside their parents. This has been particularly worrisome. The nurse also claims that seem to aligned with anti white hate. Birgit Umaigba RN, MEd @birgitomo Black people continue to encounter interruptions & dismissal when sharing experiences on racism. These interruptions come from white people who claim to be "non-racist". With overly sensitive ears, they come at us, "correct" our narrative because the truth is too uncomfortable. The " news story " does not examine why the Nazi flag would trigger people of colour but not impact Jewish people. The news story also offers a solution. Counseling. Specialized counseling with a twist. People with a discriminatory preference to have a counselor who looks like them, non white, can be accommodated. This race based performance promotes hate and anti white racism which is ironic. Martin Luther King had an inspirational dream. He famously shared that he wanted his children to be judged on the content of their character, not their skin colour. MLK wanted meritocracy, not racial segregation. Today this dog whistle for anti white hate is common: "services by someone who looks like me. " This really means judging people by their skin color, not the content of their character and when judging, be anti white. Of course this goes against King, human rights principles, and destoys a society attempting to be unified. It also is an attack on white employment opportunities. This is unconscionable yet it promoted on main stream media by City News by " journalists " like Sarah Chew with no shame. The video attempts to engage in anti-White fear mongering yet the only violence associated with the movement has been by a person linked to Antifa by a BIPOC. The person of colour who reports claim used a jeep to attack peaceful protesters in Winnepeg is David Zegarac. The man is well associated with left wing, radical movements. However, this is not the hate that concerns CBC or City News so don't expect counseling or concern from the media for the protesters. Again, the Nazi flag is never linked to the rally and no evidence of anything racist spoken during the event was presented in the " news " video. The only hate seems to come from those against the protesters, not the protesters. The objective seems to be to demonize whites and victimize non whites. Classic City TV. This is the link to the video:
  12. I am not going to comment on this situation because the facts have not been released. That is my point. I don't say the police are perfect, I say they don't shoot unarmed, cooperative suspects. The absence of any police shootings of unarmed people is my evidence.
  13. Same with me. That's all I can find. Also I don't know the purpose of the one or two confederate flag carriers.
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