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  1. No I'm not a Muslim. The professor's claim would be rejected by 99.999% of bible scholars and anyone who has a relatively basic knowledge of the Bible. Go to any website on bible commentary and interpretation. So are you a Muslim?
  2. What you quoted is false. The Bible's Old Testament is to be interpreted in it's context, i.e. much of it is historical. The claim that it is more violent than the Quran shows the professor doesn't know what he is talking about. Maybe he should talk to someone who knows the Bible. The context is of utmost importance and there is context in the Old Testament. I have read that a lot of the verses in the Quran exhorting violence are not in any context, which leaves it to the reader to decide how he wants to interpret it. The key is "context". If you are not willing to accept that, there is nothing much one can say.
  3. And where do you get the opportunity to persuade people of anything? Do you go to a mosque and speak to some people? Why would they listen to you? The Imam is the one who has the authority to interpret. Do you think they are going to listen to a non-believer tell them how to interpret the Quran or other holy writings? Besides, even if you became familiar with the Quran, you are still a "non-believer" to them. Many of the violent verse are apparently not in a context that you could explain. Apparently the context is ambiguous and could just as easily be interpreted as applying today. At least that is what I read by critics. But the first problem is there is no way you can get to talk to them except maybe the isolated individual.
  4. Check the website religion of peace dot com: Quote Does the Quran really contain over a hundred verses promoting violence? The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. Unquote So how do you manage to get around the facts?
  5. That is partially true except Islam is not going to change with any kind of pressure. Read the Quran and you will see the goal of Islam is the complete submission of the world. How do you change that fact? It is not inherently something that you can accommodate or work with to change. Maybe we should look at bible prophecy and see where all this is heading.
  6. I never said the earth was getting warmer. I don't know that. I mentioned the volcanic activity and forest fires to show there are other large emitters of CO2 besides man. If there is any climate change, it likely has nothing to do with man. There are lots of other reasons that could cause it if it is indeed warming up.
  7. Why do some articles report that the observations in the 20th century have contradicted the theory then? It is a very difficult theory to support because computer modeling depends on a host of assumptions. If incorrect assumptions are made and bad data is fed into the computer modeling, then bad data will come out.
  8. There are about 200 active volcanoes, which emit CO2. Forest fires emit CO2. I don't believe in man-made global warming. It is a known fact the radiation output from the sun varies. This obviously effects climate change. There are other causes as well. Man-made climate change theory suits the UN perfectly because it is made up of third world countries who will stand to benefit. Trudeau promised to give them 2.65 billion dollars to help them fight the effects of climate change. He never asked Canadians if they want to give that much money. We are treated like serfs and used for his own agenda.
  9. When I was living up in northwest B.C. I had a log house that took a lot of natural gas to heat. Carbon tax on natural gas was about $200 a year Carbon tax on auto gas was about $100 a year. So both those things were about $300 a year in carbon taxes. I don't agree with your premise that because I had a log house and had to pay more to heat, I should pay more carbon taxes. I am a senior and already paid too much for heating. The government doesn't care. It's a show. I don't agree with the reasoning that people who drive more should pay more carbon taxes either. Lots of people live in northern parts of B.C. and must drive hundreds of kilometres for various reasons. Some people have pickup trucks and work in the logging or mining and must drive great distances. People owned their homes and lived where they lived long before the carbon tax was brought in. They had no choice. I had my log house long before the carbon tax was brought in. Sold it and moved down south. The person that bought it must now pay the high carbon taxes. People that need to see specialists often have to travel to another town hundreds of kilomtres away. I don't agree with the premise that we are causing global warming anyway and I don't agree that some people in B.C. should have had to pay several thousand dollars in carbon taxes while the rest of the world pays nothing. It's not fair and it's a scam. It won't make one iota of difference to climate change. One big volcanic eruption or one big forest fire would probably emit more CO2 than all the cars in B.C. for a year.
  10. "Revenue-neutral" is political bafflegab. There may have been a small general tax reduction sometime in the past eight years, but that doesn't mean the carbon tax is revenue neutral to those who paid it. The fact is most of the carbon tax is paid by a relatively small segment of taxpayers. I paid about $2100 in the past seven years on natural gas home heating and auto gas. People who live in apartments and do little or no driving or ride rapid transit pay little carbon taxes. People who heat their homes with electricity or wood stoves pay no carbon taxes on that. People who live in rural areas and must drive great distances pay more carbon taxes than people who don't need to drive much. It is a discriminatory tax and hits certain people. The minor tax cut would have been general and everyone is the province would have received it, including those who pay little or no carbon taxes. So is that 'revenue-neutral"? Of course not. I would have received very little if anything back from the $2100 I paid. Most of it went to everyone else in the province who didn't deserve it. That's how politicians think.
  11. Trump is elected President. Why keep on harping about him? Accept he won and democrats lost. It's over. Give the man a chance. Isn't that how democracy works?
  12. I paid $2100 in direct carbon taxes in the last eight years in B.C. but I know there are many of you who like Chong and are dying to pay carbon taxes but haven't had the chance yet. I have a suggestion for you. If you and others would prefer Chong because you believe in your heart that man-made climage change is not a fraud, why don't you open your wallet and send the B.C. government (who charges carbon taxes) $2000 and mark it carbon tax gift. I am sure they will love you for it and maybe even send you an official certificate.
  13. The supreme court might approve the travel ban. If a federal government cannot control who enters the country, then you really have a problem.
  14. Just ask any of the border guards patrolling the U.S. with Mexico if they think a wall would be helpful. They are catching illegals every day. Of course lots get through. A good wall will make it far more difficult to get through. Make it a high enough wall nobody can climb over with high tech equipment everywhere. Make it so difficult it won't be worth trying. The U.S. is in a tough geographical area with hordes of economic migrants and drug mules trying to get into the U.S because their countries are so poor and corrupt in central and south America. The situation is never going to change. The wall is the only realistic solution. The U.S. cannot take care of whole world as some seem to think.
  15. Chong is out of sync with all other 13 conservative candidates. I doubt he has much support in the party. I don't think he has much chance. There has to be a difference between parties. If one wants to pay carbon taxes, they can vote for a Liberal or NDP. I think most Conservatives are generally against taxes to begin with. so it is important to have someone who opposes carbon taxes, not support them.
  16. Google ten reasons man-made climate change is a hoax. Thousands of scientists oppose the theory. I paid $2100 in the past seven years on carbon taxes. It hits come people while others pay little or nothing.
  17. He is standing up for America, not giving away the country. The wall will create lots of jobs and keep out lots of criminals. China built the great wall, a good example to keep out the barbarian hordes. Trump will do the same.
  18. Chong is half Liberal half Conservative. Why would a true conservative vote for someone who wants to put carbon taxes on us. Not everyone falls for the man-made climate change hoax. I won't vote for O'Leary either. Where has he been all along. He suddenly appears and want to be leader. We don't even know what he stands for. I think he is a risky choice. I support Kelly Leitch because she has not wavered on her stand. She is against carbon taxes and supports an immigrant interviewing process for everyone. It's a good plan. She is very stable and trustworthy.
  19. I don't believe all those allegations about Trump. I don't consider Trump as a criminal. He has made good promises and is doing what he can, although he is up against a lot of obstacles in the system, like sanctuary cities, courts that don't respect federal authority to control who comes into the country, etc. Clinton would do nothing. The Obama administration had done little or nothing about all the illegals who have committed crimes. Obama and Clinton wanted to bring in large numbers of refugees that could include radicals that could further endanger America. Trump wants to bring back thousands of jobs that have fled to Mexico and China. This appeals to a lot of people more than all the questionable claims about Trump's character. Clinton would have been just more of the same, i.e. cutting jobs in the energy sector to fight climate change and give more money to the UN to promote globalism.
  20. What difference does it make if Trump was once not opposed to abortion if he is opposed to it now. He said in the campaign he is opposed to abortion. That what matters on that issue. People change and he evidently did. Didn't he cut funding to a big abortion organization? He appointed a judge who might be pro life. I didn't say I agree with every single thing he said. Nobody is perfect. I much prefer him to Clinton who I don't trust. The thing is the main platform of Trump I strongly agree with. I think I already listed them earlier. That is what matters, not some comment he made or didn't make or something in his personal life. The big things are the policies that will actually make a difference and make America a better and safer place. The spillover effect of some of his policies could benefit Canada as well. Maybe he will be able to deport a lot of criminals. Maybe he will be able to make an impact on the flow of illegal drugs and criminals from Mexico. Clinton was not willing to do anything. Useless. Yes there are hard core christians who are opposed to any divorce. It is pharisaical. People like to put other people down to try to make themselves look good. They should read Luke 17 or 18 about the pharisee and the publican. All are sinners. Trump is probably no bigger a sinner than most people. Some people's sins are in secret; others are open for all to see. Again it has nothing to do with policies and governing for the most part.
  21. Judging Trump by his personal behavior has nothing to do with his policies and how he will govern. Lots of people have divorces and often there are good reasons for it. Women (or men) who are abused should get divorced. Abuse of all kinds is prevalent in the world; many people should get out. Staying in marriage when there is abuse is contributing to the abuse. It is pharisaical to judge divorced people. You do not know them or their circumstances. Supporting Hillary and the democrats which endorse and defend abortion (8 million abortions in a short number of years) and being judgmental about Trump's personal life is very Pharisaical and hypocritical. Hillary also attacked the women whom Bill Clinton assaulted.
  22. The health care system in Canada is already having a lot of trouble. Many people are sucking more out of it than they should with unnecessary doctor's visits for every cough and cut. In fact it most towns it is difficult for a person to get a personal doctor. The waiting time for some specialists and procedures is also excessively long. You can wait a year or year and a half to see an orthopedic surgeon. You can wait many hours in an emergency room to see a doctor. You can be put on a bed in a hallway or storage room in a hospital because of overcrowding in some places.
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