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  1. Yeah, drs should be training for years and incurring hundreds of thousands in debt and not be paid. A few chickens and the odd goat seem fair. Companies spending billions in R and D then billions getting to market should also not be charging you. They should just be thankful for the chance to improve your life. Those Basterds. We could still be experiencing early death rates and high child mortality rates but no.
  2. Say What? PM doesn't know how old the country is.....after all the 150 celebrations....just shows you how out of touch with reality he is. Ford wanting to save tax payers money....even if it's not his baliwick....hardly even compares. Thpugh of course spending tax dollars is opium to the leftist masses.
  3. No, Just the lefties who want to call anybody they dont agree with a nazi.
  4. Your reasoning is flawed. Justin Trudeau must be. a muslim then. And god forbid anyone promotes critical thinking........
  5. Discrediting fabrications is Trumps fault, not the people propagating false narratives? Which is hardly a new thing for MSM https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_propaganda
  6. 4:19 is golden. First among equals indeed.


  7. Also official though highly recognized for some time.. he's also a confirmed moron. http://torontosun.com/opinion/columnists/candice-malcolm-more-stupid-stuff-justin-trudeau-says
  8. “Hey CBC @NewWorldHominin is a ‘crying white girl’ (see @vmochama at 6:10)? Gee, I thought that was all your female staffers complaining about Jian Ghomeshi while you protected him, you miserable, effing hypocrites.”


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    2. Omni


      Just look that up, and what is your point I wait to hear.

    3. AngusThermopyle


      The law is very clear regarding treason. These returning terrorist murderers fit that category very clearly. The law is also very clear regarding the aiding and abetting of those who commit treason. What isn't clear is the question of why Trudeau is doing everything possible to avoid the application of our laws. It appears in fact that our PM is attempting to aid and abet these treasonous individuals himself. Either that or he's just too brain dead stupid to understand what's happening.

    4. bcsapper


      "There’s an old joke in political circles that says a racist is what you call someone who is winning an argument against a leftist"

      He's not a regular on here or the "other site", is he?

  9. I'm sure progressives are applauding the Steinle verdict. Just an illegal immigrant multi felon getting away with murder.

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    2. ?Impact


      I believe they had all the relevant information. Are you suggesting a mistrial, on what grounds?

    3. drummindiver


      They didn't have all the info.

      Seems like a big fuck you to Trump from progressive California.

    4. OftenWrong


      Perhaps not directed at Trump, but another example of degenerate progressive logic that will ultimately lead to their undoing. Let's hope they don't take the whole shit-show down with them.

  10. I think the point is less political pandering dollars. Remember our health "premium"? How about instead of giving money to lobby groups they use it for the intended (So they said) purpose?
  11. Nothing to do with Team Moonlight Graham but can't find any other way to post.
  12. Very hard to follow club threads. Posts are not chronologically the same as forum threads. Can you change that?
  13. So the trolls are back from the other site calling people names. Same old same old.

    1. scribblet


      Definition of a racist = anyone who disagrees with a Liberal.

    2. Omni


      Is that a tear in your eye?

  14. http://torontosun.com/news/world/sacrifice-them-indiana-nurse-removed-from-hospital-after-saying-white-boys-should-be-sacrificed-to-the-wolves
  15. K lefties lets victim signal cause you know, clearly whiteys fault. A hug and smoke lodge should remedy this. http://torontosun.com/news/provincial/recommended-healing-lodge-sentence-in-fatal-drunk-driving-crash-a-joke

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    2. drummindiver


      @The_Squid Stating facts does not make you racist. You are part of the hysteria and political correctness eviscerating free speech. Thank you very much for that.

      Btw, are you lost? Wrong site isn't it?

    3. OftenWrong


      Presumably ignored at the other site. No one wants to talk about Donald Trump's hairdo over there either. :lol:

    4. The_Squid


      Unlike yourself, I can manage 2 bookmarks on my computer....

  16. FFS! He's crying. Again. 


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    2. scribblet


      You are an idiot, I thought so.

    3. drummindiver


      Clearly, according to @Omni  anybody who doesn't crush on Trudeau Is a Trump fan.

      Talk about -1.0 correlation coefficient.

    4. bcsapper


      Did anyone tell JT about Prince Harry's engagement?  That ought to be good for a sob or two...

  17. @Greg and @Charles Anthony  Thanks for allowing Hot Enough the freedom of speech to troll every thread on this site. Not saying he's totally responsible for screwing it up, just the major reason. Hot Enough, job well done kid.

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    2. OftenWrong


      Think you got that wrong, @bcsapper it's fine to give your views on a topic which might offend others, but its not fine to take that to every other topic and run it off the rails. That's what I see as the problem here.

    3. bcsapper


      I know what you're talking about, but it's just irritating. It might be as irritating as hell, but until the mods exercise their freedom of speech, just mock and ignore. 

    4. OftenWrong
  18. Pretty disgusting.. but dems the Dems.


    1. hot enough

      hot enough

      Naaaa, no child could have nightmares because the racist president of the USA encourages alt-right racists. They all see Trump's racist banning of immigrants as just good policy, not directed at dark skinned people, right. 

      Why Trump Can't Quit the Alt-Right

      In the wake of Charlottesville, Donald Trump clings to the only constituency he has left


    2. scribblet


      No reason for such fearmongering, it's pretty disgusting

    3. hot enough

      hot enough

      The prez of the USA is telling children that their loved ones, people of their ethnic background are people to be afraid of. That is what is truly disgusting. All, you all keep forgetting, based on rank US lies.

      Child abuse is just one of the bad things it is. 

      These children know of the US planned genocide of Iraqi children. They know the US is an infamous group of baby killers. 

  19. 27 dead in Texas. Ppl politicizing the tragedy. 

    1. hot enough

      hot enough

      USians, politicizing anything, say it ain't so, Joe!

    2. hot enough

      hot enough

      I'll alert the media.

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