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  1. Not in their country, of course. But they may use it as a foil by covertly promoting insurrectionist causes in other countries, causes which they know are highly contentious cannot be solved, and will have us at each others throats. Inflaming people on those issues can take apart a society, not by war from an outside party but from within. That's why it's not allowed in their country.
  2. I just figure we should all brush up on our mandarin to get ahead of the game.
  3. You used the term refugee in the old-school context. That is, a political refugee escaping a war-torn region or escaping some other grave danger. But the new Trudeauean "refugee" (neo-refugee?) is an economic refugee. In other words people escaping poverty. And there's a whole lot of them. You know, like several billion. That's why there is confusion on use of this word today, covered broadly by the convenient media term "immigration". So which is it being talked about here fella? Who is it that's on your boat.
  4. That's a good one, but its certainly not on their radar. They are not today's "cause celibere." Rather, we prefer what is known as a causus belli. And by belli I could mean belly, as in belly dancers. A parade of drag queens to the point you may think the majority of adults must be transexual. .... Speaking of parades, does anyone realize June is also National Indigenous History month? No? There you go my fine friends. I have made my point here.
  5. It sure helps her win when CBC disallows one of the most significant front-runners from participating in their live TV debate. Conrad Black: Anthony Furey is the only one who can beat Olivia Chow "Mr. Furey is the candidate who is moving quickly and has attracted prominent and interesting supporters, including the eminent public intellectual Jordan Peterson and former Conservative foreign minister John Baird. His candidacy has practical as well as symbolic importance. If he is able to get his message out more widely in the three weeks before election day, his rapid advance in the last month could accelerate and make him a serious contender." CBC excludes top mayoral candidate Anthony Furey from televised debate In response to True North’s request for comment, the CBC says that they promise to give space to candidates whose commentary and platform “doesn’t violate CBC’s Journalistic Standards and Practices or Code of Conduct.” That's how it's done folks. You get to pick the candidate they approve of. Now go out there and vote!
  6. Some person or group is benefitting from it, there should be no doubt of that. It's a mystery to us all. Why? When we are already among the most progressive and tolerant societies towards the homos. It feeds my conspiracy theory- there is a coordinated effort through psychological "warfare" to undermine our society, by instilling fear and anxiety, and confusion about who we are as a nation state, and this is bigger than Trudeau. He is a henchman spearheading the movement, but he is not the source of the movement. It's highly speculative as to who it could be. What is the end result of these parallel attacks on the conscience of Canadians? Disempowerment, loss of prosperity, loss of trust in our fellowship. Lower birth rate.
  7. It's interesting to see the reaction from northern virtue signallers when they get a taste of what they're selling. Phew. In other words, where's the love now? In other words, "not in my backyard". We must expose government hypocracy and lies wherever they occur.
  8. You dislike use of the term "groomer", that's clear. But here in an article the term "influencer" is used. The marketing firm that came up with the idea to team up Bud Light with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney has been in “serious panic mode” for the last couple of months. https://torontosun.com/business/money-news/ad-agency-that-paired-bud-light-with-dylan-mulvaney-sent-into-serious-panic-mode I would venture to guess the person willingly describes (themself) as an influencer. Influencer, groomer. Tomato, tomatoe
  9. Sorry I got a little excited there, haha. Oh well, no harm done, no foul. Now back to page after page of opinionated nitpicking and inanity.
  10. Trudeau barely won. In fact he lost, but for a coalition agreement with NDP, and that just got him a minority government.
  11. Some things are fairly irrefutable like science, tech, engineering and math. I can go to wikipedia for the less-controversial topics, but the number on that list keeps getting smaller. The issue is when politics gets involved. We allow too much political interference in our society in this day and age. Politicians love it though. They love having more power and control. Digital currency is another means whereby they gain more control.
  12. I mean you should vote for whomever you want, of course. But you seem upset that you're not getting a direct response from either Poliviere's office, or the man himself. That expectation seems quite unrealistic. Do you not think they get hundreds of questions and comments every day? How do you expect them to keep up with every whimsical question coming from the public, at a federal level? My advice is go to your local MP's office and talk to them. Have you tried that already?
  13. That is what we are allowed to know at this time. That is the unofficial narrative given by government spokespersons. They can say anything they want if they're not under oath. Here is what this looks like to the general public, in my view- If Trudeau has nothing more to hide he should behave in a manner that's honest. He does not. That smells like a coverup. He is tarnishing his image further by choosing a partisan family friend to report on the issue (Johnston). Just as he's bullied anyone who dared to be a whistleblower, just as he ignores the criticism from various auditors, some of whom resigned their posts, if I recall. Yeah, a quick google search shows my memory's pretty good - https://ottawa.citynews.ca/2023/04/28/former-trudeau-foundation-ceo-says-she-resigned-after-pushback-on-donation-audit/amp/ One can only assume he does have something to hide. There's something more, but he is willing to look bad by these obvious coverups, because the truth is far worse. Let's not get all excited by a few words from Poilievre. The real issues are far more important.
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