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BC NDP government using Communist ideology to distribute carbon tax rebate

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8 hours ago, herbie said:

And you're fine with the state murdering actual living people and call yourself pro life? Hypocrite.

Perverted Old Testament concept of "justice"

OK you can call me names if you like.  I won't be offended.  I understand where you're coming from and realize that is a normal part of conversation with you.  

I am not a perfect person but only telling you what I believe from the Bible.  I am not infallible and could be wrong.  Perhaps you can show me why I am wrong.

Why do you believe what you believe?  Where did you learn that belief?  

  Do you think the state has the authority to punish murderers?  Why do you believe capital punishment would be wrong?  The Old Testament also says "thou shalt not kill" in Exodus chapter 20 and in Deuteronomy?  So why does Genesis 9:6 teach capital punishment for murderers and in Exodus teach "thou shalt not kill?  Why do these two teachings appear to oppose each other?  

 Why do you think the Old Testament teaching on capital punishment in Genesis 9?6 is "perverted"?  Does the New Testament abolish capital punishment for murderers?  There must be some explanation for why it says capital punishment is in order in Genesis 9:6 and forbids killing in Exodus and Deuteronomy.  Can you explain that?   Can you explain where you're coming from on that?

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6 hours ago, herbie said:

Better idea: So if Thou Shall Not Kill was carved in stone in the 10 Commandments, you're free to explain how it got amended to 'except by the law of the state/king'... no God wold write that. Only a committee of men seeking to uphold the status quo.


You still haven't explained why you believe what you do.  Obviously anything I try to explain to you, you automatically reject it.  Since you seem to have the all the answers, what is so difficult about explaining why you believe what you do?

The command "thou shalt not kill" never got amended.  Nobody changed what the Bible says in the King James Version.  There are corrupt versions of the Bible, but the KJV is accurate.   Governments and rulers make their own laws on things and on punishments for crimes, but the Bible did not change.  

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4 hours ago, herbie said:

Got my Hydro bill today. $6.07, six dollars and seven cents.

That leftist bastard Eby cutting my Hydro and car insurance! Sending me rebate cheques all the time. We hates him, we does!

That was my idea of the carbon dioxide tax.

We tax CO2 emissions and then give everyone the money collected.


If Bill Gates wants to fly in his jet, no problem. But he pays us the use of our planet.


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BC is a ridiculous communist jurisdiction that takes the savings of retirees to pay for free drugs for lost addicts.  Its economy lacks diversity.  Basically the BC economy depends entirely on the people who bring their money with them when they move there.  If it wasn’t for the warmer climate relative to the rest of the country, BC would be an economic basket case.  

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