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Griner affair: the take

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Only the old, known, tried and tested truths:

Don't be stupid

Don't go to Russia

Don't deal with Russia

If there's a place on this planet that does not observe any norms, agreements, conventions, laws and basic decency then it has to be Russia. Or North Korea, but it hasn't invaded anyone for decades so has to be Russia.

If it's too good to be true, then probably is. Especially if in Russia. Don't be stupid.

There's no remedy for stupidity.

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1 hour ago, Infidel Dog said:

Why did Griner think it was a good idea to smuggle drugs into Russia anyway?

Too bad they weren't playing in Turkey was my first take. That kind of stupidity deserves a ride on the "Midnight Express."

So much hoopla in the US about this person. Why? Because she is a basketball player? Or gay? Or married?

There are lots of Americans (and Canadians) in foreign jails for breaking their laws.

Real important thing to remember and compare with is  try getting into the US with cannabis oils. You will also be arrested for smuggling.

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8 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:


But the ex marine does not count? Or somebodys father does not count? Or the brother does not count? Or the son or daughter do not count?

All becasue they are not basketball players?

As near as I can tell, there are at least 60.



Whereas Fox News says "While there is believed to be thousands of U.S. citizens incarcerated abroad, the U.S. State Department distinguishes those alleged to have been involved in crimes with those considered to be political pawns, "

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Cross the Canada/US border wither way with pot and you'll get busted too.

Although for personal amounts the Canada Border Agency should just take iust take it away and force them to sit through a lecture on the common decency to buy it when they get to Canada. It's like smuggling coffee into Columbia...

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11 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

You were asking why some story was getting covered.  Now you're asking me if it's right or wrong.

I can't defend or explain how the media works.

Says the guy who spends a lot of time defending and explaining the media...

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15 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

You were asking why some story was getting covered.  Now you're asking me if it's right or wrong.

I can't defend or explain how the media works.

Yes, I asked why Griner was getting the news and public and government attention but not the ex marine also being held, nothing about right or wrong

Not asking you to defend anything, just saying why one millionaire basketball player and not the ex marine. The easy answer is celebrity wins out

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On 8/5/2022 at 9:25 AM, ExFlyer said:

From your article:


Griner, the 31-year-old Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) star who played in Russia during the league's off-season, was detained at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport on Feb. 17 with vape cartridges containing cannabis oil in her luggage.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist has pleaded guilty to charges against her but denies she intended to break Russian law. If found guilty, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

I don't even understand how this is even a controversial arrest based on the above.

She's acknowledging that she's guilty, and she had 17 vials of cannabis oil, but some people in the US think that she shouldn't have to serve... based on what? (Kamala Harris 🤣)

Ignorance of the law isn't an excuse in the US, I'm not sure why Americans feel like it would be a good enough excuse in Russia. It's not like she broke an obscure law - most people know that carrying drugs across international borders is "frowned upon" lol. If she broke a weird law like feeding pigeons in Venice or wearing high heels to the Acropolis I'd acknowledge that they have a point. 

Russia's laws re: marijuana aren't actually out of line with a lot of other countries. A 4-year minimum sentence for what she did is quite common. 

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