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Has Modern Music Become a Weapon of Mind Control?

Robert Greene

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2 minutes ago, cannuck said:

Music has ALWAYS been about mind control.  If it wasn't, it would not be appreciated.  The real question is the proportion of how much popular music leads vs. how much follows popular culture.

Pop music is, as is any other music, something that has a definite shelf life, UNLESS it is actually good music.  My kids grew up with gansta-rap as well, but never, ever played it on electronic devices or obviously on any musical instruments.  Both are classically trained, but when summers came along and there was no classes or competitions to deal with, they would often request sheet music from my boomer youth.  Lenon-McCartney, Stones, a lot of the folk rockers, etc. seem to have withstood that test of time (at least for the first half century), but even having been there, I could not really say they lead or followed.

90's club music had a great beat. No mind control here.


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2 minutes ago, cannuck said:

....  Lenon-McCartney, Stones, a lot of the folk rockers, etc. seem to have withstood that test of time (at least for the first half century), but even having been there, I could not really say they lead or followed.


By their own admission, they followed American country and rhythm & blues.  

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1 hour ago, bush_cheney2004 said:


By their own admission, they followed American country and rhythm & blues.  

Exactly what I mean by following or leading.   They really were influenced by US music - far more than just R&B and most of which came into ports in the UK from US and other sailors.  But they were hardly just repeating what they heard, nor did that part of the US scene really frame the psychedelic part of the British scene.  One fed the other and reciprocated to where the lead/follow thing to pop culture became very obscure.

BUT: it sure as hell made for some good music.  and, like all other good music, it really gets into your head....mind control.

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29 minutes ago, Peter F said:

My mind was controlled by Barry Manilow, Abba, Supertramp, Pink Floyd and Gordon Lightfoot. All at the same time!

A lot of you are too old to know what's going on with the youth. They are being told to become narcissist. Listen to the Lyrics.


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Ok hang on. Miley Cyrus granted is part of the illuminati and is a reptilian shape shifter bisexual slut but come on. She has a great voice when she sings classic songs. She really has a beautiful voice doing old classics.  I also think she is a great comedic actress and will win an academy award one day.

That said every generation feels the music coming up behind it is the devil's work, horsecrap, etc. Every generation pisses on the next one coming up.

Music taste is subjective. Look personally I think Helen Reddy was Satan and I am convinced so  is Wayne Newton,  Celine Dionne, Anne Murray, Julie Andrews, Adele,.

In my world Roy Orbison is the voice of God followed by Aretha Franklin, and a slew of gospel singers not to mention Billy Holiday.

Me I go for jazz- blues, i.e., , Ry Cooder, Roy Buchanan, Clapton, Allman Brothers, BB King,  Van Morrison, Miles Davis, Rev. Al Green, Marvin Gaye.

I like that little brown guy Bruno Mars from Hawaii today who looks like a throw back to James Brown and Michael Jackson mixed in one. Great. As good as Prince another genuine brilliant star.

I actually love Myley Cyrus singing classic country blues or KD Lang although she now looks like Wayne Newton.

I think everyone should understand the Bee Gees were illuminati castrettos and Justin Bieber is a not so subtle lesbian taking advantage of Seline Gomez. Also Taylor Swift please. She is talentless. Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kate Perry, cannibal,  shape shifting reptialian illuminati. All the rap singers, diaheria. Eminem a talentless schizophrenic.

In regards to Opera, it can shatter ear drums but it and classical music are amazing when you learn it. Schubert, Mozart, Rachmananov, Ludwing B, Chopin, I love em. The late Gato Barbieri on the sax doing Last Tango in Paris, brilliant. You got to look for the gems.

One time I was in Long Island and I walked  by this simple old small church and man you should have heard the voices singing. There is no doubt if you have no idea what a God concept is, you hear some of those voices and you say, got it.

Music is a God sound when done right. When done wrong yah its a Satanist illuminati attack clearly produced by  Prince William the anti Christ.








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19 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

You don't get to decide what is popular.  Baby Boomer drug music was also decried by the wise people of the previous generation.  

Nobody needs your coked-out folk guitar tunes, designed to coax people into smoking bad weed and having sex with a mangy-bearded stranger at a campfire.  Move along...

Actually most people don't get to decide what is popular, record labels (traditionally) tell you what is popular. Also popular music does not equate to good music.

Now with record labels not holding the power they used to (because Internet and various streaming music services and ways to purchase/enjoy music). What can be classified as popular does not hold the meaning it used to.

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3 hours ago, Rue said:

Music taste is subjective.

This is the most important point to note. I've been a DJ since the late 80s, and been producing music for a decade now. Music is very subjective. Some of the music I was brought up on, I simply hated and some I really loved. I gravitated toward funk/soul early on and then migrated a bit to rock.  But since the very early 90s I dove into electronic music (specifically underground and Detroit and Chicago house) I left rock for the most part behind.

The only genres I cannot get into , no matter what are opera, and country music (classic and modernized 'rock/country')

My experience with presenting the music I do to people , the results are very mixed.

The most popular track on my soundcloud page is a remix of a track from the 60s.  And I guess it only has the hits it does because it was done by a band called 'The Zombies'.  It has easily 1000 more hits than any other track I have released to date.

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Pop culture including modern music is shit because there's so much entertainment by talented (and not so talented) people out there, that most of the time the stuff that gets enough attention to be popular is either 1. ridiculously good talent (ie: Adele), 2. it's similar to stuff that we already know and love (movie sequels, The Weeknd (he sounds like Michael Jackson), nostalgia music acts and movie reboots, Fuller House etc), and or 3. it's so obscene that it gets attention, good or bad (Miley Cyrus, Marylin Manson, Jerry Springer, The Kardashians etc)

#1 above is rare, considering there's so much good talent out there we're exposed to (on ie: Youtube) but rare to find incredible talent.

#2 is the safest bet for corporations to sink a lot of their money into as an investment, so we're getting tons of nostalgia acts, movie sequels, reboots etc.

#3 Has been around for a while (ie: Alice Cooper, Tiny Tim, Twisted Sister) but seems to have increased in ridiculousness and obscenity as the amount of entertainment out there competing for our attention has increased over the decades.

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