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  1. We are having trouble getting people to work in USA side, lost one staff member last month who went to work as local truck driver....at $50 US/hr plus bennies. Local restaurants (WY) having to pay over $15 US/hr. for help. Virtually every business there has Help Wanted signs posted all over the place. A bit better here in SK, but still not an easy thing to get workers and the prices are exceedingly high. Our UK partners tell a different story. Yes, truck drivers from EU not there, but worse than that, vegetable crops all rotting in the field because nobody in UK will get off their arse and pick them. Lost some key people to higher $$ offers - CEO of that company on the shop floor running machines for last couple months. This all reminds me of the movie where the illegals didn't come to work in Kalifornication and the economy crashed.
  2. My own Son-in-law left a senior post in the military since he did not want to see his regiment destroyed under his watch. Our political anti-military will (started by PET, augmented by Hillier, perpetuated by the current band of cabinet morons) was enough to destroy a lifetime of his work. Procurement here has been a political pork barrel dedicated to pandering to Quebec and rewarding political supporters for a very long time. Couple that with being over 2 trillion in debt and even if we could straighten out the graft and corruption we can't pay the bills anyhow.
  3. While my sentiments may mirror yours, reality is urban Canadians are socialists (add up the Lib/NDP/Green vote and get a number). Max cost us the election, not the whimp Tool.
  4. Not necessarily. the minority arrangement from the far left suits both of the socialist parties. The right wing splinter party I suspect cost the country any chance of tolerable government as our so-called "conservative" party drifted back into the middle of the road and pissed off its base of support....led by a wishey-washy nobody lawyer.
  5. Sadly, I have to agree. Since we in the West have simply given all of our productive jobs and businesses to China, we have noting left except a bunch of financiers speculating over M&As of the bones left over from our former functional selves. China, OTH, has a highly efficient and newly retooled industry that can crank out arms and munitions just as they do a WalMart full of useless shit.
  6. Our accountants are not elected, they are an army of useless tits hired to actually run our affairs. The problem is, there is no candidate out there who has the brains nor balls to stop the runaway bureaucracy from continuing to bloat. IMHO, we as an ignorant electorate should be pressing for government to cut the bloat. There is simply no way government should EVER have the authority to decide on spending of any kind that raises a deficit of any kind without direct democracy allowing it (i.e. a plebicite). This country is badly broken and it is not just the LPC that is breaking it.
  7. It is the Euroweenie driven "carbon neutral" BS that I have so much problem with. Spending our efforts on air emissions while completely ignoring the basic problem of ocean contamination and die-off is a dead end...and when I say that I mean to imply the "dead" part will apply to our species. We don't have a carbon emissions problem we have a carbon absorption problem. We have been killing off the oceans' plankton at a rate of about 1% per year and are past the 20% stage now. By 2050, we will have passed the "tipping point" of where the top end of the world's food chain (plankton) will no longer support the rest of same. IF the ocean was still at full capacity, it could EASILY absorb the carbon emissions of 8 billion irresponsible idiots.
  8. It is a load of crap to you I assume because you are not in the automobile, manufacturing, energy or mining business. According to the US Academy of Sciences and NRC in testimony given in related Senate hearings, lithium mining is that bad. Also: where the fuck are you GETTING the lithium????? Show me a workable, sustainable battery technology and I am on board. Give me totally uninformed politically correct bullshit and I have no sympathy for you. Personally, I could care less what workable hydrogen fuel may or may not cost. My entire point is that we piss away trillions of dollars and endless human resources trying to devise more ignorant but politically correct (as in the eyes of the fad of the day) ways of doing more of the things that ARE destroying the environment instead of pulling our collective heads out of our ass and DO LESS OF WHAT IS WRONG. Start with job #1 of getting population growth and then population numbers under control. Job #2 is stop killing the oceans (as not in any single government jurisdiction and EXTREMELY difficult thing to accomplish - but one that will kill us all off in a relatively short term). Naahhh, we just have to slag the oil sands and that will solve it all.
  9. This is not that difficult...or SHOULDN'T be that difficult to resolve. YOU are not required to be vaccinated for COVID, your body, your choice. If you want to associate with someone else in a public place, it is THEY that need protection from your lack of trust in science and government (and it IS your right and privilege to be able to exercise that lack of trust). So, if you want to enter those socializing places, your choice must mean complying with the established protocols to exercise that right. IMHO, in a country with SOCIAL MEDICINE, letting someone poison or harm themselves is an example of our system of government being VERY forgiving and tolerant of your personal rights and freedoms. If you want to travel, once more you are free to do so, but if you want to travel and potentially expose other citizen taxpayers to your illness (or any other reasonably certain risk to their health and safety) once again, it is only fair and logical to conform to the protocols for participating in these collective practices with other people. Our problem when it comes to abortion and euthenasia is that we have failed to adequately establish a consistent definition of what/when is start of life and what/when is end of viability. If you want to murder and unborn child (a genetically distinct INDIVIDUAL) in this country, under most conditions you are free to do so AND get the bills paid by your fellow taxpayer. Obviously a failing of use of any logic on behalf of our system of government. There should always be a consistent understanding of where personal rights and freedoms start and stop and where responsibilities to the collective are defined and sanctioned. In the case of murder of an innocent individual, we don't have that consistency. In the matter of public health protection, we are somewhat closer. Our problem with abortion and euthenasia is that we have failed to arrive at a consistent definition of what constitutes INDIVIDUAL life - start, finish and viability. The mere fact we can see people argue that COVID passports are somehow related to abortion policies is demonstrated proff.
  10. THAT's the big one and the tough one. If the US had taken the weaponry, they would have been accused of leaving the "government" of Afgan unable to defend. If they leave the weapons, they WILL be used to up the Taliban/al Queda terrorism game. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I have been told that both Russia and China have done their deals to get access to the resources of the country. What now needs to be done is look for the bag man - assume that Slow Joe's kid is waist deep in the payouts and I bet you strike paydirt. I have also been told that a SIGNIFICANT amount of money (as in many, many times what was reported in the media) disappeared along with the former President and that a lot of that has been paid out to certain countries. Would love to know the rest of THAT story.
  11. THE most polluting way of all to make a vehicle move is with a lithium ion battery. There is not enough lithium known or assumed to discoverable to make enough Li Ion batteries to handle transportation the way we do it. It is an absolute fool's paradise to be promoting or using BEVs. Similarly, depending on technologies that don't even exist (i.e. clean, sustainable electric storage with enough energy density to be practical) is once more MORONIC. That also makes me an optomistic moron as I believe strongly in going down the hydrogen and some very advanced combustion technologies route since I have seen functioning early stage developments. You can use hydrogen as a fuel in the current installed base of internal combustion engines with relative ease and with the right storage technology (again, existing but early stage) higher energy density than diesel and kerosene (i.e. jet and some rocket fuel).
  12. Let's get a few things straight: Carbon emissions are NOT our problem, the inability for the ocean to absorb them IS. If we don't fix the ocean's problems (killing off plankton at a rate of about 1% a year over the past several decades) in another 30 years or so we will be past the "tipping point" of the very start of the entire food chain. This is largely a product of plastic waste hitting the oceans and the inability and even lack of any desire of world governments to be able to regulate, control and enforce pollution control outside of their domestic boundaries. If we let that happen, literally nothing else we do will matter at all. Further: this idiotic BS of trying to use electric cars that ALL run on lithium ion batteries - an EXTREMELY polluting and dangerous technology. So, let's virtue signal about a very small change in carbon emissions (as much of the power for electric transportation will still have direct and indirect carbon emissions to accommodate the HUGE increase in infrastructure that would be needed) while polluting the SHIT out of the planet with lithium mining and battery manufacture and disposal. Also: China is hardly a third world economy. It is the second largest economy on the planet by most measures, but by a country mile THE largest when it comes to actual wealth creation. They actually DO have environmental regulations and plans, but they are following the exact same path of development (exploiting cheap hydrocarbons to meet a developing need at a rate far, far greater than the West ever had) as every other G7 economy has done. As they have done with manufacturing, telecommunications, science, aviation, etc. they will leapfrog from the dark ages of a few decades ago directly to having mass produced, sub-critical mass gas cooled small and widely distributed reactors - unencumbered by the cold war nonsense of building reactors who's real purpose was to produce weapons grade materials. Two other things about China: they pretty much CONTROL most of the lithium supplies and battery production on the planet and will profit handsomely from further polluting the world by accommodating the absolute stupidity of the Euroweenies and the half-wit looney left that will follow them blindly into a future that will destroy the planet. The other thing is that the LARGEST and underlying problem above all else is over-population - and it is China and China alone that have made any conscious effort to control their population growth. When I see even a tiny glimmer of intelligent thought never mind smart action from the so-called "green" movement, I will fall over with total (and I guarantee you never-to-happen) surprise.
  13. When I did my soul searching, decided to try to post in correct forum. Of course, hardly anyone ever goes here. Oh: forgot, this was FRIDAY THE 13th....Canada's lucky day.
  14. 1. Forest fires are indeed part of the cycle of life. It is ESSENTIAL for coniferous forests to burn periodically. Many species will only release their seeds when the cones are heated well beyond atmospheric temperatures. Forests have and will continue to burn from "natural" causes forever. IIRC, the pollution contribution of forest fires is significant, has been for millions of years and will continue to be for millions of years. 2/ NO responsible scientist would EVER make such a totally stupid statement. Climate has changed constantly for the last few billion years and will continue to do so until the sun supernovas. Is there an anthropomorphic contribution? DUH! of course there is. The stupidity is far greater than our idiotic war on carbon (BTW, ESSENTIAL for forests to grow) but our complete lack of effective protection of our oceans (THE main carbon sink) - that and our total inability to control the #1 problem related to sustainability of our species - overpopulation. So, why not deal with the REAL issues and make the hard decisions? Far easier to just virtue signal by getting in line with the mindless UN BS. And, no, most of the scientists cited are not liars, they are FUCKING IDIOTS.
  15. Gee, all we are missing is pushing Hueys over the edge of carrier decks. BIG time flashback with China replaced by Iran once more whumping US into retreat. They need to learn when NOT to go in.
  16. Yeah, I know we have a travel area and an business and economy one, but this IMHO is such a big deal, I would like to post it where everyone actually reads. Came back to Canada this weekend flying with Hair Kanada, da fine French Hairline built on the backs of billions of our tax dollars. I generally avoid them but one of my credit cards gives me a pile of Aeroplan points and this was a family trip, so reluctantly flew with the most incompetent carrier on this planet. Worse yet, I had a business meeting in Hogtown on the way out, so our connection returning was through Pearson - probably THE most incompetently managed large airport on this planet. Gee, what could possibly go wrong? AC screwed up EVERY flight, coming and going to various degrees. Once I finally got into YYZ (AC delaying many flights - including ours by hours) the first big thrill was the CBS people working to rule. LONG delays for some (heard of 3 hours in the airplane waiting to get a gate due to customs/immigration backups). Next fun and games was baggage. We get to the assigned carousel and there are no fewer than 7 flights listed on it, and literally THOUSANDS of pieces of baggage stacked on the floor - all by a handful of passengers (mostly my son-in-law, myself and one other over 2 hours) and nobody but two flights seeming to find their luggage. NOBODY from baggage handling there at all the whole time - just one guy in the baggage service booth with a lineup all across the floor. Most of EVERYONE ends up leaving international baggage claim when it is obvious they will miss their scheduled flight(s) - without their baggage - us included. Turns out the flights on the screen were actually on OTHER carousels (we find out next day). Great performance by Pearson (gee, ANOTHER quasi-government agency - who'd-a-thunk it?) Then, along comes the now "privatized" prize of government in business - AC itself. They (and the whole aviation industry - not to be inaccurate 'bout that) slurped up billions of our grandchildren's tax debt to stay afloat courtesy of some guy trying his damndest to exploit the situation for some votes. Well he and they sure seemed to have succeeded. Got the election called, but geez, AC cancels not just a few, but DOZENS of flights after telling people 1. they should pay for their booking as here is your itinerary - and the bill and 2. every half hour that your flight will leave in another half hour then, after EVERYONE from Air Canada has simply walked out of the door at the end of their shift and gone home leaving a terminal full of people staring a screens and cursing AC and Canada and 3. after rescheduling some (such as our kids and grandkids) to fly the opposite direction in the middle of the night with two small children and NO baggage for a multi-stop substitute set of flights the next day that at midnight they should find a hotel because ... uh...gee...we cancelled that flight too. Some of us got out on next day but a bunch of us will be on a late flight 2 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!s Pull this crap in the USA and you WILL pay a hefty, federally mandated price to the customer you just screwed over and you WILL get them to their destination in a timely manner or shell out some more. We're supposed to live in the more "socially responsible" society, but we have no such consumer protection. Also, when such a newsworthy total disaster comes in the country that gave the media $2.4 Bn to just not notice that we have some REAL problems, nothing seems to have hit the news.
  17. I will give you that but certainly not the case North of 49.
  18. 1. I would agree with that for fundamental research, but when it comes to development of ideas going from science to technology, government is a 100% fail. However, in that vein: applied research needs a very disciplined patriarch to allow things to go where the science is capable - the kind of things entrepreneurs are good at. In today's world, companies with significant R&D budgets tend to be controlled by finance, not engineering and definitely NOT entrepreneurs so your observation is relevant. 2. this would be a great thing if it was true, but a total fallacy. Governments pick winners and losers because there is simply NO WAY anyone who has chosen or can tolerate to work for government can have any idea at all what business actually IS. Instead, when government sticks its bungling nose into markets, it picks winners and losers based upon what's good for politics and what pays the biggest kickbacks to the bureaucracy. In other words: total fuckups. To support business, what government SHOULD (AND NEVER DOES) do is provide a level playing field based on law, regulation and enforcement that give NO advantage to anyone other than from merit. NOTE: NONE of that would involve writing a check or not collecting a cheque from anyone related. Any time money is involved, having the power to dispense privilege (i.e. the total failure of government and thus why anyone involved should have NO right to determine and NO access to spending). I should add: I have done several investigations of government programmes and have NEVER seen anything where money was involved that did not also include influence peddling and/or other criminal corruption.
  19. By productive, I mean something that creates wealth. There are only 2 ways you can do that: by adding value to a resource or by performing a service in support of those activities. R&D, and even fundamental research is supportive, but government funded fundamental research IMHO is far enough removed that it is non productive in the short term but possibly VERY productive in the long term. Difficult to draw the line in those kinds of activities but REALLY EASY for many of the thousands of things government does that it has no business doing. Social services, which can be supportive of productive endeavor are one of those difficult things to determine. Paying someone not to work - be you government, finance, etc. (i.e. wealth re-distributing activies) is probably outside, but supporting a productive worker very much wihtin. I did say not an easy thing (I think)
  20. 1. KILL them? You have hanging around ANTIFA and the other Yanks too long. 2. Look what the Little T has done and tell me you don't think this should be top priority 3. Inheritance - IMHO, not a problem. Accumulating wealth by merely privileged re-distribution - NO EFFING WAY! If money is earned and tax paid, don't care who gets it. If you put it to work productively - light tax bite. If you use it to speculate - I would dump most of your gains into the public purse - as I stated and have many times. 4. Yes, it is all "trickey" but we have been "trickied" out of trillion$$$ that dumps the inflationary load back on John Q. EVery time "the Street" doubles the money supply to cover their inflated speculative gains, it essentially devalues everything John Q, has in the bank by 50%. Of course, finance solves that problem by fixing the interest rate near zero, so John Q carries a massive amount of debt instead of savings. Trickie indeed.
  21. You assume all disabled are non-productive. IMHO, when you take a government dollar for ANY reason, you need to give up any ability to affect policy or dispensation of $$. That means government employees, unemployed, welfare, etc. Only those who PAY the bills should have any right to determine how that money is spent. You of all people should have a clear image of SNC, WE, etc. in you mind when I say this and WHY it is so appropriate. As far as hereditary bux - too late, you have to fix that problem at the source. Money that is earned by speculative gain creates no wealth, is in no way productive, so "kill" by taxing. If you make a speculative gain, 99% tax on day one, 95% year one, and so on. Finance is the problem, not the solution. We need to de-fund Wall/Bay Street, not Main Street and the cops!
  22. The ONLY group deserving any equity in ANYTHING are those who actually perform productive work.
  23. Both Russia and China make it the full time occupation of a large number of people to hack into and steal as much information - technology, science and most of all business - as they possibly can. But in BOTH cases, do not doubt that they can and DO develop all of this further. It is right to say most of what China has and does is BASED upon what they have stolen from the West, but don't make the mistake that the West made when opening up trade with no consequence or rules by assuming they are any less capable than any other major power can be.
  24. It is a much more complicated thing that that. Beijing has its finger on the pulse of EVERY major business in one way or another. While there may not be a written directive, anyone running a hybrid (official government interest), state owned or "private" large company knows the drill and realizes you follow the unwritten but clearly understood path or let's just say business won't go so well for you. There are genuine high quality products in China. Some because of Western QA/QC, some from domestic efforts. But quality is not as important to China as money. It is a culture that worships results without getting hung up on process. These days: it all centers around "One Road, One Belt" and assembling all of the lands that China considers to be (or should be) China proper.
  25. China is capable of producing anything it wants at any level of quality and technology. Problem is: it is a centrally planned economy that doesn't at this time WANT to make the best stuff it can - just the most to forward its geopolitical ideologies and ambitions.
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