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US Dictatorship


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The origins of American military support for Egypt is the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty facilitated by Jimmy Carter in 1979, prior to,  the Egyptians were a Soviet client, but once the Egyptians agreed to make peace with the Israelis, that opened the way for the Americans to peel them off from the Soviets, in essence flipping them to the NATO side, at which point they were given access to US military hardware and money to pay for it.

Pretty much everything the US does in the ME now is Cold War Legacy Projects from the Carter Administration, that just never got shut down at the end of the Cold War and became Zombie Cold War Legacy projects as a result.

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Can we say that the US is a democracy, a world leader, and an honest partner? I don't think so.

My wife is an IT company employee. She says many people were expecting great progress after Biden and Putin met and agreed on cooperation to counter cyber criminals. But this was just the intention, with no papers signed by the parties. Now we receive numerous requests from Russian IT companies asking on our intentions. However, their director got instructions not to cooperate without a special authorization from the govt. And they now have to ignore their foreign partners or answer them that they're waiting for instructions. Sad but true.

Thus, is the US and its government a democracy or dictatorship?

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