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  1. No it's not a crime as you know. My point is the fact nothing has been found to indicate it was stolen should eventually persuade people it wasn't.
  2. It will not be suing China although that usis what you so desperately want. It's absolutely futile.
  3. Definately not. I don't recall them still whinging 12 months after the event or orchestrating a violent attack on the capitol or being dragged through a inquiry to justify it like trump. Aren't you pleased you asked a stupid question? I am.
  4. How many nations do you vote in, how many do you need to control to be satisfied? 

    1. Colin Norris

      Colin Norris

      Grow up you childish fool. 

    2. H B Lowrey

      H B Lowrey

      Just a question, no need to soil yourself so.

  5. As I thought, the lack of documented evidence is clear. Every post is filled with hear say and propaganda from the right. Not a single mention of the challenges by trump that failed. Nothing about how the democrats orchestrated millions of votes into the system and not one Republican electoral official noticed. It reminds of a dead carcass. Occasionally making noises and emitting smells but nonetheless dead all the same.
  6. You're getting a little frustrated. Have a valium and lie down. If you were right he would be openly criticised. You're not so he wasn't. Duuuuuuh
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