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  1. What is fascism is the objections to democracy which bought Trump undone. It was him and his redneck nuts cases who orchestrated the j6 riots attempting to I stall a fascist regime with him at the head. You can't deny that. The democrats have stayed at arm's length from enquiries and Biden has not been consulted by the DOJ since it happened. It is their job to hold enquiries and subpoena people etc. Why shouldn't the first attempt of a coup in America history not be investigated? Where are these so-called patriots who busily hold their flags with their hands on the chests whilst belated about democracy. But Lord Trump gets upset about just that and the disease spreads like a virus amongst the blockheads and they don't like it. The investigation should continue until the bitter end and those responsible for any of it should be jailed, including democrats. It must never happen again under any circumstance regardless of who it is. If anyone reading this disagrees, you can move to North Korea if you like.
  2. The question of democracy has only got oxygen since Trump was democratically defeated. There was no mention of voter fraud when he won. Then he loses and all the trouble started. How coincidental. The GOP have morphed into a party who are paranoid about maintaining their control over everything. The latest switch from accepting they supported a fascist takeover by Trump to labelling democrats fascists is ever they have reached the bottom. In fact, that happened in 2016 when they elected the idiot Trump. 360 million, half of them republicans and that's the best they've got. God help them.
  3. Here's some facts brother. It was raided because he stole docos. It had nothing to do with biden whatsoever and the DOJ confirmed that. Your problem is you still worship the treasonous fascist and want nothing done about it. He should be in jail and will be. I suppose you think the j6 enquiry is a witch hunt also. Keep believing that because those rednecks who are in jail now don't think it's a witch hunt. 5 people died as a result of that for no reason. But I suppose you think it is only collateral damage for supporting a fascist takeover. Yet you call yourselves patriots. Don't make me vomit.
  4. You guys were containing about the price of gas, he dies something to keep it down and now he's a twit. Its not about keeping power. That's an absurd hate filled assumption.
  5. If it's on fox, I strongly suspect it's just another cheap shot and supported by the obligatory allegeds and someone with a grudge told me.
  6. No it's not a crime as you know. My point is the fact nothing has been found to indicate it was stolen should eventually persuade people it wasn't.
  7. It will not be suing China although that usis what you so desperately want. It's absolutely futile.
  8. Definately not. I don't recall them still whinging 12 months after the event or orchestrating a violent attack on the capitol or being dragged through a inquiry to justify it like trump. Aren't you pleased you asked a stupid question? I am.
  9. How many nations do you vote in, how many do you need to control to be satisfied? 

    1. Colin Norris

      Colin Norris

      Grow up you childish fool. 

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      H B Lowrey

      Just a question, no need to soil yourself so.

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