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  1. No it's not a crime as you know. My point is the fact nothing has been found to indicate it was stolen should eventually persuade people it wasn't.
  2. It will not be suing China although that usis what you so desperately want. It's absolutely futile.
  3. Definately not. I don't recall them still whinging 12 months after the event or orchestrating a violent attack on the capitol or being dragged through a inquiry to justify it like trump. Aren't you pleased you asked a stupid question? I am.
  4. As I thought, the lack of documented evidence is clear. Every post is filled with hear say and propaganda from the right. Not a single mention of the challenges by trump that failed. Nothing about how the democrats orchestrated millions of votes into the system and not one Republican electoral official noticed. It reminds of a dead carcass. Occasionally making noises and emitting smells but nonetheless dead all the same.
  5. You're getting a little frustrated. Have a valium and lie down. If you were right he would be openly criticised. You're not so he wasn't. Duuuuuuh
  6. The heading is an oxymoron. Dictatorships are not democratic.
  7. It's no different to the government not imposing taxes on the godbotherers. Governments are there to provide services to the public including disabled.
  8. There is not one word in that which can be evidenced or supported. It was produced by religious movement for profit etc. Truth never sold a movie. It's absurd to think in the 21 century we are to believe a movie can vindicate something that supposed to have happened 2000 years ago.
  9. In fact the bible was written about 60 years after the death of Christ. There was no God as you know it for 1500 years before Christ nor did anyone witness any power of God. That is a complete myth as there has never been a God evidenced since the beginning of time. That's a fact unless you are the only one with evidence to contradict that.
  10. What shall I see? A peaceful protest? Maybe a few guys having a whinge? Trump loyalists bellowing about democracy? You tell me.
  11. I will not be taking instructions from you regardless. It comes from a spurious source. But the irony of how you interpret botherer. As you said, you need to pay attention. Read it again.
  12. And exactly what was it they witnessed?
  13. What a load of crap. I'd be surprised if you knew where Australia is. Now your an expert because The right wind media are belching propaganda. Did you know the current government there is the equivalent of republicans? Of course not. You had a rush of blood and thought the opposite because of the name. How do I know? I live there. You are clueless about Australia so stop projecting you are an authority. You know nothing.
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