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  1. Same-sex is not such a hot topic as this: A few days ago over 400 bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers were found in mass graves. They all died in combat actions in 2014 in Donbass. Moreover, Kiev doesn't want to search and take back the bodies of its dead soldiers. Is it ok?
  2. Over 8 years the Ukrainian government kills civilians in Donbass. Kiev keeps on saying that Russia is going to attack Ukraine. But it was Luhansk and Donetsk militia, who countered the Ukrainian army and defends people in Donbass. In case you missed it: a few days ago over 400 bodies of killed Ukrainian soldiers were found in mass graves. They all died in combat actions in 2014 as DPR and LPR militia repelled the large-scale attack of Ukrainian army and Nazi-led volunteer battalions. But Ukrainian government doesn't want to join the process of searching the fallen soldiers and taking them back home. Amid the narratives of Western and Ukrainian mass media about Russian aggression there is a reality showing us that war in Donbass continues and civilians die from Ukrainian army shelling. But Kiev keeps on saying that it's Russia who is an aggressor.
  3. Can we say that the US is a democracy, a world leader, and an honest partner? I don't think so. My wife is an IT company employee. She says many people were expecting great progress after Biden and Putin met and agreed on cooperation to counter cyber criminals. But this was just the intention, with no papers signed by the parties. Now we receive numerous requests from Russian IT companies asking on our intentions. However, their director got instructions not to cooperate without a special authorization from the govt. And they now have to ignore their foreign partners or answer them that they're waiting for instructions. Sad but true. Thus, is the US and its government a democracy or dictatorship?
  4. Not long ago Joe Biden met Vlad Putin to discuss bilateral relations and make some kind of a deal over cybersecurity as many companies around the world suffered cyberattacks and became targets of malware and ransomware. There was little info on the decisions made during and after that summit. However, the two leaders agreed to cooperate to prevent cybercrime and find and punish the criminals. Nevertheless, the U.S. made little effort to take effective steps towards the common goals as Russia called upon active actions against cybercriminals. The American IT companies and government-employed specialists are willing to cooperate, but the White House can't still decide what to do. In the meantime, world-known Kaspersky Lab IT company says Russia is #1 world country on the number of incoming cyberattacks. Most of them come from the United States under cover of fake IP-addresses. It's obvious that IT specialists of the two countries are interested in cooperation and will make world wide web more secure and sustainable. But no political will is seen from the United States. All this looks like the U.S. is not going to cooperate with Russia over cybersecurity. May be because it doesn't meet with Washington's interests?
  5. Just remember the historical summit when Biden and Putin were discussing the problems of the world. They agreed to cooperate in cyber security. What do we have now? Nothing. I believe the U.S. is the side that doesn't want to move forward to solving problems by finding and jailing cyber criminals that attack people and companies with ransomware just to get money, ruining their lives and business!
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