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  1. Unfortunately, taxme and a few others on that other thread won't see it that way. To them, all it does is turn the whites into a minority in a land that they stole and take away jobs and opportunities that should be given to people who can do it regardless of race. They see multiculturalism as evil.
  2. That's what I'm trying to say on this other thread but many over there fear this multiculturalism or this tribal lines you speak of.
  3. Didn't you do this: If you did it once, you can do it again.
  4. It is justice, not murder. One day my I will live to see a world without anger, without hatred, without bitterness, without jealousy, without sadness. You better get your family out of there soon.
  5. So what you are saying is that Canadians are all talk and no walk?
  6. Yes. If the annihilation of their entire population is what is needed to bring about the happiness that I speak off..... so be it. Ma'am all this talk about China and Russia and terrorists and freedom of religion has nothing to do with why I hope death comes to visit them soon. I'm not a nationalist either; America has not attacked my country in fact, it has never hurt me. I'm no communist and I'm not a member of anything. Ma'am, all I want is for people to be happy, why is that so hard to understand? To give the people of the world peace of mind, peace of the soul and peace with each human being on this Earth. To go on YouTube and not have to come across angry comments anymore. To stop these protesters and activists. To stop these narcissists. To stop anger and hate. That is all I want.
  7. No, I can say why, to give me and others out there peace. If the number of complaints from Canadians, Europeans, Asians and so fourth goes through the roof for those nations.... I'll ask the same question I'm asking right now about those countries. I don't stand for any of those. Would religious fanatics want freedom of religion? I do. Would death cults want people to live? I do. Would a terrorist want people to be happy? I do.
  8. Look at how happy these people after hearing that 3000 people had died. I want this kind of elation on everyone:
  9. According to where I got it from.... well you know who already..... That is why I believe that without them, people like these children would be much happier. When have I ever used the word of God to justify what I have asked? All I want is to bring happiness to people world wide, God or no God. And I don't care about Israel.
  10. Because that will make a lot of people happy. I won't have to come across rants about how evil it is on Quora. I won't have to come across comments about how arrogant and stupid and fat they are on YouTube. These things won't have to happen anymore: I think they masturbate to the thought of America being destroyed and..... yeah.... I want to make them happy.
  11. Hold on. I'll ask some Europeans opinion about this.
  12. Sigh..... madam imnotyou.... I think I mentioned this but maybe it wasn't clear enough so I'll say it again -> If the US is limiting Russia's influence, then Russia should launch all nukes to the US and eradicate it because that is the only way they are going to stop limiting Russia's influence. I keep saying this over and over but nobody is listening! Ma'am, please, respond! Don't just make these threads and then leave. That just makes you a troll if you do.
  13. That.... I don't know. All I know is people are complaining. If I ever come across these kinds of people, I'll ask them. I don't think anybody is good.
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