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  1. Baloney. You're spouting the common vacuous and unimaginative nonsense that prolifers rep[eat endlessly. In fact, feminists as a group support the right of women to choose to get an abortion, or not to get an abortion. Abortions are not mandatory. Fortunately, paying any attention to the misrepresentation of prolifers is not only not mandatory, it is not required at all in Canada today.
  2. Trump: alternative facts Truduea: alternative promises
  3. Saw them all. Moonlight was pretty good, but overall this was a weak field. Hidden Figures? Seriously? And the massively overrated Meryl Streep nominated again, for hamming her way through yet another money losing flick, again. The best movie was Arrival IMO. It was a bit cerebral for Hollywood though. And baffling that Amy Adams was not even nominated for a role she should have won in Arrival. She was also outstanding in Nocturnal Animals. Michael Shannon should have won for his role in that movie. He is simply a great actor. I hate Polanski not because he is makes movies(increasingly poor movies, at that). I hate him because he is a convicted serial child rapist. I hate him because he got away with it. I hate him because he has no remorse for what he did and probably still does. I wish he could suffer just a small part of what his victims suffered. I have no need or wish to forgive him because he has talent or skill at something in life. Hitler is not a nice man because he liked dogs, now is he?
  4. I have just confirmed that I still have only one member.
  5. Yes, but Canada is much better at it than Israel. Luckily for Canada, and unlike Israel, we are not surrounded by nations, groups and proxies that wish to exterminate every person in the country.
  6. Oh, this place makes me laugh sometimes! The dictator referred to in Venezuela was Hugo Chavez. He was the definition of ultra left wing, so far left that he repeatedly embarrassed his good buddies Castro in Cuba and Morales in Bolivia. Of course, they'd laugh at him only behind his back, since his longtime practice was to give away the oil that belonged to his people, thereby bankrupting the country. 'Right wing manner'. LOL. Oh, and his successor is even dumber. Pierre Trudeau would love both of them to bits, and I expect Justin has a special place in his heart from Chavez, Castro(s) and any other left wing loon.
  7. The EU will be around as long as it is advantageous for Germany. And that is reality.
  8. More recently. Syria has been Irans proxy and their pointy stick in trying to exterminate the Jews. Once Assad has competed the extermination of all remaining resistance, Syria will resume the campaign to wipe out Israel. The West can help this campaign, as they have been, by smashing ISIL in Syria and Iraq.
  9. Florence Foster Jenkins. Ricki and The Flash. Into The Woods. Should I go on? Streep has been a parody of herself for many years now. What is puzzling is how the movies are still made, none of them could possibly make money.
  10. However, you can reasonably criticize both for just going through the motions, for decades now in the case of Streep. De Niro must be broke, he embarrasses himself time after time after time in pathetic roles in pathetic movies. You can also criticize Hollywood for continuing to laud and nominate these has-beens particularly Streep, who have undue influence in this incestuous burg. How else can you possibly explain yet another nomination for Best Actress this year, two hours of Streep hamming it up again?
  11. The EU is desperate for somebody to love- nearly as desperate as Trudeau is for somebody to love him. Anybody. Please. Brussels is suffering from performance anxiety on every front. The UK leaving is a massive blow to the EU. Trump is an unknown quantity, but everything signals that it won't be business as usual. The EU has long lived in fear of China, in the certainty that neither they as a group or as individual members can hope to trade straight up/compete with China. And worst of all, there is major discontent in many member countries. It is like the old lyric: 'If you can't be with the one(s) you love, love the one you're with'. Canada for Europe right now is like the person you meet late at night at the bar after a lot of beer. Leave without saying goodbye in in the cold grey dawn, and no chance of taking them home to meet Mom.
  12. The robots would be welcome if they paid the fat dues to belong to the union, and voted as instructed at provincial and federal elections. They would also be obliged to break down regularly, to provide work to substitute teachers.
  13. Is that the new book from John Grisham?
  14. I guess you are still looking for that first clue about mortgage regulation, getting mortgage insurers and mortgage lenders a bit mixed up? Just so you know, they are distinct entities. Are you talking about funding for CMHC insurance, which is quite profitable? Harper actually limited that at the end of his tenure. Also during that tenure we saw rapid growth in private mortgage insurers , especially with Genworth. Every PM since the creation of CMHC has manipulated CMHC as a significant part of overall fiscal policy. It is not surprising since housing is a major part of our economy. Diddling with CMHC is not just social engineering, it involves a lot of money everywhere. Trudeau has been very active in that regard since elected.
  15. Seriously?? I marvel at just how fuzzyheaded the left is in this country. First, what Canada does and does not do is of little interest to anybody outside our borders. Second, every Western country, including all our major allies, are arms exporters. If Canada has cancelled that vehicle/arms order with Saudi Arabia, there would have been mayhem with many countries falling over themselves to get that deal. They would laugh themselves sick at us if we had cancelled. Even two 'neutral' countries, Sweden and Switzerland, are bigger arms exporters than Canada.
  16. LOL. Paul Martin had no **king clue the 2008 recession was coming. In fact, every major Canadian bank did gamble with their money.
  17. Mostly , yes. Rivers of testosterone flow in most cop gatherings. Why do you support heterophobia?
  18. Is that $60 per hour paid for by the organizers? if not, why not?
  19. Correct. For example, the deranged left love to forget that Harper was much celebrated by G20 leaders for what happened during and after the 2008 global recession . Just imagine what Justin would have done then..... But back to the topic, lets set aside the two "PM for the weekend" candidates for worst PM since Trudeau the Elder: John Turner and Kim Campbell. I am not saying that Justin is the worst yet, his body of terrible work is already considerable, and quite impressive for 16 months- but lets let the consequences of his blunders sink in for a bit before crowning him. And to be sure, he has many more monstrous screw-ups coming soon. No, my vote would go to Chretien. Awful in all regards. He'd be winner by acclamation if just a few more Quebecois had voted to secede in 1996 under his watch.
  20. A parade of that size would need both a permit, and a security plan involving hundred of Toronto police to provide a secure and safe environment. If I was a Toronto taxpayer, I would be very uneasy about providing substantial public funds in support of a group that is so overtly heterophobic , bigoted and intolerant as the Gay pride organizers.
  21. I liked it too. Kroc is an asshole, but in a human way. Being a dick does not detract from the move at all, it is made much more realistic when heroes and/or villains are presented in a realistic manner. Keaton hs had a huge resurgence in his career after a couple of decades of bit parts in shitty movies. The last roole I remember that mattered from then was playing a cop in Jackie Brown. Lately he has been lead role in a couple of very good movie: Birdman, and Spotlight.
  22. Apparently you are not aware that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and these nuclear warheads are for entirely peaceful purposes..
  23. Yet your knee jerk reaction is to deport him without due process? First is the due process of the legal system. Did you know that people charged with a crime in Canada have a right to a trial before execution conviction? And since he has crossed the border into Canada, he has the right to endless years of immigration hearings, with the end result he will stay in Canada after we spend a few million on deciding that foregone conclusion.. Deport him to a wartorn country? Never happen.
  24. First clue to just how crappy the deal is going to be is the government repeatedly calling it a 'repayable loan'. Is there any other kind? Its Quebec, its Montreal, its Coderre and it' s the usual Liberal nonsense. Same as always.
  25. Translated: why can't those dirty Jews just stop struggling and just hurry up and die? The neighbourhood they moved from was mostly concentration camps, and their lease was up there. Oh, and they were moved by consensus and collective political will of guilt ridden European countries. Who could have guessed that those same Jews, the ones who died by the millions during the war, would prove to be so uncooperative in doing it again in Palestine?
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