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  1. I sincerely hope not. All immigrants must have some level of security screening. Additionally to our own security, If we accept people without any security screening, our border with the US is going to slam shut in a big hurry.
  2. You want me to list all available free agents , and all trade prospects in MLB at the end of last season? No thanks. Ah, the Jays apologist trifecta! They can trade, they can sign free agents. They just don't. Of course the Jays have assets. How do you get to the playoffs twice without them? Yet again- they had two whoppers available and anxious to leave last spring and they got nada for both.... Less than nothing since they now are overpaying Bautista and he'll waste a middle roster spot. LOL, I have no idea why you keep stating this.... The Jays traded Tulo for Reyes. They traded Wells for Napoli, then Napoli for Fransisco, and there are countless other examples of veterans for veterans involving many teams. Where do you get this silly idea that getting vets must involve prospects? What WINNING tea,ms do is fill their gaps. Not in Toronto under these clowns!! I suspect AA is quietly laughing now. LOL. Their offence returned to normal in 2016. Since the management has failed to fill the holes the Jays still have: lack of left everywhere, lack of speed/athleticism, mediocre bullpen, and nobody to backfill an aging/ exhausted catcher- it is folly to expect the results to be better this year when the team is clearly not better. Other teams prepare, the Jays hope. It is sad and laughable. They are indisputably not better than last year or 2015, but what remains a mystery is why? Only two possibilities: management sucks, or they have had big budget constraints. I think it is heavily weighted to the former.
  3. If you tax one thing, better tax them all. If you have a job your employer pays half the CPP payments, you pay the other half. if you are self employed, you pay both sides. Time for all those employed freeloaders to either pay both sides or get taxed on the employer contribution.
  4. Provide credible alternatives now, a couple weeks before camp opens? No, that would be called magic. The alternatives are available at the beginning of the free agent season, the entirety of which Shapiro sat on his thumb except for signing a few mutts that cannot make this team better- which is pretty much his entire purpose. When players like Cecil and Saunders and Encarnacion signed elsewhere, and nobody worthwhile filled any of the holes in the Jays lineup -the entire clusterf##k of this and last offseason was defined.. Did Shapiro make the Jays better last off season? Nope, the results say they were worse in 2016, and there play on the field was not nearly good enough to contend for Series or even be in a Series. Did he make the team better this offseason? Nope, he did not sign anybody that is going to matter in the supposed quest to win. In reality the Jays are just a branch of Rogers Corporate , and they don't care as long as seats, beer and merchandise sell. But the real story of the Jays came last week, when news broke that Rogers had lost a cool half a billion of the flop of their Internet TV gong show, a huge writedown. I expect to see the Jays shedding assets that are going to cost them big in coming years., like Donaldson. It is not about the team , it is about the money. I pay attention to what the Jays actually do, not what the touts and pimps on Sportsnet spew. I love baseball and I wish the Jays all the best, but they are not going anywhere with this lineup. And the responsibility for that sits solidly on Shapiro and Atkins. I hope I am wrong, but I fully expect the Jays to be selling big at the trade deadline. Saltamacchia to backup a tired and worn stud like Martin. Wow. This nonsense has become entirely typical.
  5. Wildrose was formed in protest to a PC party that had gotten very centrist, socially liberal. Initially, it was pretty much entirely the small number of Biblethunping nutters that the PCs were quite content to be rid of. In the last election , many centrists(who in Alberta like everywhere in Canuckistan are the majority) fled the PCs in anger over the antics of PC Premier Redford. Many went left to the NDP, some went right to the Wildrose, some stayed put with the PCs. The NDP won the election by splitting the center, not the right, since Wildrose has retained the small number of social conservatives to already had. It would be wildly inaccurate to describe the PCs as right wing, they are and were solidly centrist. The remainder of the PC executive has done a r=terrible job of rallying the center, and the NDP would again split the center if an election was held today. Along comes Jason Kenney, who in the fearful eyes of the PC executive is hijacking their party. He actually is hijacking it, but there is little they can do to stop it since PC members note that the PS exec sucks. Kenney plans to win the pC leadership, then try to merge it with Wildrose. In reality, the merger is a ploy to get back those moderates who defected last election. It is very possible that his plan will work- win the PC leadership, absorb the parts of Widlrose he wants, and win the next election. There are many bumps on the road, but it is entirely possible. Wildrose is unelectable, and their leader Brian Jean knows this in his heart of hearts. His plan must be now to merge with the PCs, form a new party, and win the leadership of that..... He cannot win with Widlrose, and inevitably it will fall into sleepy time with a rump membership of Godbotherers and prolifers. If it drags on too long, expect Notley fo the NDP to call a snap election. If she waits for Kenney to execute his plan, she will very likely be one and done.
  6. I did not think the Jays could find a catcher that hits worse than Thole, but they have managed to do it with Saltamacchia. Unreal. What the hell is going on with this team?
  7. No, not really. That pipeline won't be built, and Trudeau knows it. It is why he approved it, he certainly does not support it in any way other than the pretence required to retain political capital. All that is required to end the project is introduce more and more delay. KM has what- 150+ conditions and every one is a potential dealbreaker. He could not employ that strategy on Northern Gateway so his actions there had to be much more overt, thus revealing his hand. He is taking the delay delay delay tactic with Energy East, which has not unsurprisingly gone from active NEB public hearings to 'completely disappeared'. KM won't happen. The only one that might fly is Line 3, which is basically a maintenance project. If Trudeau does nothing to end or limit court challenges and bloodshed on the KM right of way- both of which are planned and will happen- Kinder Morgan will just end wioth a whimper sooner rather than later, as KM will simply take their investment money to another country, There are countless other oil exporters- all other oil exporters- that would welcome a few billion c/w jobs and tax revenue. But Golly, Justin did his darndest now, didn't he?
  8. I am surprised that nobody has commented on a prime reason for low or high values of currencies, and the relativity between them. Money markets globally comment every second on their confidence in the economy of all countries via trading in those currencies. Short term volatility is speculation. Longer swings are a reflection of the confidence or lack of confidence in the overall economy relative to other economies. Interpret the current values in Canada and USA accordingly.
  9. I was not aware that the Canadian Senate represented the regions of the country. When did that start?
  10. There is no production debate between the USA and Saudi Arabia. It is long over, and the Saudis lost their bid to get the US out of the oil export market. I won't comment on your outdated meme that peak oil is around the corner. It is not, not even close. Neither is the advent of renewables as a replacement for oil and gas. One day? Sure. Who cares, it won't be in my childrens or grandchildrens lifetime.
  11. Rogers made tons of new money on attendance, merchandise and advertising increases off the Jays. That is not reflected in results from new management. The Jays totally f+++ked up the EE and JB situations in spring 2016 or earlier. Nothing they did after with either player mitigated that clown show. Really man, aren't you completely full of that KoolAuid by now??? The result on EE is this sum: the Jays lost a great player, and got nothing. The result on Bautista: the Jays had a very valuable asset in spring 2016. In spring they have a vastly7 diminished asset that they are overpaying to keep a few fans, the ones who don't understand his lack of value, happy seeing him not hit, drop balls, throw bats in the dugout when he fails, and whine at umpires for another long year. Nope. Shapiro has had two trading season to make the Jays better. The result: the Jays were worse last year than the year before. And they are worse right now than they were at the end of last season. Their roster is weaker. The team is worse.That is on them. LOL. Only if your need is to kiss ass with Jays Nation Inst4ead of making your contending team(2015) into a championship(2016 and 2017) team. That was doable when Shapiro took over, very unlikely now.. And again, the conduct of Jays analysts every day now on Sportsnet is utterly pathetic.
  12. I see Dion as an earnest, poor sad guy who is utterly ineffectual at getting things done. He is the big wet earnest stain on the pavement after the steamroller has passed kind of guy.
  13. The signing of Bautista makes the Jays worse, not better. WTf do we want with a guy hitting .220 who cannot field, often hurt, and whose sense of macho means he will pout when he is not wasting space at leadoff or third in the order? His stupid, confrontational sense of rage with the umpires at every at bat is contagious too. And Gibbons will just let him do it while playing him every day because he does not want to hurt a veterans feelings. The Jays got seriously worse with losing Encarnacion. They got a bit worse by losing Saunders. worse by losing Cecil. Worse by signing Loup. Dickey doesn't matter, (except of course they gave up Travis D1Arnaud and Noah Synndergarden for him what was that you were saying about not being able to trade young for old???)They signed an old man in Grilli. Floyd is LOL. They got better by dumping Thole. Pearce and Kendricks together don't begin to match Encarnacion on the field or at the plate. The Jays needed to be better, since they were clearly close to being a championship contender, but were beaten easily enough by the Royals and then the Indians. The jays this off season needed to get more left handed. They failed to do that pitching, big time, and probably failed at the plate too with Kendricks replacing Saunders. They needed to get more athletic overall, failed there. They needed a backup catcher that can play a lot of games for a tired and gimpy and old Martin- didn't happen. They needed to upgrade at both corner outfield positions, moved backwards on that totally. Overall, that is a clear and unequivocable string of gross mismanagement. Jays made a shitload of money the last few seasons., so it cannot be money. Free agents were cheap this winter, including one they really wanted and needed in EE. That leaves the idiocy of Shapiro and Atkins. The Jays had nearly all the pieces and have likely now missed their window to win. because of these clowns. What is also really f+++king annoying is watching all those fools/talking heads on Sportsnet pretending they don't have orders from Big Daddy Rogers to put a shine on this nonsense with 'analysis' that pretends losing EE and signing has- beens/part timers like they did tis winter. Its embarrassing for these 'journalists'.
  14. Bernier will win the CPC leadership, because he is a white guy from Quebec. With one notable exception, that is a de facto requirement for being PM for a half century.. And no, Turner, Clark and Campbell were less than notable. Nobody will or can beat Trudeau after he introduces ranked ballots as law this spring. He'll be PM as long as he wants after that. Move over Mackenzie King, there is a new chien in town.
  15. Has Justin ventured out of a Liberal riding yet with these buntosses?
  16. I have not given up, just acknowledging defeat. The difference is important to me. All of us will have to endure a few years -and pay for- the drama teacher in Ottawa going through the national theater production of pretending that the situation is otherwise. And then the harsh, cold reality of the impact it will have on our economy will settle in. If I was a millennial, I'd be absol;ytuely furious at the mismanagement of our economy underway right now. But their love affair with Trudeau is midstream.... Everybody is basking in the post coital glow of pillow time with Justin, the mighty economic tumour from that shared cigarette has not mestastisized yet.
  17. What pipelines??? Oh, you're one of those that thinks that any pipelines will actually get built. hahahahaha. I noticed today that Barnum and Bailey Circus is folding, but their motto of "There's a sucker born every minute' lives on in perfect health.. I can see the ad in the Wall Street Journal now: Wanted: Stupid investors with $15 billion+ willing to wait a few decades while CDN government checks on veto status on pipelines of every hamlet, person, First Nations Band and Podunk politician in the country. Must be Diverse"
  18. What an utterly disastrous off season for the Jays. Unless Shapiro and Atkins somehow extract their heads from deep within their colons in a big hurry, the Jays will be both older and significantly weaker to start the season. Their chance to win is shrinking as their core ages. It is absolutely f**king bizarre to waste a mid roster spot on Bautista, again. Prediction: they going to spend the season platooning part timers Bats, Pearce, Kendricks and Smoak to find some RBIs and players that can catch the ball, and are not hurt all the time. And to pay Bats close to what EE, the real prize, got from the Indians. Equally galling and unforgiveable is that they spent little of their enormous Rogers profits from the Jays on making the team better in the cheapest free market seen for many years.. The Jays are treating their fans like a piece of dog shit stuck to a cleat.
  19. If BC elects the NDP, which is very likely...Alberta needs to Build A Wall. There will be .... yet again... hordes of snotty economic refugees assaulting our job banks and homeless centers.
  20. Klein balanced the budget and paid off all provincial debt when oil prices were in the range of $12 to $20 per barrel- and mostly $12 to $15.
  21. You oppose his absence because that time in Costa Rica is unproductive and unrelated to the management of government? How do you feel about 'leaders' who spend weeks at public relations exercises masquerading as 'town hall' meetings, or lounging on Caribbean beaches, or having paid meetings with foreign business people. And all at public expense...... The total of all that would at least be in the range of 1.5 months. OK with that I bet.
  22. You have to understand that The Left must have demons. Must Have.
  23. ah, none of the above. Under Obama, the USA went on a major and very successful campaign to boost production and build infrastructure to export oil and gas. For example, they now export both oil and gas to Canada. LNG exports to Europe are beginning. Four or five more large LNG plants will be exporting off both coasts by 2020. By 2025 the US may be the largest oil producer in the world. What is their focus now? Certainly not to limit production. The Saudis just went on a protracted campaign to limit or eliminate production from North America and succeeded with one country and failed with the other.. Canada is shutting down for political, not economic reasons, but the USA is full bore production and export. An obvious target is Western Europe as major gas customers. Right now, much of Europe is dependent on Russian gas. Understandably, not a comfy spot. Asia is still a market too, for both oil and gas. The US is collecting customers and contracts- and fat export earnings. Imagine that..
  24. Everybody should calm down. The only line that has any slim chance of being built is Line 3, which is hardly new. Major maintenance is more like it. Kinder Morgan won't be completed, Trudeau has exactly 157 ways, called conditions, to slow it into oblivion. He'll use all of them. And the eco loons will turn the right of way into a bloodbath, which will cause JT to call for a committee to discuss it for a few more years. Gateway was dead long ago, why would Trudeau even mention it now? I wonder how that strict tanker moratorium will affect the daily passage of Immense US tankers passing by on that very coast, every day, headed south from Valdez in Alaska? Will we have to call out our Navy to frighten off and deal harshly the US tankers?
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