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  1. He had no alternative but to quit after Brexit was approved, but Corbyn is so far up his own colon he did not recognize his duty. He won't quit. Labour is going to be devastated in the June election.
  2. It is not possible that his approval ratings could improve? Could they get worse?
  3. Not possible. May was noncommittal, and the only other one who could possibly(though it is impossible) win is Corbyn. He was on the stay' side.
  4. This has the potential to get much, much nastier than the ground war against ISIS. Turkey has much more firepower than ISIS could dream of, and Erdogan is pretty much a fundie loon.
  5. No, the Kurds won't be fomenting terrorism in the traditional sense. I am surprised to note the note of approval in your post. When the Iraqi Kurds declare independence, the Turkish Kurds will join them and a bloodbath via Anakara will ensue. You think Canada should be directly involved as a Western Country?
  6. The rescuers were ill equipped and had no training in chemical warfare? The kids are actually Syrian midget actors who were faking their own deaths very well? It was done on the same sound stage in Burbank as the 'moon landings'?.
  7. That is not relative to their region. The Saudis keep it nice and quiet in and around home.
  8. Nah, that 'civil war' is nearly over as Russia I mean Syria has pretty much crushed the people interested in running Assad out of town. Now he is just killing for fun. The other sack of assholes- ISIS- is another issue for Assad but not too worrisome. Their caliphate does not include Damascus. The next big buntoss in the region is coming soon to your TV screens. That will come when Erdogan unleashes the full savagery of the large and well equipped Turkish armed forces on the Kurds. Not just the Kurds in Turkey and Syria, but the well funded and ambitious Kurds in Iraq. Assad can sit that one out, he has no problem with Turkey wiping out all the Syrian Kurds. I wonder if Trudeau will sit that one out too, he has had our Canadian Armed Forces in theater wearing Kurdish patches on their uniforms for more than a year now.
  9. The West doesn't have a problem with Erdogan??? LOL. And the Saudis have not yet been a major source of instability for their region. It is always repellent to see people conflate one horror with another. On your scale of repulsive behaviour, gassing children is better than beheadings? Oh man.
  10. Assad believes that when it comes to murdering his own women and children, variety is the spice of life. And nothing demoralizes fighters like watching their kids get slaughtered.
  11. Looks like the Sharks just ran out of gas towards the end of the season(and had some crucial injuries), and much the same in the playoffs. It was a weird series, both SJ wins were dominating affairs, the other games were much closer but the Oilers were relentless in all four wins. One of the best outcomes was that the Oilers didn't get a lot of production from their top two lines, but the 3ed and 4th lines pitched in big time. All four gamewinners came from the bottom lines: Kassian(2), Desharnais and Slepyshev. Their top six defence are tied up with small to medium deals for a few years except Russell, who is UFA.. Do they sign him? Or do they package somebody like Eberle with a prospect for a second pairing defenceman? I think the answer depends on whether or not Pulujarvi is ready to move into the lineup and into Eberles slot. If he is..... Eberle becomes trade bait, and the better he plays in the playoffs the more his stock rises. I doubt they'll sign Desharnais, another UFA- and is anybody in the minors ready to step up to 4th line center? Or can Caggiula fill that role? Nobody wants to play run n gun with the Oilers, and they are showing they can grind it out if that is needed. I still don't think they are an elite team, maybe next year or two. But everything is encouraging right now for the future. The playoff landscape is surprising now.... the West is pretty much wide open now that Minny and Chicago are out early. Any of the 4 remaining- Oilers, Ducks, St Louis or Nashville could win the West. The East is kind of a mess IMO, by the end of the second round 2 of the best 3 teams in the East will be out for sure, Columbus already gone and either Pittsburgh or the Caps gone too. The NHL needs to go back to one of the old playoff systems, where either #1 meets number #8 in each conference, or even the old school system where #1 met #16.
  12. No, he is unpopular within caucus because he is a weak, ineffective person who is intent on taking Labour out of any possibility of winning an election for a long time. Or at least as long as he is leader. His only popularity is in Labour riding delegates ONLY, who managed to keep him in his position for a brief time. They may or may not face reality in June, when the British electorate will confirm the Labour caucus position that he is a dangerous extremist fool. I fully expect Corbyn will not resign after Labour is crushed. He has an astonishing ego to accompany profound incompetence. His popularity among voters has not changed 'slightly', they see Corbyn as being wholly unsuited to lead the country. He has given numerous demonstrations of that incompetence. Labour membership only increased as Corbyn supporters worked hard to keep him as leader. That means less than nothing in a general election. The Labour Party MPs are not trying to ruin Labours chances of getting elected, they are fed up with Corbyn, and failed to rid themselves of this heavy anchor around their collective necks. It wasn't just a few of them in public and open revolt, it was 80% of his caucus. Now many of them are not running again, because they don't want to work with this idiot. Time to find another job, and let Corbyn field a slate of like minds to get their asses kicked in the JUne general elction. Like me, the British electorate rejects Corbyns far left strident nonsense. The Toroes aplaud it, because it ensures them a fatter majority. Go Jeremy!
  13. Well, no. This election is 3 years early, and normally the Opposition would be howling at the waste of several hundred million dollars or pounds wasted to hold one this soon. Also, this action under British law requires that 2/3 of the MPs vote in favour of an early election. PM May got 98%. Though Corbyn says he is favour of the election, the real reason he said that is he knew his caucus is in open revolt against him. It is his spin to save face, and he failed at that too. I reckon Labour is going to get crushed, and the main reason is that Corbyn leads them. I also fully expect he will not resign when May mops the floor with his party. Tough times for a venerable party.
  14. So you don't want any comments on what happens in Venezuela?
  15. That must be it. I bet the Joos set it all up, they are always the first suspect in these things. Or maybe that murderous bastard Assad did it, as he has in the past on several occasions.
  16. Well, no there are very very few North Koreans alive who remember the war at all. It ended 70 years ago, and the average North Korean life span is 70 years-one of the lowest and worst in the world.. By comparison and just a few kilometers away, the lifespan of a South Korean is one of the highest at over 82 years. All of that is The Truth.
  17. Your premise is fatally flawed. You cannot base judgement of anything that happens in Venezuela on notions like logic, common sense, morality, virtue or fairness. The country is in the grip of an ideology that has zero interest in any of that. They will do whatever is necessary, and that includes massive amounts of bloodshed to come, to remain in power. Mass starvation in a relatively wealthy country is certainly a possibility. Their economy and politics are most closely aligned now with North Korea, they are headed quickly towards the failed state status of Somalia.
  18. It is increasingly clear that bots Betsy, Wilber and Hybdraboss- who are all probably holograms- are part of The Big Conspiracy.
  19. Do you think it was a complete coincidence that a major air strike happened at the same time all those children killed themselves with sarin? Must have been.
  20. The Opposition voted overwhelmingly in favour of an early election too. 509-13. Even if Labour is in complete, self inflcted disarray there is no advantage to having the country in the same situation. They have the sense(with the notable exception of Corbyn and his very few supporters), to recognize that this is a time for the UK to stand as one and speak as one. It is exactly what the UK needs in negotiations with not just the EU, but the world in general. They are the 5th largest economy in the world. They have a big stick to swing, if necessary. And it will have somebody to swing it soon enough, and the first name won't be Jeremy. I'm cheering for the UK. They are our good friends and a formidable ally.
  21. Blair has been gone for 10 years. The remainder of the fractured Labour caucus is no more Blairites than Trudeaus caucus is Chretienites. Corbyn got 60% of a leadership vote in a process that was totally rigged. In reality, his own caucus has overwhelmingly disowned him, and Labour is specifically in wholesale disarray because of Corbyn. Last year he had 75% of his own caucus reject him. Now it is much worse. The Commons MPs voted 509 to 13 to hold an election, which means that Corbyns entire caucus either voted with the ruling Cons, or abstained. Since there is absolutely no gain possible for any party 'led' by a man so profoudlky unpopuar except for a tiny slice of far elft loons- that vote is perhaps the worst indictment of Labour by Labour seen in decades.
  22. I'm not sure why this distinction matters to you. The UK is another place that has basically no major domestic manufacturers left, Rover was the last one I think, now owned by Indian Tata Group. In reality 'domestic' has little meaning. All the big firms are multinational, have plants everywhere, and get parts from everywhere. Canada is also not alone in this. Germany, Norway, Sweden are also mumbling about banning IC engines.
  23. The 'right' in Labour? LOL. No, it was not the Blairites who pushed hard, it was the majority of the Labour caucus that wanted him gone after his shameful Brexit performance.. Only esoteric voting rules allowed Corbyn to remain. He is a darling of the far left in Labour, but everybody else has had enough, and that includes most of his own party. This snap election will be a disaster for Labour. Corbyn should have resigned with Cameron after Brexit, his lack of leadership skills were painfully evident when he refused. Corbyn is not anti-establishment, both Trump and Sanders are far more grounded and practical by nature than Corbyn. Watch what happens: many Labour candidates will be disassociating themselves from Corbyn in this campaign.
  24. Also common in the USA, who routinely offer big incentives for BMW and all the rest to build there.
  25. Question: have you ever been in a highrise building? Do you know the term 'curtain wall'? That was two questions.
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