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  1. I'll give you $20 for your car right now. You don't want to get caught holding that bag, do you? You can thank me later.
  2. Yes, that is what I said. The players aren't as good. But without a doubt the three downs forces teams to gamble, which is far less common in the NFL. The NFL is far more plodding. And man oh man does it take itself seriously.
  3. I find the NFL to be much slower in pace than the CFL. Lots of grinding defensive battles, which is boring. In the CFL three downs forces teams to open up and take chances. The players aren't as good as the NFL, and the gambling plus mistakes make for some wild times.
  4. The Supreme Court has been there, done that regarding face coverings. If you are allowed to wear a face covering at a citizenship ceremnony, what would possibly be the point of ethnic screening for the same thing prior to entry? You could not get that issue in front of a JP, never mind the Supremes.. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/liberals-drop-controversial-supreme-court-of-canada-niqab-appeal/article27280846/
  5. The season is starting to spiral into black comedy. Attaining mediocrity is starting to look like an unachievable dream. Good teams beat us like a rented mule, for fun. In a couple short years Shapiro and Atkins have taken a contending team into.... uncompetitive.
  6. Yes, of course. The only reason Shaw and Bell follow the idiotic instructions from the CRTC to make more rubbish is because they are forced to do it, This is entertainment, not national security. Pay for your own.
  7. I see. Do you also equate a womans choice of headgear as equivalent to murder, slavery and bestaoality?
  8. The topic here is people wearing hats. Now you are speaking of murder, slavery and bestiality. I am not laughing at you, just near you.
  9. A radical? Requesting people to walk the walk . ie being tolerant- is a radical notion?
  10. No reason to lose it, just start having those very, very few persons who watch CBC TV can start paying for it as a subscritpion service- like any other form of entertainment.
  11. CBC TV does both: empty all our pockets and fail to entertain.
  12. I really hope so, Walking Dead has been repeating itself for a long time.
  13. But you cannot have it both ways. That is part of what tolerance means, respect that which is foreign to you.
  14. I'm reading Moonglow by Michael Chabon. Chabon is a terrific wordsmith, articulate and with great command of language. But.... there is something major missing in his books.. Heart? Passion?
  15. Every time the ND is in power, Alberta fills up with economic migrants. That alone has a positive effect on jobless rates in BC. There aren't any more jobs, just fewer people chasing them That option ain't happening this time. Alberta won't be welcoming trades people. It will be interesting to see how the NDP employ people facing the devastation coming to oil/LNG, the lumber industry, and housing. Shutting down Site C and Kinder Morgan can only help. Maybe the NDP will expand BCs number one earner: coal production.
  16. Not really. It is really expensive. slow, poorly maintained compared to , say, Paris. There is no way to beat it in London. If you live outside walking or biking distance from work, you will spend plenty of time and money getting to work. If you live in anywhere central, housing costs are staggering.. Paris has an excellent system, which of course is massively subsidized.
  17. If you want a model for an expensive place to drive a car, try London. The real London. Lemme see. It costs about $20 per day for a fee to enter the city in a car. Surveillance systems record and process every licence number(millions per day), if you don't pay the $20 charge (which becomes $30 per entrance the day after), the fine is around $200 and they just mail you the tickets(s). The parking fees anywhere central will be hundreds of dollars per day. I saw a few meters in Chelsea, which had very rare street parking, that were 1 pound for 5 minutes, or about $25per hour. Offstreet parking in lots would be more than that and hard to find. When you get home to your leafy suburb, your have to pay to park on the street in front of your house, which will be several hundred per month. Then there is fuel at $2/liter, cost of buying the car, insurance and maintenance. Every time you stop your car , you pay for the privilege. Every time you start your car.... same thing
  18. Alberta has an unusual and pretty wide open education system. Schools and school boards have a lot of freedom. If they get public funding, they have to do a few things: they must follow the AB curriculum for core subjects, they must use certified teachers, they have to follow (legal) school board policies if they are part of a board. Inclusive, ya know? What nobody noted was that this Christian school was voluntarily part of a public school board, one they chose to join to gain all the advantages of scale- and get public funding too. They are subject to whatever rules that board chooses- as long as they are legal. What they need to do is leave the board, leave the funding and pay for it all themselves. They will still need to teach the curriuculum and public funding and use real teachers, but after that they can pray the rest of the day.
  19. There was a big whack of US farmers that moved to Eastern Alberta around 1900. Cannot remember why, some kind of pogrom no doubt.
  20. Mulcair has the math about right.  We have no right to expect Trudeau to fulfill more than 40% of his promises when he got only 40% of the popular vote

  21. I do not support or condemn abortion. I do support a womans right to choose. One of the truly annoying things about Pro Lifers is this bullshit , constant conflation that being ProChoice means you support abortion. Hey Prolifers, its none of my business what a woman chooses . And news flash: it is none of yours either. Get thee out of that uterus.
  22. Point of order: 'book' is a bit of hyperbole. Pamphlet? Flash card? Post-it note? Grain of rice?
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