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  1. Alternatives??? Every one in Syria including keeping Assad ends in blood, lots of blood. There used to be several that began with , ';first Assad dies or leaves, then we talk'. Not any more. I don't know any answers. It will help if foreign influences like Hezbollah, ISIS, Iran, Russia, the Kurds and Turkey were all absent, but that s clearly impossible
  2. The movie is better than the book, the action sequences are great.
  3. Not long ago, it was inconceivable that Assad would remain in power, or in Syria at all. There were quiet talks about his fallback position, which was to get himself, family and a few others out alive to live in wealthy exile. Paris? Teheran? Moscow? Now it looks like Assad will remain,which makes any peace process much, much harder. I doubt he cares much, he won the war and has a major backer in Russia.
  4. I thought that tired and incorrect meme had been buried already? Trump got over 60 million votes. Did you think there are that many 'economic losers' that vote for him? The 'losers' you speak of, in fract, rarely vote at ll. Trump actually drew support from all across the political and economic spectrum, and that does worry the shit out of both parties. And so it should. The politlcian most like Trump in this regard was not even a Republican- it was Bernie Sanders.
  5. But the big difference is that one of them delivers on his campaign promises.
  6. I wonder if any Montreal ad agencies are involved in the assessment and decision to purchase the Super Hornets? I'd bet money Bombardier is involved ....
  7. My preference is on the first day take one of those hop on, hop off bus tours. They give you a sense of the place, and many ideas on where to return for a closer look on foot. You can also take a guided tour bus, but inevitably they turn into a constant pitch to buy stuff all day.
  8. Wait a sec, isn't $120 million per aircraft in the range of F 35 costs? Theme song of this Liberal Government: Send In The Clowns. Lets bring back Chretien. He was a thief, but not wilfully stupid.
  9. It would be folly to think that this is Trudeaus last word on electoral reform. Imagine him popping up on The National in a few weeks, telling us that the response from ordinary Canadians has been overwhelming. He's been inundated with demands he must implement reform as promised, and before 2019. His choices are down to just one, and his government listens to the people and acts. And what is the only choice available in this time frame? No proprep, which will likely take years to sort and take constitutional change. And a referendum- sorry, no time for that since you insist I get this done and done now.... Gee, it is ranked ballots as the only choice, a compromise we will just have to live with. Sheerest coincidence, who could have guessed it would work out this way, but lets get that to a vote right now in my the Commons. The Senate is anxious to rubber stamp debate it too.
  10. LOL. Sure. If say, Stockwell Day or Harper or Kenney said anything you'd be howling like a coyote with rabies and shrieking of their irrelevancy.
  11. Yes he is using women as props, but that is far different than throwing them under the bus as you claimed. Now men under the bus, yes: Dion and McCallum lately....
  12. Only the savagely deluded believe that the NDP would opt for prop rep if they had a majority govt. The proof of that? The NDP have had numerous majority governments in several provinces. None of them have implemented prop rep. Zero. Why? Same reason as Trudeau: they won't risk going back to a minority.
  13. ?? Monsef still in Cabinet, Gould newly arrived in Cabinet. It doesn't matter that you can see the strings attached to their jaws when they speak, this is about optics not reality. Trudeaus Diversity ScoreCard is still fine.
  14. Gould and Monsef before her are just doing what they are told to do by the PMO.
  15. Yet you think the Jays made themselves better by getting absolutely nothing for Encarnacion, and are somehow improved by signing creaky, miserable old team cancer Bautista to occupy a central roster spot and play right field for $17+ million. LOL. And Shapiro is just doing great by not filling any of the numerous roster holes he had, many of which were there all season in 2016, the rest which he created by his own failures to act. Since nobody trades vets for vets in your theory, and the Jays have no prospects, how can the Jays ever sign David Robertson or any vet?
  16. So if 43% of Americans still approve, isn't that pretty much the % that voted for him-he had 46%? Clinton had a bit better at 48% , and the two other Presidential candidates bled off 6%. So a 57% disapproval rating actually means: very little change in We Love You Donald. Correct?
  17. Not a failure yet, not nearly. We should hear from the NDP again in 2019, when they insure a huge Liberal Majority by picking them second on ranked ballots. The Cons will do the same, since zero Cons will vote for the NDP as second choice.
  18. You are underestimating their capacity for duplicity, double talk and outright lies. See 'acquisition of fighter jets' for a good recent and ongoing example of same. They also have high approval ratings, a stacked Senate and two years to settle down their adoring base after they ramrod ranked ballots through. No consultation? From the Liberals standpoint, they have already done several rounds of consultation: an election they won easily, a round of 'townhall meetings' in Liberal ridings last summer, a long bout of 'non partisan' MP committee meetings, and an online citizen survey. I can easily see the uproar over this morphing into" Gee, by popular demand electoral reform is back on the agenda, Canadians are insisting on change, and the vote on ranked ballots is on Tuesday". Giddyup. Why not? What would stop them from doing that?
  19. He is just making stuff up again. If there was an actual RCMP investigation into Norman for treason/national security concerns, we'd hear about it after he'd been arrested. Before that, there would be nothing. My turn to speculate: Norman wrote something to his boss or to the Defence Minister or Trudeau saying they had their head up their asses about... well everything related to defence. and defence procurement. Accuracy of that aside, if he had revealed state secrets he'd be in the brig. And he is not.
  20. I don't understand why people are surprised by this, and I don't believe for a moment that Trdueau has abandoned ranked ballots. Everything is in place except a public stamp. Maybe this is part of the campaign, get enough people bitching and he'll reluctantly pass ranked ballot legislation through the Commons and Senate in about 20 minutes. Proportional representation was NEVER happening. It meant that Liberals would have minorities at best, and that ain't gonna happen. FPTP is his fallback, and he can blame NDP/Con committee members since his Libs wanted ranked ballots in their minority report.
  21. The business case, economics, environmental issues of Energy East are all irrelevant. It is no coincidence that this major, critical export project to a waiting market in Europe just went poof when two guys in plaid shirts started shouting at a hearing in Montreal. Since then, the government has failed to even establish a new review process, one that will no doubt be far more onerous than the one it replaces- already by far the longest in the world. Coderre wins, he gets to keep his Montreal refineries- now processing oil from the US. Our history for the last few and next several years could be authored by Kafka. Our country has become unable to recognize what is to our benefit, much less act on it. The US has no such constraints. Only one BC pipeline 'approved'- Kinder Morgan with 157 conditions-- and I would place the odds on it being built at maybe 25%. The other project was Northern Gateway, which had been previously reviewed exhaustively and approved by the NEB and the Government. It was specifically cancelled by Trudeau. If all goes to Trudeaus plan, we will end up with no tidewater pipelines at all. Note too that the Kinder Morgan board has yet to vote or decide on the project.....two months after the Trudeau 'approval'. The line that was approved by Trudeau was Line 3, which is basically a maintenance upgrade of yet another Canada- US pipeline.
  22. No, I was thinking of a characteristic in an individual like a disposition to jihad, a record of same, ISIS membership, serious criminal offences- those are all characteristcis of an individual, features that can identify their suitability to be admitted to our country. I know they don't matter to you, but they are reasonable screening characteristics.
  23. Somewhere somehow we can find an excuse for the muzzling, and an apologist to deliver it.. In this case, the quiet uncritical media, and Norman himself. In a larger sense, the active muzzling of all civil servants who were obliged to sign additional SHUTUP orders for defence appropriations processes. . Sunny ways.
  24. It was really trilateral: the Crown, the House of Lords and the Commons. It was a kind of uneasy deal between the King and a restive, fractious population. The King though he ruled by divine right, and at the same time the commoners noted that he was powerful but vulnerable. Until then, England was ruled by lords who were loyal or not to a King/Queen. The House of Lords provided some supposed support to the Crown,and tempered the powers of both the Commons and the King. In reality, in short order, the House of Commons ran it all. The final turning point was perhaps the French Revolution- it settled it once and for all. The Crown and the House of Lords could easily see their own fate just across the English Channel. It was not a big stretch to see their necks in the noose, after what happened to the ruling class of France.
  25. No, they do not represent provinces. In reality they represent and mirror political parties. Of course.
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