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  1. Those aren't all voters, and therein lies what's been a long and storied problem for the NDP and the Liberals as compared to the Conservatives. Providing an often ill-informed opinion is a lot easier than actually informing yourself and actually getting away from your screen and voting.
  2. If that were true, we'd have seen you do it. Instead, you natter ceaselessly about how everyone else is to blame for his overt aggression. There are two sides to every story, but the one you're promoting is the same one that North Korea, Syria, Iran and China. These stalwarts of truth and liberty are the ones you're lined up with. Well done. 👌
  3. If you literally did it, I can say you literally did it. That's what's up with that. 🤣 You quote the sources that tell you what you want to hear, and nothing else. Tucker Carlson isn't the news. His former company had to have lawyers try to argue that no reasonable person would consider his show "news", but there you were anyways, quoting it as such. Redacted isn't the news either. That's just a couple of bullshit vbloggers that affirm your mind-warped world view. You've spent 99.999% of your energy criticizing anyone BUT Russia and Vladimir Putin. A milksop token "it's all of their faults" doesn't wipe away a year of the parroting you've done for Vladimir Putin. You sure did. IIRC it was the news wing funded by the Islamic Iranian Republican guard. It was telling you what you wanted to hear, and that's all the critical thinking that went into it before you posted it. 🤣
  4. I'm not saying anything about PP other than that it would take monumental stupidity and foolishness to lose the next election. You grossly overestimate how well-informed and motivated the average voter is, and particularly the younger generations who have/will come to tire and grow dis-illusioned with him. I suspect they'll just not bother going to the polls at all. Jaghmeet Singh is unelectable. The one thing you can always count on for conservatives, is that they generally show up at the polls.
  5. It's not BS, because you've literally been quoting Iran and Syrian news outlets on this sub-forum. You're just too foolish and misinformed to acknowledge the inherent contradictions of your viewpoints. Russia invaded Ukraine, but anyone but Russia's fault. The Islamic Republic of Iran is bad, but you'll reference their propaganda if you like what it's saying. We're all cultists, but you're the one constantly referencing the same sources over and over (like Redacted and Tucker Carlson) and repeating everything they say. We should never underestimate the power of low-IQ to confuse itself. You're like psychology exhibit.
  6. Anyone can post links about anything, doofus. The quality of your links is what matters, and yours are coming straight out of Russia, Iran and snake oil salesmen like Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones. You're too dimwitted to know the difference between info and reality. The funniest thing about you is that you still don't realize that the slurp you're guzzling from Tucker Carlson is aligned with fundamentalist dictatorships like Iran. It's hilariously dumb.
  7. I think it's only going to get worse for the Liberals in the next two years. Justin is so absolutely tone-deaf and clueless on most of the issues that the Conservatives could put @Army Guy's hamster as the leader and they'd probably in. Pierre Poilievre just has to be a normal HUMAN and not say anything scary, and it'll be another Ignatieff-style loss for the Liberals.
  8. I've never referenced or posted anything from CNN or MSNBC. I don't watch/read either. You, on the other hand, repost stuff from Russia Today, Iran and Syria, and regularly spit out whatever Tucker Carlson's most recently dumped into your mouth. Your 70-IQ takes on HiSToRy are good for laughs, but not much else. 🤡🤡🤡
  9. It's not fake news if it says things that he LIKES. It's only fake news if it says stuff that is true he DOESN'T LIKE. 🤣 Dumb dumb dumb.
  10. You don't know anything about history. 🤣 You only know what internet personalities and youtube tells you to think about history, and it's absolute nonsense.
  11. TelLs it aS it is just another way of saying "He makes the noises that I LIKE". It's no surprise you like him though. Peterson likes to write about dumb shit like "post-colonial neo-marxism" and you lap up that sort of meaningless word vomit.
  12. He's a charlatan - a smart man who at one time had a good and interesting academic argument to make about free speech. Then he realized how much more money he could earn by tapping the incoherent angst of losers and dressing that energy up in a more articulate package. There there, incel, you're not the problem, it's SoCiEtY. I am all for his message of free speech and I was a fan of the man before he sold out.
  13. He's a successful internet personality who echoes dumb people's views back to them, and cashes out on it. That's about it.
  14. I never said they were, genius. Maybe read what you quoted and then re-evaluate this goof thought of yours. Pierre Poilievre's not an incel, but he knows he can tap the loser incel vote by channeling some JP.
  15. Most of whom are American, and a large percentage thereof being loser incels.
  16. You're giving Nationalist too much credit to say he has a political ideology. He's not coherent enough for that. He's just a dimwitted monkey repeating what Tucker Carlson says.
  17. Putin should leave Ukraine then.
  18. Why would you give $7500 to drug addicts and alcoholics? If they did that, you'd be carrying on about the study even more. 🙄
  19. You can’t answer all of those questions in the scope of one study. This one was small, but it gave policymakers and academics something to think about. The current approach isn’t exactly working, is it?
  20. The study proved that the people who took the money used most of it to feed, house and clothe themselves, rather than at the liquor store and on meth. The point of the study was to challenge the perception that all homeless people can't be trusted with money.
  21. I don't think that's what it meant. I read that each of them spent an average of 99 fewer days homeless. If $7500 only provided a net benefit of 2 extra days each in stable shelter, there's no way that article would have been ever written.
  22. Lake Huron sunset beats Muskoka any day of the year. Can’t water ski on Lake Huron though… 😑
  23. He won't. The true superpower of every conspiracy clown is the magical ability to ignorantly plow through all of the contradictions you're faced with, and move on to the next angry delusion. Nobody is talking about Q anymore, but the same asshats who believed in it are still talking the same nonsense, just a different flavor of it.
  24. Yes, it's a database - just a shitty one - an aggregator of opinions and sentiments with poor integrity and that's easy to manipulate. Nobody seriously relies on it - it's like the review section on trip advisor. You're choosing it over other, better and more reliable indexes because it paints an especially poor picture, and anything that fuels your Justin obsession is 100% accurate (like your braindead inflation math). Dumb.
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