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  1. And other countries have shown the perspicacity to have women leaders - UK, Germany, Israel (twice), India. History will be made in some fashion - a black Prez or a female VP.
  2. Bill C-10 pandered to the religious right and the artists' subsidy cuts saved a minimal amount of money. But those weren't the biggest problems. Harper got sanctimonious over C-10 (and finally withdrew it in his platform) and sounded like an old style philistine when talking about culture and art. Without these errors of judgment he was on the cusp of a majority.
  3. Did we reach bottom or was it just a bear rally? http://www.cnbc.com/id/27162402 Let's see what the Dow does for the rest of the week - and month.
  4. A highly proficient insurgency with bases in another country? Sounds familiar.
  5. Of course she does. She will be explaining her views on how to get out of the mess created by the House voting down the bailout bill.
  6. You can tape it. But you can be sure you will be able to see it via videostream later on CNN or Fox News. The Canadian debate will be five people yelling at one another. I intend to watch the Joe & Sarah show and just the highlights of the Canadain debate afterwards.
  7. Isn't that Sarah's job - to meet other heads of state?
  8. I can go along with that so long as we hear a useful of exchange of ideas in the next debate.
  9. They were both duds on the financial crisis. Boilerplate answers - I was hoping for at least some decent discussion on how to protect the taxpayers' interest. Neither answered the question on how the bailout would affect their budgetary priorities. Obama was more professorial, more aloof. McCain was better in reaching out to the audience and by spicing his answers with anecdotes. He was the more interesting speaker. Was able to put Obama on the defensive. Certainly played the experience card a lot.
  10. http://www.electionprediction.org/2007_fed/index.php There is a prediction for all ridings but at the moment 75 are too close to call.
  11. I believe this is the fifth withdrawal under a cloud. Two Dips, two Libs, now a Tory. Seems that there is a lot of "dragging the bottom".
  12. There's the rub. Will there be some cost to organizations having such assets taken off their hands? No wonder McCain is nervous about it. If it's just the GOP rewarding their friends for incompetent management he could feel the effect on November 4th.
  13. It's a two day wonder - until the next thing that comes along to raise the politicians' ire. But it's a self-inflicted wound by Torydom. Last election Harper did a much better job of keeping his mutts in place.
  14. I agree. I want to see improved health care. It's in my own interests. And productivity improvements are the things that drive our prosperity. And I want to see an 85ยข CDN dollar. That will help our manufacturers.
  15. I listened to Deutsche Welle this morning. Same smug reaction - it could never happen here. This from the country that gave the world Naziism. Since the early 1990s the US has been the engine that has lead economic growth in the West. It's still moving at a 3% rate. Canada's GDP's growth is flat with declining productivity (no surprise there) Canada just dawdled along. By most economic and social measures Canada is slipping in comparison to other Western countries. For a decade France and Germany had stagnant economies and double-digit unemployment. With limited and no regulation comes risk. But you also get innovation and growth.
  16. Sounds like their "We'll decriminalize marijuana promises". I've heard it during several elections.'
  17. Do the banking regulators have that authority? Should they? There is deposit insurance, the integrity of which might need to be protected by oversight. On the other hand, should the regulator second guess as to what are acceptable investments and loans? I doubt Congress has the balls but legislation forbidding government bailouts would be appropriate.
  18. At one time the Libs promised to restore it to 7%. But I haven't heard that lately.
  19. Would you trust either of these guys to take on big business? I heard McCain today. John the Populist. Praised the American working man, condemned "corrupt" Wall Street, talked of former Congressmen now in prison and said that he would "do something" about multi-million dollar bonuses. Like what? The CEO of Lehman got $22 million in bonuses last year. Today 25,000 employees of the company heard that soon they will be without jobs.
  20. Cutting taxes? Sure. Tax cuts we pay for with higher prices.
  21. I don't know to what extent Americans - when looking at Palin - see themselves; working mother with a child with an illness who needs to be cared for. Maybe they don't; maybe they see a power figure out of their league. But to the extent that they do relate to her the more damage the Democrats will do to their cause if they continue to attack her. The more they attack Palin as lacking experience they are also in effect recognizing the lack of experience of Obama who has a record of public service in line with Palin's. It's McCain who is running for President, not Palin. I think some perspective on her is needed. I was in New York City for a week, beginning with the first day of the Republican convention. During that time I read the NY Post and in a few days was led to believe that she was the personification of Margaret Thatcher, Joan of Arc and the Bionic Woman. In another paper she was shown to be a cave dwelling Neanderthal. She was not chosen for her political depth but in order for McCain to get more money in his coffers from the religious right. Unless I'm wrong I think by election day she will be a bit player and people will be voting on how they perceive Obama and McCain.
  22. I have seen very little of Biden as a public speaker. But I have read that he can be mordant. The objective then would be to show Palin as inept but not to the point of demeaning her so that people might be sympathetic.
  23. I'm not sure there would be much change of philosophy if Harper gets a majority. However, with a majority he wouldn't have the impediments that he has now about enacting his program. Which is bad news for the artsy-fartsy set. As for a majority I saw a recent poll that said 55% of the population don't want Harper to get a majority. If the polls continue to lean that way I can foresee some backing away from the CPC in voting intentions.
  24. Thank you. I'd hate to miss it. However, I live in a stinkingly Liberal riding with little likelihood of change on election day.
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