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  1. This can potentially turn into a real opportunity for the NDP, especially in Quebec. Yes, she shocked that she won; yes, there was some controvery about the signatures and yes, her online profile was embellished by a staffer but consider this: - She seems to have made a good impression on her first trip to the riding. - Her name is now well known, not just in her own riding but across Canada. I can't say same for many other MPs especially those Alberta Conservative MPs, who tend to only came out around election time. - She is a young, single mom coming in with no experience. This especially appeals to youth, women and people who like rooting for the underdog If I was her, I would work like heck to improve on her French; purchase a house in the riding, participate in as many riding events as possible to get to know the people, and get to know the local issues. If she does well and after she has some experience behind her; get her involved into topics such youth, childcare and women's issues (and allow her to ask questions in the house re: these issues.) Perhaps go on youth-oriented shows such as Muchmusic and YTV to fight for youth issues and be involved in committees. If she does well, she can really raise support not just for her but for the NDP in Quebec and potentially in Canada.
  2. Just to add; Newfoundland and Labrador also has gas prices regulated and that was brought in by a Conservative govt. (must have been a socialist Conservative govt)...I have to laugh..how many times do those fervant right wingers try to mislabel as a purely socialist, communist or marxist govt. It has no basis in truth (the NDP are a social democrat govt.) As long as people try to mislabel the NDP this way, I have no objection to people calling the Conservatives fascist (I don't believe this but as long as the right wingers mislabel the NDP, then it's only fair for the Conservatives to be mislabelled in return)
  3. I never bothered to read the 47 pages in the thread. This is what I believe; those who are outraged by this were not going to vote NDP in the first place (I suspect diehard Con and Lib supporters). All others will see this as what it really is; a smear campaign. They are either going to ignore this and decide who to vote for as per normal or this may actually persuade them to vote NDP as a way to show their displeasure at this american-style politics. And many will assume that someone in either the Conservative or Liberal campaign was behind this (be it true or false).
  4. I'm so sick of the people's obsession with the NDP 90s Ontario Rae govt. and today's NDP govt. And the sad thing is that the media and many columnists and opinion pieces also focus on this. How about the difference between Devine and Harper or how about Hatfield and Harper or even Smallwood and Iggy. No one in the media or these rabid anti-NDPers ever mention those bad Conservative/Liberal govts. This is just a small part of the big picture. The Conservative and Liberal dominated media are in complete character assassination of the NDP and their leader more so than I ever seen them ever go against Harper or Iggy. Yes, the party should be looked at but what going on now in the media is bordering on fear-mongering, midinformation and bias-based wild speculation. I mean columns like the NDP will raise mortgage rates is clearly wild speculation from an extreme anti-ndp view. If the NDP do drop back on their polling numbers, it won't be because of attacks from the Libs, Cons and Block, it will be of the rabid Conservative and Liberal influenced media that will say and do anything to keep the Cons and the Libs as the dominant two parties.
  5. Let's see; I'll follow your example (you used in a previous post) and use provincial govts to make a point. Both Manitoba and Sask. have had NDP govts that were fiscally responsible (their economies never imploded..shocking stuff). The NDP would obviously have different goals then the Conservatives but they would have to be fiscally responsible if they want to continue to retain power. Some of the worst fiscally fiancial provincial govts recently have either been Liberal or Conservative. Ontario, and New Brunswick are not in the best of shape financially for example. It's not horrible policy at all and if the banks start to discriminate in who to lend their money, then they should be accountable for and should be penaltized because of it. I'm not saying that all people with bad or no credit should be giving credit but one would have to look at each one case by case.
  6. And the Conservatives don't have right wing nut jobs that would love to curtail freedoms and force their social views on the rest of us? The cap for credit cards is good policy. The banks will still make profits off prime + 5, though it may cut into the billions in profit that they make. And heaven forbid, a CEO might only make $250000 in bonuses instead of several million (for example.) There are credit cards out there that charge up to 29% , yet when an individual puts money into a bank he/she only gets 1 or 2% interest... well the system is broken and the average joe is the one who suffers.
  7. The NDP are a social democratic party not a marxist party. If people try to mislabel the NDP like that, than I can't argue against people that say that the Conservatives are facist (I don't believe it myself but what's good for the goose is good for the gander.) Hmmmm... and Harper doesn't have his people toe the party line? That's right, he lets his members vote and say what they believe and not what the party may believe. Wait a second, what am I saying...this is Steven Harper I'm talking about.
  8. Oh my! Another oldie scare tactic. Guess what? Let's talk about bad provincial governments. For one, Grant Devine's Conservative's Sask. govt. My goodness if the Conservatives were running federally wouldn't they be as bad as Devine's govt was? Wait, how about Richard Hatfield's NB Conservative's govt. They were so bad that when they lost, they won 0!!!! seats. Just imagine, if the Conservatives won federally, they would screw up the country, Richard Hatfield's NB govt. on steroids. How about the Liberals, they can't do no wrong..right? Well Smallwood's NL Liberal govt. was not one to remember; he made many a bad decision including giving away Churchill Falls. There have been many bad provinical govts of all stripes in Canada's history. Yet the anti-NDPers selectively remember only Rae's govt and forget all the rest.
  9. A friend of mine lives in a district in which the Conservatives and the Liberals are running neck and neck. He was going to vote liberal as he was not impressed by the negativism of the Conservatives. He was also voting for the Liberals because he believed they seem to running a clean campaign. But now, the Liberals are turning blue as they are now attacking just as negative as the Conservatives. He told me that he is now voting NDP out of principle even though he knows that the NDP won't win in his district. He can't in good conscience vote for a party that has changed in a blink of an eye. I told him that they were like a wolf in sheep's clothing but now they ripped off the clothing and revealed themselves for what they truly are. I hope people see through the hate and punish the Liberals for such tactics.
  10. Iron clad fact? I don't think so. I bet you and other hardcore Conservative supporters would believe the moon was made of green cheese if Steve Harper said it was. Within this article from Canada.com, are the reasons why this ad is based on misinformation and untruths. NDP surge makes Layton new target of attack From within this article: The Conservatives were quick to complain about the misquote of Harper in the Liberal's healthcare attack ad but they seem loose and free to misinform and manipulate the facts within their own ads. This is the heights of hypocrisy and I hope that Canadians are smart enough to see this and punish the Conservatives for this. Let's face it, even though many Conservatives may publicly say that they are happy about the NDP surge because it may possibly "split the left vote", they are privately concerned that the NDP would also defeat the Conservatives in ridings across the country preventing them from winning a majority.
  11. Well, well.. news out that the incident is at par with Chernobyl. Japan nuclear disaster tops scale Guess the media wasn't so offbase after all. Unless this is some CNN devised conspiracy, and for them to get Japan's primt minister to play along, I didn't realize CNN had that much power.
  12. I was going by a newspaper article I read a few months back stating that they (can't remeber who they was)estimated Newfoundland and Sask. were the only two provinces that were going to have surpluses, but if that article is wrong and NS also had a surplus, well... good for NS.
  13. Actually the population has increased since 2008 by 3000; a small increase; but an increase nevertheless. Annual Population - Canada, Provinces and Territories; 1971-2010
  14. Actually N+L is one of the only two provinces (Sask. is the other) to have a budget surplus, so to include N+L in your analysis would be incorrect.
  15. Considering how dangerous a nuclear incident has the potential to be, there should be a proactive approach not a reactive approach which seems to be the case now. Having an incident, making some changes, having another incident, making more changes and so on is not good enough.
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